Latest 2016 IEC Updates

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada in 2016, here’s all you need to know about the IEC working holiday visa and its latest statistics.

Not too long ago, Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) website was experiencing technical issues upon the release of the updated figures about the number of visas available.

All immigrants awaiting a response on invites have been addressed in a statement released by the IRCC staff. The statement read:

“Technical issues affecting ‪#‎IEC2016 invitations have been fixed and we are inviting Young Professional and Co-op candidates to submit their applications.

“Working Holidays invitations for almost all countries will follow shortly. We appreciate your patience.”

In addition to this, working holiday candidates from Australia have been selected from the pool and are being advised to check their ‘MyCIC’ accounts for further instruction. Thus far, only Australians have been selected. Further updates are pending on when other working holiday visa candidates will be selected and in which order.

The latest invitation figures displayed that approximately 5,500 invitations were issued to Working Holiday candidates in Australia (2,618) and Germany (2,883) before invitations ground to a halt.

A previous schedule did allude that invites would be made on the 11-18 April and internationals from 26 different countries had been assured that some would be among the 20,000 to receive an invitation to apply for a visa in April.

These invites were however delayed due to what the IRCC described as “technical issues”. As a result of this, many hopefuls have reported grave inconveniences such as having difficulty uploading essential documents to MyCIC. The IRCC responded with the following statement:

“Please note that due to technical issues, some IEC applicants are unable to proceed with their application because of an error in the ‘Personal details’ form and unable to upload documents in MyCIC,” a statement on April 14 read.

“We are working to resolve the issue and offer further guidance, and are committed to re-inviting applicants whose work permit applications expire because of these issues. Please do not send documents using the Web form.”

Although proof of financial support is no longer a requirement, IRCC mentioned that “Border Services Officers may still ask you for proof of funds upon arrival.”