Mining jobs in the Yukon for immigrants

For internationally trained individuals who are planning to move to the Yukon or anywhere else in Canada and also for those who have recently arrived in the country, it is important to understand that being accepted to come to Canada does not guarantee employment in your preferred job or area of work experience.

Nevertheless migrating to Yukon is a life changing experience. Yukon has a relatively small population of 36,000 people but covers a large area of 482,443 square kilometres, and it is known for its mountains, lakes, forests and wildlife, with mining being its biggest contributor to employment. In fact, the Yukon mining industry is contributing 30 percent to its economy. Lead, Zinc, Silver, Gold, and Copper are its main mining minerals.

We list some of the job opportunities of note in the mining industry in Yukon:


Metallurgists are tasked with the responsibility of studying the properties of metals and have a knowledge of extraction, casting alloys and heat treating of metals, which are vital to the mining industry. It is a position that doesn’t necessarily require a lot of experience, with on the job training provided.

Health and safety official

Job positions for health and safety officials are very popular in the mining industry, and also have a fairly attractive pay package. Those with a health and medical background are very suitable for the post.

Trade and skilled workers

A mine worker operating heavy duty machine

A highly attractive employment position for those with little or no experience, with positions as; operators, tradesmen, underground miners, above ground miners. Although the positions are physically very demanding, training and education is provided to those willing to work as underground miners because of its unique demands.

Geology and Geosciences

A scientific position that requires a fair amount of experience and know how, because geologists are the focal point of the mine and its direction. Geologists are primarily required to study both liquid and solid materials in the mines, especially the structure of the materials and the history and process that made them.


Geophysics are responsible for the study of the physical structure and composition of the earth around the mine, and planning of projects. They are, however, more involved in conducting surveys to locate minerals or ground water and detect, monitor, and predict seismic, magnetic, electrical, and thermal activity in a given earth body.

With the nature of their jobs, geophysicists are in high demand in Yukon and the best of them are earning good salaries and are often headhunted by different mining companies.


Mine worker with the thumbs up sign

Surveyors measure underground and open cut mines to help the mining companies maintain a proper mine plan by updating the surface layouts and keeping a good record of underground workings and working conditions.

Mine supervisors

Mine supervisors usually need to have vast experience in the mining industry, with knowledge of both minerals on the mine. They are responsible for making sure the day to day planning of mine activities are being carried out as specified. Control and manage both underground and over ground miners in their section of responsibilities. The physical demands of the job are significant as the supervisor is often required to observe and monitor miners underground.

With the population of Yukon being low in contrast to the many job opportunities in the mining industry, there has become a need for international recruitment to fill over 2,500 positions available in the various mines. For those with little experience or looking to change careers, you may consider moving to Yukon as the territory is colourful and welcoming, and their motto “Larger than Life” says it all.