Processing Times for Spousal/Common-Law Sponsorship Applicants reduced

If you are in love and thinking of tying the knot in Canada, we may have some good news for you. According to a recent statement released by the Canadian government, processing times for the Outland Spousal/Common-Law Sponsorship Canadian immigration program have been significantly lessened to a mere matter of months.

Previously, processing times for the Spousal/Common-Law Sponsorship program were a matter tended to by the visa office but in light of the new legislation, the procedure for listing processing times have changed and are now listed by individual countries where the application is being made.

With the implementation of this new regulation, couples in relationships are now able to make more informed decisions on which program suits them best – be it Inland or Outland. Most cases allow for sponsored citizens to gain Canadian permanent residence much sooner which ultimately means that Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and their foreign spouses and common-law partners are able to reunite much earlier than what was previously expected.

As previously mentioned, the processing times have been severely reduced to a matter of months and this includes the time it takes to make the initial assessment of the sponsor. Now, countries like France, Australia, Spain, Tunisia, Belgium, Algeria, Morocco, New Zealand, Peru, Brazil, Iran, Israel, Portugal, Poland, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine, and Switzerland can now have their sponsorship processing done in less than 12 months where other countries still have to wait a little more than a year to obtain full sponsorship.

March 2016 marked the new Liberal government of Canada's announcement of its Immigration Levels Plan to increase the number of new permanent residents who arrive in Canada through the Family Class category, including spouses and common-law partners. We believe that this may have influenced the effect of further reducing application processing times.