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University of British Columbia

Updated: May 25th, 2022

The University of British Columbia (UBC), best known for research and innovation, is currently ranked number two in Canada and 32 in the world. UBC is also British Columbia’s oldest university.

The University of British Columbia gives students learning opportunities with its 12 faculties and two academic schools. UBC provides 200 undergraduate and graduate programs to over 60,000 students of which 28.1 percent is international.

Interesting fact!

UBC has 7 Nobel prize winners.

Where is University of British Columbia?

The University of British Columbia is a public research university with campuses in Vancouver and Kelowna.

You’ll find cafes, bookshops, restaurants and shopping malls nearby the Vancouver campus. What’s quite amazing is across the street you’ll find UBS Tennis Bubble which is a centre with a total of 12 indoor tennis courts and one outdoor court, it’s the perfect way to let off some steam.

Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Why Study at the University of British Columbia?

student working on a laptop | University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia allows students to study courses across a range of subjects including business, law, technology, creative arts, languages, and physics. There is very little UBC doesn’t offer to international students.

As an international student you will need a place to stay that is both comfortable and safe. The university ensures that both of those needs are covered with their on-campus accommodation.

There are 14 UBC on-campus residences and they cater to over 12,000 students. The first-year residents are encouraged to stay on campus with guaranteed accommodation. First-years would usually stay at Totem Park, Place Vanier or Orchard Commons.

Of course you are welcome to stay off-campus, but that could be rather costly to you. Vancouver is quite an expensive city and rent can range from $375 to $600 a month, depending on the distance from the university.

At the Vancouver campus you will be close to facilities such as:

  • The Centre for Interactive Research in Sustainability (CIRS)
  • Museum of Anthropology, Canada’s largest teaching museum
  • UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research

Top Programs at the University of British Columbia

students working in a group |University of British Columbia

Top Courses for University of British Columbia
Programs Fees Per Year (CAD)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing $ 29,736
Masters of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) $ 15,792
Masters of Science (Chemical and Biological Engineering) $ 6,714
Bachelor of Science (data Science) $ 30,573
Executive Masters of Business Administration $ 46,833
Master of Architecture $ 32,703

Please note the amount in the table is an average and not the exact amount.

Online Courses

The University of British Columbia Undergraduate Faculties and Departments offer high-quality distance learning courses and programs. You can choose from over 100 online courses, covering over 30 academic subjects.

The courses carry full credit towards a degree or certificate program and are mostly undergraduate courses.

The following online learning courses offered are:

  1. Faculty of Applied Science
  2. Faculty of Arts
  3. Faculty of Dentistry
  4. Faculty of Education
  5. Faculty of Forestry
  6. College of Land and Food Systems
  7. Faculty of Law
  8. Faculty of Medicine
  9. Faculty of Science


students discussing admissions | University of British Columbia

You will need to apply online, with the application fee of $118. You’ll need a basic requirement of a higher secondary school certificate.


  • State your two preferred programs.
  • Meet the general and specific admission requirements, along with English language proficiency.
  • Provide student history and submit the completed application along with additional documents if needed.
  • Statement of purpose.

Deadline for Submission

  • Undergraduate -January 15, 2021
  • International documents - May 31, 2021

Yearly Tuition Range

International Students Undergraduate Postgraduate
Fees in CAD Over $ 25,000 $ 25,000

Please note the amount in the table is an average and not the exact amount

Life at the University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia’s campus is always full of life with all the activities, events and attractions surrounding it. It’ll give you a reason to want to stay at school.

A few activities to take part of include:

  • enjoying delicious food classics such as burgers, chicken and waffles at The Point.
  • visit the Beaty Biodiversity Museum or the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery.
  • change the views of the classroom to the breathtaking views of the Greenheart TreeWalk.
  • visit the UBC Aquatic Centre.
  • enjoy ice skating at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre.
  • golfing with your friends or classmates.
  • enjoy an outstanding performance from the UBC School of Music.

At the Okanagan campus you can enjoy activities such as concerts, a little bit of frisbee on the grass, enjoying the sandy volleyball courts or taking a stroll on the four trails that loop around the campus.

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