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What is a Birth Certificate and why do you Need one in Canada

It is essential to have a birth certificate in Canada, as this is used for proof of identification to apply for medical insurance and a passport. You will need to register the certificate in the province or territory that your child was born in.

Please note that requirements can vary, depending on the province or territory your child is born in.

How to Apply Online for a Birth Certificate in Canada

You can register your newborn's birth and apply for your child’s birth certificate and Social Insurance Number (SIN) on the New-born Registration Service, however, this must all be completed before your child turns one.

When you apply through the Newborn Registration Service, you will receive your child’s SIN by mail within 10 business days after you send your application.

If you need additional information on the Newborn Registration Service, please visit the relevant provincial website below:


British Columbia;


New Brunswick;

Newfoundland and Labrador;

Nova Scotia;


Prince Edward Island;



Can you Apply for a Birth Certificate in Canada by Mail

You can apply for a birth certificate in Canada by mail, but this can only be done after the registration of the birth certificate.

How Long does a Birth Application Take

It can take up to four months to process your application and then receive a Notice of Birth Registration in the mail.

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