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Editor Spotlight

Kirat Sekhon

  • Location:
    Toronto, Canada

  • Education:
    Bachelor of Laws
    Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, University of Ottawa Canada.

  • Time With Us:
    An editor with since January 2023

  • Fun Fact:
    Love singing and was part of a professional choir for 8 years that toured Europe

  • Kirat Sekhon


Kirat Sekhon is a highly qualified and dedicated professional with seven years of academic writing experience along with 8 years of professional experience. With a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Kirat is well equipped in professional writing and editing. Kirat's parents, who were immigrants from India, inspired her to always strive for excellence and help others achieve their goals in Canada.

Kirat's vast knowledge of the Canadian Immigration system and her in-depth experience and education allow her a unique and informed perspective when editing. She possesses seven years of academic experience, during which she developed expertise in writing, researching and producing high-quality content.


An expert with over eight years of experience in the field. Having worked in various immigration areas across different countries, including Canada, the UK and the US, Kirat has honed her skills and knowledge with leaders in global immigration.

Aside from her knowledge of Immigration, Kirat has had a passion for writing since she won her first speech contest at just 12 years old! Since then, Kirat has developed remarkable skills in writing, researching and editing through her extensive professional and academic experiences. With her dedication and passion for helping people, Kirat has become a great resource for ensuring correct and up-to-date information.


Kirat holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Stirling, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Ottawa. Through her education, she has cultivated her research, critical thinking, and writing abilities significantly. A degree in Philosophy is a major contributor to editing, critical thinking and technical writing skills.


“You must step out of your comfort zone to achieve the unachievable.” - ME

Favorite place to visit in Canada

Canada is home to many great lakes and beautiful scenic trails and parks. One of Kirat’s favorite places to visit in Canada is Killarney National Park in Ontario and Banff, Alberta. Killarney is just 4 hours away from the great Toronto. A weekend getaway in nature alleviates the stresses of everyday life in the big city! Thankfully, Canada is full of beautiful places to take a weekend vacation and getaway from the everyday stresses of life. Banff, Alberta is another magical destination in Canada that is known for its glorious blue lakes! Not too far from the major cities of Edmonton and Calgary, Banff provides an outstanding getaway vacation spot!

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