Manitoba removes certain risk Assessment factors to the Expression of Interest Immigration system

The province of Manitoba has made some positive changes to the risk assessment factors in the Expression of Interest Immigration system. The province will no longer penalize skilled worker immigration candidates who do not have a close relative in Manitoba but have a close relative in any other province in Canada.

Furthermore, candidates who applied for immigration to another province in Canada apart from Manitoba will also no longer be penalized under the new system.

Previously in the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), in the skilled worker stream, certain risk assessment factors meant that candidates were being deducted points. Overall, candidates can be awarded 1,000 points. Before the changes, as many as 100 points were being deducted for every risk assessment factor.

Two main assessment factors remain from the original four, and these are;

  • Work experience in another province
  • Studies in another province

These changes mean that сandidates who merely expressed an interest in immigrating to another Canadian province and candidates who happen to have a close relative living in another Canadian province will not be penalized. However, the only candidates to be penalized and deducted points will be the one's who have actually studied and worked in another Canadian province.

MPNP for skilled workers

The MPNP for skilled workers is operated on an Invitation to Apply or an Expression of Interest (EOI) basis, these invitations are also known as Letters of Advice to Apply (LAA). The eligible candidates can make an EOI through one of two categories, namely; the skilled workers in Manitoba, or Skilled Workers Overseas programs.

The recipients of an LAA during any of the MPNP regular draws are required to submit an application for a nomination certificate. With a nomination certificate, candidates are now able to submit an application for Canadian permanent residency with the federal government.

MPNP skilled workers in Manitoba

A sub-category of the MPNP, in this program the Manitoba government accepts applications from qualified foreign workers and international graduates who are currently working in Manitoba and have been offered a permanent job by their employer in Manitoba. For eligibility, skilled workers in Manitoba are not processed through a points-based assessment system.

MPNP Skilled Workers Overseas

This MPNP sub-category targets qualified skilled workers who are outside Canada but have shown a strong interest in moving to the province of Manitoba. For this sub-category, a point’s based system is used to assess candidates according to factors such as age, work experience, language proficiency, education, and adaptability.