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Thanks to Canada’s booming economy and relatively low population, the country offers many excellent opportunities to live and work. Unlike many other first-world countries, Canada is actively seeking foreign workers and professionals to help grow the strong national workforce.

Various visa programs make it possible for thousands of new immigrants and their families to move to Canada each year.

If you are looking for permanent or temporary work in Canada, our RCIC agents will advise you on which visa programs best suit your unique profile and which you should apply for.

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Express Entry:

As one of the new and most efficient Canadian immigration systems, the Express Entry system allows skilled workers to apply for permanent residence and a possibility of immigrating to Canada in as little as 6 months. Each applicant is assessed according to their age, level of education and work experience. Employers will then be able to select new employees from a pool of candidates.

Provincial Nominee Program:

This fast-track Canadian Permanent Residency option enables a foreign worker with a permanent job offer in a particular province to qualify for the Provincial Nomination (PNP).

10 of 13 provinces and territories have entered into an agreement with the Canadian government to run this program within their borders. Applicants who are interested in living in a particular province with the skill set that the area is in need of, can apply through the relevant provincial program.

Quebec skilled worker Program:

As Quebec’s unique version of the Provincial Nominee Program, applicants can apply to work in the primarily French-speaking province. Unique to Quebec, they do not need an employment offer to qualify for a visa. The program also allows families, spouses and common-law partners to join the applicant.

Federal skilled worker Program:

A labour shortage in Canada has led to the country seeking more skilled workers from all over the world to join their labour force. The program now officially falls under the Express Entry program.
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