Express Entry Draw #143 AND #144

Two draws in two days, both from the Express Entry pool. However, those candidates who have a provincial nomination are being targeted, issued invitations to apply for permanent residency first, and then a second draw takes place for candidates with high Comprehensive Ranking Scores (CRS). This is partly because if you have a provincial nomination, you’re already ahead of the rest. Out of a potential 1,200 points available on the CRS, a provincial nomination is worth 600 points. If you are interested in immigrating to Canada, there is no better way to guarantee an invitation to apply for permanent residency than by earning a provincial nomination.   

Express Entry draw #143 - 118 invitations were issued to applicants with provincial nominations. Provincial nominations are earned by applying directly to a province you are interested in settling and living in. You need to possess a set of skills or qualifications that are in demand by that province’s labour market or invest/start a business that will contribute to that province's economy.  

Express Entry draw #144 - 3,782 invitations were issued to Express Entry applicants with a minimum cut-off CRS score of 455, the lowest in the Express Entry systems history. This means two things;

  1. Canada is dedicated to achieving the immigration targets it has set for 2020
  2. The pool of applicants is getting smaller. Whether it is due to people being apprehensive about the Covid-19 pandemic or less qualified/experienced people are applying, we cannot be sure. What we can say is there has never been a better chance of applying for permanent residency in Canada than the present. Ensuring your CRS is at its highest will give you an excellent chance of receiving an ITA.

Top Tips to Make the Express Entry System Work for You

Express Entry CRS Score

There are many ways to maximize your CRS. Here are a few of them. 

Work Experience

While having a job offer isn’t necessary to earn an invitation to apply, it will put you into a whole different class, the Canadian Experience Class, which has also seen preference in the draws recently. Canadian work experience adds points, up to 80, to your CRS which people applying from outside of Canada don’t have, not to mention that a valid job offer is worth anything between 50-200 points!

Boost Your Language Skills

The most basic score you can be given depending on your language benchmark test results is 6 points, by improving your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills your results can be worth as much as 34 points. You can start by enrolling in our preparation course and ensuring you are well rounded before even doing your benchmark test. 

Canadian Education

Enroll in a program specific to your occupation while working in Canada. A course that is 1-2 years will add an additional 15 points and a bachelor's degree will add 30 points to your CRS. Canada wants to retain the people it trains, so you will be investing in far more than your own education. Studying in Canada has a lot more benefits than just earning a qualification.

How We Can Help You Immigrate to Canada

Permanent Residence in Canada via Express Entry

There has never been a better time to begin the application process. As you have learned, obtaining the maximum CRS score can separate you from the rest and earn you that coveted ITA. We offer premium advice on the Canadian immigration process, with the help of two Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs). Our professionals are highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable on all federal government immigration policies, including the Express Entry System and PNPs. We will assist you in selecting the immigration program that it is best suited to you and your loved ones’ needs and support you throughout the entire application process.  

Why struggle through the application process on your own when you have us by your side to support you. Simply contact us today to secure your place in one of the upcoming draws before the quota fills up! 

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