Why Immigrate to Canada from the UAE?

Over the past few years, Canada has become home to many immigrants originating from the UAE. If you were to ask any of them why they chose Canada, their answers would all be the same – Canada is a land of vast opportunity and improvement. For those in search of a new beginning or a better life for their families, Canada is the ideal solution. So what are the other main factors influencing many citizens of the UAE to immigrate to Canada?

1. Canada has a high life expectancy rate

In a recent survey, it was found that the average Canadian lives up to the age of 81 (approximately). This means that the people of Canada are generally well-cared for and are able to live long lives.

2. Canada has a low crime rate

It has been said that Canada is one of the safest countries in the entire world. In fact, the country has signed treaties renouncing the possession of weapons of mass destruction in 1984. These statistics, added to Canada’s zero tolerance policies for domestic abuse are enough to convince anyone to come here in search of a better life.

3. Canada has a world-class education system

More than half of Canada’s population have college degrees or a university-level education. Canada has plenty of prestigious institutions where immigrants have the opportunity to learn new skills and equip themselves for a better future. Their public schooling system is also very accommodating to newcomers and offers a valuable elementary education.

4. Canada’s economy is thriving

Canada’s workforce is always expanding and accordingly, there is ample opportunity for immigrants to gain employment in Canada. With approximately 58,900 jobs created on a monthly basis, Canada caters for not only its own population, but for the potential immigrants coming into the country too.

5. Canada has a multicultural society

Because there are so many people immigrating to Canada on an annual basis, Canada is constantly welcoming new cultures and people from different religions and walks of life into its depth. As a result, Canada has become home to many immigrants and adopted many cultures and traditions in the process.

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