Canada plans to change processing of applications for Canadian Permanent Residence

There’s good news on the horizon for international students from the Canadian government, as it plans to make positive changes to permanent residence applications from international students. The Advisory Council on Economic Growth recommended that the government increase immigration levels to Canada to 450,000 a year, and also asked government to receive more international students. The council urges government to allow Canadian employers an easier LMIA process when hiring international graduates who studied in Canada. The second recommendation from the council to government is to reduce the point’s requirements for international students in the Express Entry system.

The government takes these recommendations seriously and is already making plans through the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to provide support to international students who want to immigrate to Canada permanently.

Express Entry

In agreement with the recommendations, immigration minister, John McCullum says, “International students have been affected by the Express Entry system, they are the cream of the crop in terms of potential future Canadians”. The Minister continues to say, “We are going to make it easier for international students, we are going to reduce some of the barriers in our immigration system”.

The Express Entry system was designed to effectively respond to Canada’s labour market needs by selecting candidates for permanent residence to Canada who are most likely to settle more successfully and contribute to the Canadian economy. However, many international students have faced problems with this system, with no provincial nomination and a valid job offer, international students find that their CRS score is not high enough to receive an ITA.

Proposed changes

Before the recommendations from the Advisory Council, the Canadian government had already made plans to make the necessary changes. The Canadian government will seek to simplify the LMIA process to allow Canadian companies to hire international graduates.

The most significant change that will benefit more international students will be the restructuring of the CRS point’s allocation criteria to individuals who have studied in Canada. The government aims to place more effort on human characteristics such as (age, education, or Canadian work experience), this will enable more international students to qualify for permanent residence through Express Entry.

Canada provides a stable economy that continues to grow despite the many financial difficulties all over the world, mainly because Canada has a well-run government with policies aimed at improving the lives of all people. Canada is listed by the OECD as the number one world leader in terms of acceptance and tolerance of minorities. Canada also has a very low inflation rate that means you and your family can enjoy the benefits of a reasonable cost of living.