Alberta PNP

Alberta is one of Canada’s most powerful provincial economies. Alberta attracts newcomers from all over Canada as well as the rest of the world. As a combined result of the number of jobs created by a strong economy, the number of temporary foreign workers in the province, and the increased tightening of federal immigration programs, the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) has become one of Alberta’s most popular immigrant recruitment programs.

As is the case with all Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) in Canada, the AINP nominates prospective immigrants to the federal government for permanent residence based on gaps and skills shortages in the Alberta labour market. The AINP has two aims. It exists to support economic growth by attracting and retaining work-ready immigrants to the province who are able to immediately slot in and fill gaps in the Alberta labour market. The other purpose is to process permanent residence applications of work-ready immigrants much quicker than before.

Alberta Rectruitment Streams

There are three basic streams under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program:

1. Strategic Recruitment Stream

The strategic recruitment stream is for immigrants with skills that are in demand in Alberta, these include: supervisors, foremen and tradespersons.

Basic Requirements

Eligible Candidates Must Have the Following Requirements:

Have the intention of living in Alberta permanently
Applicants must be residing in Alberta by the time of applying with a valid work permit
Applicants must show that they have been working for an employer in Alberta for at least 6 months in the last three years
Possess an Alberta Qualification Certificate in a compulsory or optional trade

2. Employer Driven Stream

The employer driven stream was designed for Albertan employers who want to keep foreign workers on a permanent, full time basis. This is the case because it is usually difficult to find Albertans or other Canadians who can fill that particular position.

The employer driven stream is also for foreign workers who have a permanent full-time job from an Albertan employer and the intention of living and working in Alberta permanently.

Basic Requirements for Employer

The company should be registered in Canada and operating out of Alberta
The offered job must be in an occupation classified as skill level NOC 0, A, or B
The provided job offer must not be in conflict with any existing agreements involving the two parties. The Albertan government will not approve any application that is implicated in a current labour dispute, directly or indirectly involving either the employer or employee.
If the prospective employee is not currently working in Alberta, the employer must provide proof that they made all efforts to recruit in Canada before offering the job to the applicant.

Basic Requirements for Applicant

If applicants are already working in Alberta, they must show that they have a valid work permit
Applicants must have proof of legal status if they are living abroad
Applicants must have the intention to live and work in Canada
Applicants must have the adequate training, work experience and necessary licensing needed to perform the job in Alberta.

3. Self-employed Farmer Stream

Lastly, the AINP also qualifies farm owners and operators with a proven track record, management skills, and financial resources.

Basic Requirements

Applicants must have proof of education, training or work experience
Applicants must have a proposed business plan for an Albertan farm
Applicants must show the ability to invest no less than $500,000 equity in the farming business of Alberta
Applicants must have a minimum net worth of $500,000 or be able to confirm access to similar funds