Candidates for Canadian immigration program must register before August 16 opening date

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program has less than two weeks left for individuals who are interesting in immigrating to Canada. Applicants have to create an online account before the program reopens for applications on August 16. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is a point-based program that operates on a first-come, first served basis, unlike the ‘Expression of Interest’ systems that have become more popular across Canada over recent years.

How to Apply

The application process moved online in January 2016. Individuals interested in applying to the program are required to create and complete a profile on the online intake management system 'Mon projet Quebec'. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program receives application submissions during designated intake periods, which opens at 8:30 am EST (Montreal Time) on August 16, where the first 5000 applicants will be selected during the intake period.

Once the 5000 applicants have been chosen for the next intake period, the next step is for applicants to submit their online profile to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program with a registered account on the 'Mon projet Quebec'. Without an account, applicants will be unable to submit an application during the intake period. Once the account is registered, candidates are required to complete the application profile. The profile asks for information relating to civil status, education history, work history, experience in Quebec and language knowledge, among other criteria. Information is also required for any family members joining the main applicant on the application profile. Currently, it is possible for candidates to complete all the required information for their profiles, in preparation for the intake date, the very last step of the profile is the submission. This is currently inactive as the intake period is closed, but on August 16, applicants will have the opportunity to click theSoumettre/Submit button.

Serious candidates are encouraged to complete and verify their profiles as soon as possible in order to prepare for August 16, as candidates have a limited time of ten minutes on the site during the intake period.

Why the Quebec Skilled Worker Program is popular:

  • There is no mandatory language requirement for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Other Canadian economic immigration programs in Canada require proof of language ability in English or French, but if an applicant has enough points from other categories to be eligible under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, he or she does not have to provide the results of a language test.
  • Individuals may still gain points for a lower IELTS score than in other programs. Under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, applicants can gain four points with a result of band five in each section of the test, whereas points are not awarded in many other programs for results below a band six.
  • A job offer is not required for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.
  • Individuals without skilled work experience may apply. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program awards points for work experience gained in National Occupational Classification (NOC) level C occupations, which includes a range of occupations in the food and transport industries, among other industries.
  • The upcoming Quebec Skilled Worker Program intake period may be the last in 2016. The government of Quebec has introduced a policy that aims to shift the province to a system similar to that of Canada’s Express Entry system, whereby candidates submit an Expression of Interest and await an ITA based on their credentials.