COVID-19 Update: Canadian Cities Returns to Normal After Restrictions Ease

Canada has made so much progress compared to most countries globally with recovering from the pandemic. It has managed to become the nation with the most vaccinated residents in the world, making it the safest country to live in for you and your family.

With this Covid-19 update, there is no doubt that Canada is a leader in getting the job at hand done. With the country’s vast response as soon as they heard of the pandemic spreading globally, and using their existing resources, they have managed to claim victory over what essentially changed the lives of billions of people globally.

The Covid-19 pandemic is still with us in July 2021, yet there is now more hope that we can live with the virus than before. Since Canada has reached a milestone and managed to give 42,5 million people vaccines. 43,4% are now fully vaccinated, which is 16,3 million people, with the majority of the remaining population half vaccinated.

As most residents are already vaccinated and the remaining will be soon, it’s safe to say that Canada leads as the nation that has won the fight against Covid-19.

If you wish to immigrate to Canada now is the best time to make it happen.

Canadian Cities Bounce Back with the Ease of Restrictions

Canadian city

Some of Canada’s biggest cities, like Toronto in Ontario, are coming back to life as the Covid-19 restrictions have been eased. This is particularly due to only 3,387 cases that have been reported in a one-week period (7-13 July), which is down 9 percent. There were also only 77 deaths reported for this period, which is also down by 42%

531 people are still being treated in hospitals, while 1,388,383 have recovered. This is far less compared to most other countries worldwide, as Canada is now 9th among countries with a population of over one million people. Recently, the death count in Ontario was reported to be high, yet it was found to be exaggerated, especially with Toronto returning to normal and rekindling its city life atmosphere again.

As of two days ago, the wearing of masks and physical distancing is also no longer required in Saskatchewan. There are also no more capacity limits on gatherings in the entire country.

Fewer restrictions in Alberta also have residents excited to experience normalcy again, as the largest event in the country since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Calgary Stampede, has taken place. However, the number of people that attended this event was scaled back compared to previous years.

This is only the beginning of restrictions that will be eased. Soon enough, masks and social distancing will be a thing of the past for all Canadian provinces, which makes the idea of visiting Canada a very exciting one.

This is a very positive Covid-19 update for anyone interested in moving to and working in Canada, as countless people want to live in a country that offers safety, good quality of life, education, and healthcare. This is especially true amid the Covid-19 pandemic with many economies still trying to recover from its losses.

In schools, teachers allowed students to record themselves detailing how they were feeling now that the restrictions were being lifted. They indicated that it was a great opportunity to witness their students in their experience processing a global crisis as big as this one, which allowed the students to bond through it but also get excited about the future.

As it stands, most residents want the Canada travel restrictions at the U.S. border to be lifted, as they don’t see a need for them anymore. This also comes after the U.S. government has donated over 1 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccines to Canada.

Most Canadians are also on board to scrap all restrictions related to the pandemic, which was shown in a new survey. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, also spoke to The Globe and Mail, calling the pandemic ‘’a huge pivot point’, a moment of interruption but also reflection.’’ He is positive that Covid-19 served a purpose, but that it is now time to come to an end for the world to move on with their lives. The result of the Covid-19 vaccine in Canada has been very insightful to nations abroad too, especially to those that are still resistant to the vaccine.

Canada Travel Update for July 2021

A Covid-19 update will be announced before the end of July.

By 21 July, the Canadian government will decide if they should extend travel restrictions to and from Canada. Right now, Canada’s borders remain closed to any non-essential travel. People are only allowed to enter if they quarantine in the country upon their arrival unless they are fully vaccinated. For now, all direct flights between Canada remain suspended. It is one measure that the government will review in their possible ease of Canada travel restrictions at the end of the month.

Since the country has made incredible progress and continues to work towards vaccinating all of its residents, now is the best time to check if you are eligible for Canadian permanent residency. This can be done by consulting with a registered Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).