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Job Opportunities in Mississauga

With regards to the pursuit of employment, different job seekers are searching for various things. Some are searching for employment with growth potential, while others prioritize salary. Some are essentially looking at what’s available.

Ontario's economy has changed drastically over the past 100 years. They have gone from an economy based on essential industries like agriculture, forestry, and mining, to a manufacturing economy after World War II. Finally, to today's knowledge-intensive service industries and high technology manufacturing economy.

Canada has previously been ranked 2nd out of 181 countries as the “Best Country to Start a Business” in. According to statistics these are the major job industries in Mississauga and in Canada as a whole; trade, health and social assistance, agriculture, construction and educational services. More industries that contribute to the economy positively are various grains, livestock, oil and gas, uranium and wood.

Below we have selected Canada’s best jobs in terms of both growth and pay cheques.

Database Administrator- Database administrators deal with putting away and sorting out information using unique programming. Obligations include planning, checking, and backing-up data. A degree in software engineering/computer science is a useful qualification to have for this job. The average salary for a database administrator: $97,258

Tax Manager- As the name implies, tax managers deal with tax related issues, as well as tax preparation and compliances and planning strategies. Thorough, in-depth tax courses and an accounting degree are crucial for this position, a skill that is also imperative for this position is good communication. The average salary is: $114,966

Physician Assistant- As the health sector keeps growing and the demand for health-related jobs keep increasing, the role and importance of a physician assistant is self-explanatory. The job description includes obtaining medical histories, assisting in diagnosing ailments and interpreting tests. In Canada, assistants are allowed to perform tasks purposed for doctors, in other countries this is prohibited. The average salary is: $110,871

Software Engineer- If you’re captivated by the idea of working with applications that a large number of people could conceivably use, then you'll need to look into the ever-developing group of software engineers. These professionals are always exploring, planning, assessing, coordinating and maintaining software applications, technical environments, operating systems (you can thank these folks for each one of those Apple iOS upgrades), implanted software, data stockrooms and telecommunications software in both the private and public sectors. The average salary: $85,342

No qualification? No Problem- We have gathered a few jobs that don't necessarily require that tertiary education. Some of these however, may require short courses or other certifications.

Among this list is an executive chef, which requires you to have a high school certification along with a trade certification. Essentially a vast amount of experience is crucial. Average salary: $38,903-$82,286.

Another very popular one is a truck/taxi driver, with a salary averaging at $35,230.

Bartending also seems to be fast climbing, because bartenders rarely ever declare their full salary we don’t know exactly what they earn but some bartenders earn six-figure salaries. You may require provincial specific certifications. Other than that you’ll need is a winning personality and the ability to pour drinks. Lastly, plumbing which usually requires high school and a 4-5 apprenticeship programs. Or more than five years working experience. Some provinces strictly require trade certifications.

High Demand Jobs- Occupations with the most readily available jobs include; retail salespersons and sales clerks, food counter attendants and kitchen helpers, cashiers, registered nurses and administrative clerks.

In your quest to land your desired job, stay updated with what is happening in your desired company and in your industry. Lighten your own load by being well equipped, well in advance.

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