Study in Canada: Top Canadian Universities of 2018

The Top Canadian Universities for International Students

If you would like to study in Canada but you cannot decide which university is right for you, look no further. Our guide to the top Canadian Universities of 2018 will give you the answers to all of your questions. From the University of Toronto to the University of Alberta, we take a look at the costs, student life and programs on offer.

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The Cost of Study in Canada

In general, international students pay more tuition fees than native students. In Canada, it is no different. On average, you can expect to pay about $14,000 per year for postgraduate study at a Canadian university. However, there are ways to make this more affordable.

Study in Canada with diversity

There are several funding opportunities available to international students to cut high tuition fees down. The British Council - IELTS Award, 2018 is a partial funding scholarship in the range of £3,000 up to £10,000. Students of all nationalities are invited to apply and it can be earned at many Canadian universities. The Ontario Trillium Scholarships (OTS), 2018 are another great funding opportunity for international students. It is available to students hoping to study in the province and it covers $40,000 of your PhD tuition annually.

If you are a French citizen you are in luck. France and Quebec have an agreement that lowers tuition fees for French citizens studying in the province of Quebec.

Top 5 Canadian Universities for International Students

5 - University of Calgary

This is an ideal university for athletic students. It is located in one of the cleanest and best cities to live in. Unlike most places in Canada, in Calgary, Alberta it is sunny most of the year. As an added bonus, this university is conveniently located close to amazing ski slopes.

The University of Calgary is ranked as the best young university in all of Canada. Their research institutes take up the sixth position for the best research-intensive university in all of the country.

Calgary contains a diverse community, where more than 29% of the city’s population is made up of immigrants. Students looking to study in Canada will quickly settle here and find this city to be their new home away from home.

4 - University of Alberta

The University of Alberta (U of A), in Edmonton, is an excellent study destination for anyone looking to further their education in Canada. It is fairly cheaper than most top-ranking universities in Canada. You can also expect a less harsh winter, despite it being located so far north.

Graduates from the U of A have the highest employment rate in Canada. For those of you looking to study and eventually work in Canada, a degree from this university is clearly very valuable. This trend can be explained by the university’s extensive career support and mentoring programs.

Some Canadian provinces offer immigration programs to foreign students through their provincial nominee programs (PNP). Sometimes some work experience is an extra requirement for these programs. For this reason, the U of A is especially attractive for those hoping to eventually acquire Canadian citizenship. Read about PNP programs for more information on how to immigrate through this stream.

3 - Mcgill University

French speakers should flock to this university located in Montreal, Quebec, the French province of Canada. Mcgill University is also one of the more affordable ones on the list. Montreal is a picture-perfect city that is an absolute joy to live in. Over 24% of learners at this institution are international students.

Mcgill University is an impressive research institution. For the past 12 years, it has ranked among the top 35 in the QS World University Rankings. If you are looking to pursue PhD study in Canada, then you should join the brain hub here, where the largest percentage of PhD students are found in the country.

Remember Quebec has its own rules when it comes to immigration. Read up on the specific immigration requirements for Quebec if you would like to use your Canadian study visa to eventually migrate to the province.

2 - University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia (UBC), is currently ranked as the 34th best university in the world. Located in Vancouver, UBC is at the heart of a bustling metropolitan city that embraces diversity. UBC is more pricey than some of the other institution on our list, but it certainly offers some of the best education money can buy.

Here you can expect to get in contact with some of the leading researchers in science, business, humanities and art. UBC offers over 300 graduate degree programs in nearly any discipline you can think of.

Study in Canada at The main building of Mcgill university

1 - University of Toronto

Finally we reach the end of our journey and it should be no surprise why the University of Toronto (U of T) tops our list of best universities in Canada. As of recent rankings, the U of T holds the position as the 22nd best tertiary institution in the entire world.

Here you will easily integrate among the 70,000 students who come here to further their education. Toronto is known as the most diverse city in Canada and its university certainly reflects this. Here you will get to know people from all across the world.

At U of T you are spoiled for choice. There are so many courses to choose from and campus life is no different. There are currently over 800 clubs and student organizations registered at this institution.

Study in Canada at The University of Toronto Old Building

How Do I Get My Canada Study Visa?

It is much simpler than you might think. If you would like to further your education at one of these top-notch research institutions you must:

  • Be accepted by a Canadian education institution;
  • Be able to provide proof that you have sufficient funds to pay for studying and living fees;
  • Have no criminal background;
  • Be in good health; and
  • Be able to convince the immigration officer that you will leave the country once your program ends unless you have some other valid reason to stay

To determine your eligibility for a Canadian study visa, we at CanadianVisa.Org offer our expert guidance. We will be with you every step of the way, making an otherwise complicated process as simple as possible. Sign up with us today and let’s see if you qualify to study in Canada.