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Study Programs In Canada

Whether you want to live, study in Canada and work part time as an international student, Canada is the place for you. With universally acclaimed educational institutions and a strong public schooling system, the country hosts a variety of programs to help with the Canadian learning experience. Canada could be your doorway to a student grant or even an international scholarship.

Work in Canada as a Student

As an international student, you can study in Canada and work in Canada for a maximum of 25 hours a week. This a great way to gain Canadian experience, extra funds and the possibility of future employment by an Canadian employer.


Canadian Education System

Said to have one of the best education system in the world, Canada has a lot to offer for your educational future. You have the chance to receive free government education in both primary and secondary institutions, if you are either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.


Study Permit Visa Partners

If you are an international student that is not a permanent resident of Canada, you may need a study permit. A study permit will give you the chance to have access to the great Canadian education system, and even work part time as an international student.


Post-Graduate Work Permit

With Canadian educational institutions recognized around the world, you can greatly benefit from Canada's education system as an international student. You have the opportunity to further your education through a variety of programs offered by recognized Canadian institutions.