The Island of Cape Breton wants more people

Cape Breton is an island in Nova Scotia Canada and is known as one the most naturally beautiful islands in the world and has gone on to prove itself to be a top tourist destination in the country. The island though is having a problem in its population dynamics. The current population of the island is currently at just over 140,000 and they need more people to move there. The island recently made headlines and was in the spotlight after they created a website aimed at encouraging the world and American’s to find refuge in the island if Donald Trump becomes president of the U.S.

People are naturally attracted to the island because of the safe communities, and culture, as well as its Celtic, Acadian, and Aboriginal history and traditions. The interactive museums, and national historic sites, dynamic festivals and international culture events help to contribute to the richness of life on the island. Every season, the island experiences relatively warm summers, jaw-dropping autumns, crisp cool winters, and a pleasant spring.

Why should you consider moving to Cape Briton? We have a few reasons for you here;

The people

Aboriginal celebration

Cape Bretoners as people from the island are commonly known, are an unfussy and un-materialistic simple people. Unlike in other parts of the world where people have lost a few values on life and are more worried about acquiring the latest technological gadgets, Cape Bretoners are more refreshing and upfront. Their genuine nature makes it easy for newcomers to integrate in society and communities.

Good for small business

There is so much support and eagerness to buy local on the island, making it ideal for people who are motivated, creative and ready to try new things. There is so much energy and ambition with hard working individuals in farming and fishing.

A good place to raise a family

This is a place you can be able to promote good values in children and also letting the kids enjoy being kids. There are very impressive schools that have well-trained staff and teachers that are dedicated to making meaningful connections with their students, and making sure they contribute to their communities and know the history and culture of the island for a better future Cape Breton.

There are youth programs that help promote creative art and music for all ages, summer animation camps for children, leadership, and health.

Support for Artists and Art

The support provided to artists and their art is regarded as fundamental and one of the reasons why the island’s tourism sector is growing and thriving. Art talents is promoted through groups like Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design and CBU art gallery.

Fun to work

stretch of coastline

Since the island’s towns and communities are close together, the short distances to your place of employment means you will have more time to spend with your family and friends. The easy access to all the outdoor facilities and activities on land and sea mean it is a great complement to your work life and a peaceful way to relax after a week of hard work at the office.

A lot of the top organisations have been able to attract senior management, researchers, and other specialists because of the region's unique quality of life. And the island is not only ideal for experienced professionals, as even non-skilled workers can find jobs in the fishing industry, farms, and other low-skilled jobs in the tourist resorts around the island.