Discover Canada's Top 10 2019 Provincial Restaurants

By now you’ve probably heard about Canada’s phenomenal landscapes, mountains and lakes as well as its vibrant urban destinations. But Canada is also a foodie’s delight. It is home to some of the world’s most highly rated culinary establishments, serving up delectable delights such as poutine, bannock, Tire d’érable sur la neige, Nanaimo bars, beaver tails and the national Caesar cocktail.

Interested in visiting some of these Canadian restaurants to sample some of their delicacies? No problem. We can handle your visa application for you so that you can focus on your itinerary and decide on which restaurant to visit first. But before we get to that, let's have a look at some of the top restaurants and bars that Canada has to offer.

Top Canadian Cities To Dine For!

The votes are in and it seems Montreal and Toronto have come out tops on the list of places to dine at in 2019. Here are the top 10 restaurants for 2019, where you can sample some of Canada’s finest food selections:

British Columbia

Toronto showcased excellence in the industry, featuring four restaurants in the 2019 top 10 restaurants list, as well as not only taking the number 1 spot on the list but accumulating accolades such as best sommelier (Alo), outstanding Chef(Alo) and best new restaurant (Giulietta). Alo is fine dining at its best, with an air of sophistication. Its dishes are pure perfection, making it a must-visit for anyone visiting Toronto. Guiletta has a graceful feel reminiscent of the renaissance era, fusing traditional Italian staples and local produce.

2. Quebec

Montreal came in a close second to Toronto as one of Canada’s best culinary cities, with four of its restaurants featuring in the top 10. Joe Beef came in second and is highly acclaimed, boasting recommendations from the likes of industry giants such as Anthony Bourdain. At Joe Beef you’ll be treated to the rustic charm of traditional French cuisine, serving up delectable delights such as pâté en croute, sweetbreads, and moist chunks of rabbit and lobster pasta. Toque followed close behind, taking the number 3 spot on the list. It is a leader in gastronomy, creating a whimsical fusion of Asian and French techniques, serving wild and cultivated local produce that will be sure to tantalise your tastebuds.

3. Ontario

Cambridge was represented by Ontario in the top 10 restaurants this year by Langdon Hall Country House Hotel and Spa, adding a quaint luxurious touch of elegance. The amount of detail and finesse found on every plate is captivating, offering edible works of art inspired by seasonal wholesome produce sourced locally from farmers and artisan in the surrounding areas.

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How To Get There

To travel to Canada you will need a Tourist Visa or Visitor's Visa. There are two options to choose from, namely the single or multiple entry visa. The single entry visa allows you to enter the country once for up to 6 months. A multiple entry visa allows you to enter and exit the country as often as you like and for up to 6 months.

Important to note: If you are in transit for longer than 48hrs you will be required to have a tourist visa.

In order to apply for your Canadian Tourist visa your will need the following documentation:

Tourist Documents Checklists
Application for Temporary Resident Visa
Application for Temporary Resident Visa
Application for Temporary Resident Visa
Family Information Form
Photocopy of the Information Page of Passport
Two Photographs (with name and date of birth written on the back)
Proof of Financial Support (bank statements)
Photocopy of Marriage License or Certificate
Purpose of Travel Statement
Photocopy of Current Immigration Status (if your country of residence is different from your country of citizenship, you must provide proof of legal status)
Custody Documents or Letter of Authorization from Both Parents (for minor children travelling with one parent)

How We Can Assist With Your Visa Application

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