Canadians Want More Immigration

On 13th September 2016, John McCullum Canada’s minister of immigration spoke to journalists about the recently concluded cabinet meeting held in Ottawa. He stated that after his recent consultations conducted across the country on Canadian immigration, there’s wide belief that Canadians want to encourage and improve the number of immigrants to Canada. The minister of immigration also mentioned that he had received a lot of feedback on the issue of immigration throughout the last few months and that the Canadian government will not make a decision on the matter before November. Mr. McCullum was quoted as saying “I have been hearing a lot of input, and all the hundreds of people I’ve spoken to across the country, most of them, almost all of them, have advocated for more immigrants, whether for demographic reasons or for job-shortage reasons”. In the annual immigration plan slated for November 2016, the government of Canada is poised to introduce new immigration targets. The last immigration levels plan had a 7 percent increase, with the number of new permanent residents accepted every year being increased to a further 20,000 positions. This makes it the highest increase in immigration levels of the past few decades. It is hoped that the scheduled announcement of the new immigration levels plan will have an even greater increase.