Why Immigrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia?

Many Saudi Arabians have expressed a desire to immigrate to Canada since the introduction of the new and improved Express Entry system in 2015. This new immigration system has subsequently allowed more than 30,000 immigrants into Canada in just one year and continues to welcome the people of Saudi Arabia. In fact, a recent survey done by The Canadian Magazine of Immigration revealed that almost half of the percentage of immigrants settling in Canada are from this region.

Because of Canadian Express Entry, now more than ever, Saudi Arabians wishing to immigrate are now able to do so much more efficiently as the entire process is done electronically. Express Entry is also more advantageous in terms of cutting down paperwork and also linking immigrants with potential employers.

1. Canada is a multicultural country

Since it has already been established that Canada is a welcoming country, it isn’t any wonder that every 1 in 5 people you encounter in Canada are immigrants. Canadians are an extremely friendly bunch of people and do their best to respect all cultures of the world.

2. Canada’s education is world-renowned

Not only are Canadians among the most educated people of the world, but Canada also has plenty of prestigious institutions which offer a range of different subjects and programs to suit all interests. Additionally, the Canadian public schooling system is well-balanced and government-funded.

3. Canada is always in search of new editions to its workforce

Ranked as the 11th wealthiest country in the world, Canada can afford to create job opportunity for its own residents as well as potential immigrants. With the economy doing so well, there are always windows of opportunity to gain a work permit in Canada. Key industries in Canada include skilled worker jobs, hospitality, caregivers as well as tourism.

4. Canada is one of the safest countries in the world

The average Canadian usually lives up to the age of 81. A major contributor to this statistic is Canada’s low crime rate and especially the laws put in place to protect the Canadian citizens’ rights.

5. Canada is a beautiful country

One of the biggest pull factors for immigrating to Canada is the amazing surroundings and sights each city has to offer. Canada caters to people from all walks of life – be it thrill seekers, family-oriented types, city mongers and even the ‘average Joe’ looking for a new beginning. Canada has a place for everyone.

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