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How to Create an Express Entry Profile

Updated: August 24th, 2022

Now that you have your Express Entry eligibility status it's time to create your Express Entry profile! This often seems more complicated than it really is but with the complete step-by-step guide to the Express Entry application process, your profile will be awaiting to be selected in no time. It's a lot simpler than you think.  

Creating the Perfect Express Entry Profile

Infographic | Create Express Entry Profile

Step 1: Gather your documents

Before actually completing your Express Entry (EE) profile, it's a good idea to start gathering all of the supporting documents containing the information needed to complete your EE profile. This is to ensure that there are no discrepancies in your application. Any mistakes made could lead to a delay in your visa processing or even a denied visa.

It also helps to have all your documents prepared because once you create your Express Entry profile, you will have 60 days to complete and submit it, and the last thing that you want is to still be searching for documents containing information needed to complete your profile and miss the deadline because of it.

Step 2: Create your Express Entry profile

Infographic | Create Express Entry Profile

Now that you have all your information at hand, you can confidently go ahead with completing your Express Entry application. But first, you need to register for your IRCC secure Express Entry account. You will have two options: register with a GCKey by creating a username and password or register with a sign-in partner, using your online Canadian banking information. Once you’ve submitted your profile, the IRCC will determine which Express Entry program you are eligible for. You will need the following documents to complete your profile. 

Documents Needed to Complete Express Entry Profile

  • a passport or travel document;
  • language test results;
  • proof of Canadian education or an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA);
  • Provincial Nomination (PN) if applicable;
  • written job offer from an employer in Canada if applicable; and
  • proof of funds to settle in Canada.

You will also need your National Occupation Classification (NOC) code to complete the online form.

Step 3: Submit your profile and enter the draw pool

Infographic | Create Express Entry Profile

Once you submit your profile it will be entered into a draw pool with other candidates. You will receive a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score and if successful, get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency in Canada, which you will have to do within 60 days of receiving your ITA.

In the meantime, you could apply for your police certificates, as these could take quite a while to get. If there are opportunities to improve your CRS score, do it. You could do this by improving your language test results, completing a higher-level education, gaining more work experience, or getting a job offer in Canada. The higher your CRS score, the higher your chances of getting your ITA!

Keeping Your Express Entry Profile Updated

If anything changes regarding any information used to create your profile, make sure that you update your profile. This includes:

  • starting a new career;
  • gain or lose a job offer;
  • get a new language test;
  • get married or divorced; or
  • have or adopt a new child.

If you don’t keep your Express Entry profile updated and you receive an ITA based on false information or missing details, you could stand to have your application refused or be found inadmissible and possibly barred from coming to Canada for five years.

Ready to Take the First Step Towards Canada?

Take the First Step Towards Canada  | Create Express Entry Profile

The Express Entry system is Canada's most popular, efficient, and successful immigration system for skilled and semi-skilled workers wanting to move to Canada. If you haven’t yet had your eligibility assessment done to find out your Express Entry eligibility yet, it’s a good idea to get it done before applying. This way you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you meet all the requirements of the Express Entry program you want to apply for. We’ll not only check your eligibility but will also create you Express Entry profile for you using our state-of-the-art visa Profile Builder.  

Ready to get started? Click the button below to take the first step towards a brighter future with the Canada Express Entry system.

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