Tips To Avoid Canadian Immigration Fraud

An Introduction to Canadian Immigration Fraud

Cases of Canadian immigration fraud are still happening with many victims across the world who have been left emotionally and financially devastated. Although cases of immigration fraud are high, they are all avoidable. The best way to protect oneself is to be informed.

To its credit, the Canadian government is working hard to combat immigration fraud. The focus has mainly been on informing Canadians and prospective immigrants about unauthorized immigration consultants who guarantee visas or high-paying jobs for a fee, taking large sums of money with no tangible results for the prospective immigrant.

Tips to Avoid Canadian Immigration Fraud

  • Are they regulated?

Ask the person processing your application for their ICCRC number. Often there is only one person in a company that is a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). and the person actually processing your application may not be regulated.

Another option to avoid Canadian immigration fraud is to find a Canadian immigration lawyer and ask for their Law Society number. Canadian immigration lawyers have attended law school in Canada and are regulated by a Canadian Law Society – this can be confirmed on the Law Society’s website.

  • Beware of companies who “guarantee” your application will be successful.

Another example of immigration fraud is when companies often ask for a large fee and when your application is denied, only return a small portion of your fees. There are also people who discovered their application was never actually submitted by these companies. The only guarantee you have at being successful is having a Canadian immigration score that is high enough to be selected. Otherwise, Canadian immigration is never guaranteed.

  • If your consultant is asking you to lie on your application

If your immigration consultant does not allow you to review your application before it is submitted or clearly not answering your questions, find someone else to work with.

Providing incorrect information on your application can lead your application being rejected or you being banned from immigrating to Canada for the next five years.

  • Asking you to pay for a job in Canada is a huge red flag

Canadian companies that are interested in recruiting do not charge fees to people they are trying to hire. The Beeton & Co Facebook page frequently advertises for Canadian companies who are recruiting in the region – these are Canadian government-sponsored recruitment sessions.