Quebec Government to Provide Funding for the Integration of Immigrants

Quebec province has set aside $179.4 million over the next five years to support the integration of new immigrants settling in the province. This figure includes $ 13.5 million for francization of newcomers.

As part of the francization program, the government of Quebec provides free French language classes for recently arrived immigrants who do not speak French or whose command of French is weak. The government also provides financial assistance for those who are unable to find employment because they have difficulties speaking French. In July 2016, the government launched a campaign to promote awareness of these programs among newcomers to Quebec.

In terms of attracting international students, the latest budget comes in the wake of previous announcements that may make Quebec an even more attractive study destination for students worldwide. Last October the government of Quebec announced that it was to provide an investment of $1.6 million towards a program aimed at encouraging international students in Montreal to stay in the province after graduation. Montreal is home to more than 30 universities and colleges.

In addition to that Quebec also operates its own Skilled Worker Program, which is currently not accepting new registrations, unless the applicant is exempt from the program cap. Cap-exempt candidates who have an employment offer validated by the government, as well as individuals who are temporary residents of Quebec and eligible to submit an application for Quebec Selection Certificate, may submit an application at any time.

The government of Quebec also processes immigration applications through its business immigration programs, as well as family sponsorship and refugee programs operated in conjunction with the federal government. The province also aims to welcome 51,000 new permanent residents in 2017.