Tips To Avoid Canadian Immigration Fraud

People the world over are victim to Canadian immigration fraud, leaving them emotionally and financially devastated. The worst thing about these cases is that they can easily be avoided if you are equipped with the right information on how to prevent Canadian immigration fraud. The best way to protect yourself is to be informed.

Thankfully, the Canadian government is working hard to combat this issue. The focus has mainly been on informing Canadian citizens and prospective immigrants about unauthorized immigration consultants who guarantee visas or high-paying jobs for a fee, taking large sums of money with no tangible results for the prospective immigrant.

We would like to follow in the footsteps of the Canadian government by sharing our own tips to avoid Canadian immigration fraud. Learn how you can protect yourself right here.

Avoid Canadian immigration fraud with our help.

Tips to Avoid Canadian Immigration Fraud

Are They Authorized Representatives?

Hiring the services of an immigration expert certainly helps to make your immigration to Canada to easier. However, many people don’t know this, but only authorized representatives can offer paid immigration advice. If you employ an unauthorized representative, your immigration application will not be considered by the Canadian government. The following people are considered authorized representatives:

  • Lawyers and paralegals who are in good standing with a Canadian provincial or territorial law society;
  • Notaries who are listed in the Chambre des notaires du Quebec; and
  • Immigration consultants who are in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)

If a company does not clearly state who their representatives are, like their Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) or immigration lawyer, you should be careful. It may very well be that you are dealing with a fraudulent company. It is actually quite easy to find out if your representative is registered. We discuss some of these methods below.

Ask the RCIC processing your application for their ICCRC number. Once you get the code simply visit the ICCRC’s website, find the directory page, feed in the number and voila - you should find the RCIC listed on the registry!

This is just one of the many great benefits of hiring an RCIC to work on your application. There are several more reasons why RCIC’s are the best authorized representatives for your immigration to Canada.

Another option to avoid Canadian immigration fraud is to find a Canadian immigration lawyer and ask for their Law Society number. Canadian immigration lawyers have attended law school in Canada and are regulated by a Canadian Law Society – this can be confirmed on the Law Society’s website.

Ask for Your CRS Score

If your consultant is not providing you with this score – find another company. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score is the best indication of whether you are eligible for Canadian immigration but many companies do not share it with their clients. The company you hire should have your best interests at heart if they are to be trusted.

Beware of Companies Who “Guarantee” Your Application Will Be Successful

We have heard this question from our clients on multiple occasions, “Do you guarantee a Canadian Visa?” And the answer will always be no. No company or authorized representative can guarantee your immigration application’s success. Though we improve your chances of getting a Canadian Visa, it is ultimately up to the Canadian government to decide on your application’s success.

For this reason, you should be careful of companies who guarantee success or boast a 100% success rate. Such claims are simply not true. It is best to avoid these companies at all costs.

Avoid Canadian immigration fraud by hiring an authorized representatives.

Is Their Website HTTPS Secure?

Scammers are becoming smarter every year. They continue to devise new strategies to steal money and information from unsuspecting victims. For this reason, companies need to add online security to their websites, especially if they would like to conduct online payments through it.

Websites that are HTTPS secure have that extra protective layer to make it more difficult for hackers and scammers to steal your personal information like your credit card information. When you decide on hiring the services of an immigration agent make sure they are HTTPS secure. You can do this by looking for an icon of a lock next to the website’s address bar.

Do Not Lie on Your Application!

You should never lie on your application! If you do, your application will be denied and you will be banned from immigrating to Canada for the next five years at least. Some consultants might ask you to fabricate information on your application to better your chances at immigration. It is not worth the risk! Avoid these companies at all costs. Not only are they not professional, but they are asking to break the law!

Avoid Canadian Immigration Fraud - Hire a Trusted Professional

If you follow the tips discussed above your chances of falling victim to Canadian immigration fraud will be significantly less. If; however, you hire the services of CanadianVisa.Org you will never be the victim of fraud.

We provide ourselves on the transparency of our services, meaning you will always be informed on the status of your application and how your information will be handled. We hire the services of three Authorized Representatives, Jimmy Park (RCIC Number #R510391), David Allon (RCIC Number #R513335) and Mario Antolinez (RCIC Number #R515931), all of whom are members in good standing with the ICCRC. If you would like the services of real, trusted immigration agents, sign up today.