Jobs in Canada: How Cannabis is Handling the Strain of COVID-19

Believe it or not, most of Canada’s Cannabis businesses have remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Where most businesses have been forced to shut down, cannabis business has been deemed "essential".

Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador and Nunavut are the only three of Canada’s eleven territories and provinces who are only permitting online sales only. The rest of Canada's cannabis stores remains open to the general public despite the country being on lockdown.

In fact, in a recent report sales have shown a significant increase in the past month.

The Canadian cannabis industry has experienced strain due to the Coronavirus pandemic but has mostly managed to push through and show resourcefulness. For example, certain companies have opted for delivery and online order as an answer to the lockdown restrictions. Despite the restrictions, jobs in Canada’s cannabis sector are still in high demand for skilled workers to fill the positions due to the continuous need for cannabis supply in its medical and recreational sectors. The Canadian cannabis industry is still in steady need of cannabis growers amongst other occupations relating to the industry.

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Top Jobs in Canada’s Cannabis Industry

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Besides the top vacancies currently in Canada’s cannabis sector, which are cannabis growers or farmers, there are various other jobs within the cannabis industry that requires skilled workers.

Despite there being some setbacks in the industry, such as Ontario, which has the highest number of Canada's licensed cannabis producers, which saw the doors of their stores close on April 4, although production remained operational. There are however still over 800 jobs in Canada's cannabis market, relating to cultivation, production, growing as well as marketing and sales.

These jobs, however, were not only related to “budtenders” but “bud testers” too. A Toronto based company is currently hiring part-time marijuana smokers to sample their product and assist with quality control.

Other positions that do not require consumption include:

Jobs in Canada’s Cannabis Industry
Quality Assurancequality assurance manager - cannabis
quality control technician - cannabis
Growmaster grower
head grower
section grower
lead grower
cloning technician
cultivation technician
landscape and horticulture technicians and specialists (high demand)
bud expert
cannabis educator
cannabis consultant
nursery and greenhouse workers
cannabis trimmer
grounds maintenance
Productionextraction specialist
production supervisors
food and beverage processing (high demand)
cannabis processing labourers
Salescannabis dispensary manager cannabis shop manager
Delivery and Transportationcannabis courier
cannabis delivery driver

How to Land a Job in Canada’s Cannabis Market

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Step 1: Search Online

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Step 2: Select Your Immigration Program

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Firstly, this selection will depend on a number of factors such as your education, age, language skills, whether or not you have a valid job offer, education qualification and your ability to settle in Canada. 

The top 3 options are:

Step 3: Use a Professional

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