USA H-1B Visa cap full, Skilled Workers now look to Canada

According to the United States department of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the annual mandated H-1B cap has reached its capacity after the April 7, 2016 deadline.

Hereafter the USCIS will select submissions at random using a “lottery”-type computer generated system. Having received more than 20,000 submissions, 65,000 visas need to be selected for the general category yet the date for the actual selection has been stalled due to the high number of submissions and is pending further notice.

This highly popular program is used mainly for US businesses to employ foreign nationals in jobs that require highly specialized skills in certain arenas such as science, engineering and computer programming. Generally, because there is a huge demand for the program which outweighs the supply of visas available by far – as this year has exemplified.

If you were considering the H-1B program and unfortunately missed the deadline, you are among many other hopefuls forced to reconsider their options. Since the US and Canada share a continent, it is only viable to knock on Canada’s door for a try at the Express Entry program.

Like the USA, Canada shares a culture for being open and welcoming to foreigners and is also keen to add extra contributors to its already thriving economy. Though Canada has a higher per-capita immigration level than the US, it continues to receive a large amount of visa applications annually.

Similar to the H-1B program, entrants of the Express Entry system are assessed based on language ability, level of education, and skilled work experience, among other factors. The process ideally takes 6 months to process. Should you qualify, The Provincial Nominee Program will select individuals for permanent residence, based on local labor market needs.