The new criteria for quick processing of permanent resident cards has been published

The new criteria for the quick processing of a permanent residence card has been published by the Canadian government. Currently, it takes 41 days to process a new permanent residence card and an estimated 63 days for a renewal or a replacement card. There are however some situations where there is need to hasten the application process.

A permanent residence card is an official proof that confirms an individual as a permanent resident in Canada. It is also the official card used by Canadian citizens to enable them to enter and stay in Canada when they are returning from another country.

For a candidate to qualify for an urgent processing of a permanent residence card (within three months), they must satisfy one of the following reasons:

  • For travel due to their own serious illness or the serious illness or death of a family member; or
  • To obtain employment or to travel due to employment requirement or opportunity.

Applicants are required to provide all of the following documents in support of their need for an urgent processing:

  • A valid proof of travel i.e. tickets, or a travel document stating destination and dates of travel.
  • A valid copy of proof of payment for travel, showing the date, the amount paid and mode of payment.
  • A letter explaining the need and reason for the urgency; and
  • Proof of the urgency e.g. doctor’s note, death certificate, or letter from employer.


  1. The applicant is already in Canada but has not yet applied for a permanent residence card.

For an urgent processing request, the applicant must clearly write the words “urgent” on the envelope when submitting the complete permanent residence card application with all the documents as listed in the above section.

  1. The applicant is in Canada and has already applied for a permanent residence card.

To request an urgent application, the applicant must follow the following steps:

  • If the application is not yet in process or is not appearing in e-client (e-CAS), the applicant is required to submit another application and request urgent processing by writing the words “urgent” on the envelope. The applicant must also include all relevant documents and a copy of the receipt of payment or electronic receipt of the previous application submitted. The applicant is, however, not requested to make another payment.
  • If the application is already in process, the applicants must contact the IRCC through their Webform by choosing “Request urgent processing of renewal or replacement card and have already applied” under the Enquiry drop down menu. The applicant must upload all required documents as listed above when submitting the application form on the IRCC Webform. Instructions for the list of required documents and the technical requirements to submit a request for urgent processing for the applicant are outlined at the top of the IRCC Webform.
  1. The client is outside Canada and is not in possession of a valid PR card.

As is the current procedure, the applicant can apply for a permanent resident travel document (PRTD0 to return to Canada. Upon their return to Canada, the candidate can then apply for a new card.


All the applications for urgent processing of permanent residence cards are first reviewed by IRCC to determine whether the urgent processing requirements have been met. If that is the case, the application is then reviewed for completion. Applications that do not contain all the documents on the checklist are returned to the applicant with a note advising them of which documents they missed.

For requests that are received after the application is already in process, they are reviewed to make sure the application meet all the criteria for urgent processing.

Applications that have been found to meet all the requirements for urgent processing are placed into the urgent processing stream as is currently done.

The ones that do not meet the criteria for urgent processing are placed in the regular processing stream.

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