Latest in Canadian Immigration Fraud: Fake Saskatchewan Scheme Busted

Immigration fraud is a constant problem that the Canadian government is facing, and although certain systems have been put in place to help prevent hopeful applicants from being taken advantage, the problem still persists. As soon as one scheme gets shut down, multiple immigration schemes seem to pop up in its place.

One such scheme is the fraudulent Saskatchewan scheme, run by Gurpreet Singh, a 34-year-old man who pretended to be a representative from registered charities and offered fake jobs to unsuspecting victims. According to and the CBSA, Singh went on to falsify and sell employment letters for those hoping to make use of the work permit exemption afforded to temporary foreign workers wanting to enter or stay in Canada.

Mr Singh is currently facing four counts of fraud, including:

  • misrepresenting material facts in an immigration matter;
  • counselling others to misrepresent material facts;
  • forgery; and
  • dealing forged employment letters.

The CBSA’s (Canadian Border Services Agency’s) Criminal Investigation Section found 34 cases where immigration applications were linked to phoney job offer letters over a period of two years, from June 2016 to November 2018.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Saskatchewan has seen its share of immigration scams since 2016. According to and the CBSA, there have been two other cases to date, including a case laid against a 23-year-old man, Panashe Chaya who had been selling fake permanent residency documents to post-secondary students. On July 25, 2018, he was charged with 6 counts of fraudulent immigration and criminal activity.

Another Canadian immigration scam involved 2 Regina residents who allegedly posed as immigration consultants in 2016 and are currently facing seven counts of fraud, including offering false job offer letters to foreign workers wanting to obtain permanent residence in Canada. Qi Wang, 41, and Yujuan Cui, 40, later pleaded guilty to organized human smuggling and were sentenced on May 28, 2018.

The saddest part about these immigration fraud cases is that some of the applicants knowingly entered into agreements with these Canadian immigration fraudsters and subsequently had their hopes and dreams dashed by one poor choice.

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What are the Consequences of Misrepresentation?

monopoly board go to jail Canadian immigration fraud

Committing immigration fraud does not only fare badly for those offering fraudulent services but for those who knowingly partake in these fraudulent activities. If you are suspected of or caught supplying falsified information or documents, you as the applicant could stand to be:

  • banned from entering Canada for 5 years or longer;
  • get a permanent record of fraud;
  • risking your permanent residence or citizenship status;
  • faced with serious criminal charges; and
  • forced to leave Canada.

Considering the great risks that come with falsifying immigration documents, is it really worth the risk?

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