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David Allon

RCIC Identification #R513335

With a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA), a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Government, and a Diploma in European Studies, David Allon is a professional and knowledgeable RCIC consultant with a passion for migration and international policies. As a fully qualified RCIC, David will guide you through your immigration process and assist you with any immigration issues you may experience. He will ensure that you are provided with the best immigration service and business guidance on your journey to Canada.

Jimmy Park

RCIC Identification #R510391

Jimmy Park first came to Canada as student, then immigrated by using the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (Skilled Worker Program). Mr. Park has an Immigration Diploma from Ashton College in Vancouver, a Master’s Degree of English Education from Kyonggi University in Suwon, Korea and a Bachelor’s Degree of English Literature from the Korea National University of Transportation in Chungu, Korea. With his personal experience of applying for Canadian immigration, as well as extensive knowledge of the immigration industry, Mr. Park is well-versed in the immigration process. His passion for assisting immigrants in achieving their dream of immigrating to Canada, ensures that he will always be on hand to assist throughout the immigration process.

Giovanni Mariella

RCIC Identification #R705710

With a Master's Degree in Law, Master's in Business Administration and Administrative Law, and a Diploma in European policies, Giovanni Mariella has 20 years of international experience in supporting private firms and public entities even in topics as immigration and public policies for the local development. Today Giovanni is a qualified RCIC serving the Canadian dream with an innate passion for helping the people.

Ying Liu

RCIC Identification #R513335

Ying Liu has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business English and a three-year diploma in Accounting. She has more than ten years of working experience as an Executive Manager in the business industry and immigrated to Canada as a successful entrepreneur under the Canadian provincial Entrepreneur Program. Ying got an Immigration Consultant Diploma with Honors after she moved to Vancouver from New Brunswick and began practicing as an RCIC. She has years of successful experience helping clients around the world, with past refusal records, find their pathway to a new life in Canada.

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