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York University

Updated: October 25th, 2023

Founded in 1959, York University is a community united by a strong sense of purpose and dedication to solving real-world problems.

York University is the second-largest university in Ontario and is a leading international teaching and research school. York University has over 55,000 students enrolled, more than 8,500 of which are international students.

York prides itself on supporting students of all backgrounds, as York believes everyone is united by a shared sense of purpose. The university is determined to equip every student with skills and values to ensure success.

About York University

About York University

With a rich history of fostering global perspectives and academic brilliance, the university has become a sought-after destination for students from all corners of the world. Attracting a diverse cohort of international students from over 180 countries, York University prides itself on its multicultural community, fostering a dynamic environment that promotes cross-cultural exchange and collaboration.

This diverse tapestry of global perspectives enriches the academic experience and creates a vibrant, inclusive campus atmosphere that prepares students for success in an increasingly interconnected world.

Where is York University?

York University is situated in the bustling city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Known for its thriving cultural scene and vibrant urban atmosphere, Toronto provides an exciting backdrop for the academic pursuits of students at York University. Located at 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3, the campus is easily accessible and well-connected to the heart of the city.

Surrounded by a multitude of attractions and recreational opportunities, students have the perfect setting to balance their academic endeavors with enriching experiences. When in need of a well-deserved break, students can explore nearby attractions such as the Backyard Axe Throwing League, perfect for those seeking an adrenaline rush, or the Yorkdale Shopping Centre, offering a plethora of retail and dining options for those in search of relaxation and entertainment.

Those with an adventurous spirit can indulge in the thrill of exploration at Secret City Adventures or test their problem-solving skills at Escape Games Canada, both conveniently located near the university. York University's prime location in the heart of Toronto ensures that students have easy access to an array of activities, fostering a vibrant and dynamic campus life that complements their academic journey.

Scholarships for International Students

York University offers scholarships to international students, which are as follows:

Name of Scholarship Award AmountNo. Of Awards Duration
International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction CAD 33,000 3 4 years
Global Leader of Tomorrow Award for International Students CAD 19,000 2 4 years
Glendon International Scholarship CAD 9,500 1 1st year only
International Circle of Scholars Scholarship CAD 14,000 1

The amount in the table is an estimate and not the exact amount.

Top Programs at York University

York University boasts a diverse array of exemplary academic programs, offering students a pathway to excellence in various fields of study. With a commitment to fostering innovation, critical thinking, and practical skills, the university has established itself as a leading institution for higher education.

From cutting-edge research opportunities to hands-on experiential learning, York University's best programs stand as a testament to its dedication to nurturing the intellectual growth and professional development of its students.

Whether pursuing studies in the arts, sciences, business, or beyond, students at York University have the opportunity to engage with top-tier faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive academic community that propels them toward success in their chosen fields.

Program Annual Fees
Bachelor of Science in Nursing CAD 29,736
Masters of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) CAD 15,792
Bachelor of Science in Nursing CAD 24,312
Master of Finance CAD 60,075
Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) CAD 22,405
Master of Science (Digital Media) CAD 14,118

Please note the amount in the table is an average and not the exact amount.

Online Courses

York University has online and distance learning courses in abundance. You can study from anywhere in the world and receive a recognized qualification. You’ll have access to a great number of resources as part of the learning community.

  • Computer Science
  • Astronomy
  • Creative Writing
  • Mathematical Finance
  • Archaeology


York University is a network of campuses offering a range of opportunities to immerse yourself in the diverse experiences and perspectives that are shaping our world. Campus facilities offer students, faculty, and the community at large multiple opportunities to engage and benefit from innovative research and programming in a fluid and flexible manner. Extensive collaboration and mobility between the campuses create an integrated, dynamic York community.

Glendon Campus

Located in the dynamic, urban landscape of midtown Toronto, Glendon offers an intimate and welcoming environment on its picturesque, ivy-lined campus. With a focus on bilingual and trilingual programming, Glendon reflects Canada’s cultural diversity while offering a window into the rest of the world. Small classes combined with flexible learning paths provide a uniquely community-driven university experience. Being part of a thriving international network makes Glendon a rewarding experience for those looking for a warm campus environment with large-scale impact.

Keele Campus

Keele Campus offers a vibrant and welcoming, large-scale campus experience for over 52,000 students, as well as faculty, staff, partners, and the surrounding community. United by a shared ambition to promote and work towards positive change, our campus provides a unique opportunity to engage with diverse cultures and perspectives. As a thriving community hub, the Keele Campus experience is enhanced by its proximity and access to economic and cultural centers throughout the GTA and surrounding communities.

With ten unique Faculties, a range of purposeful cutting-edge research and innovation opportunities, and state-of-the-art academic, arts, technology, and athletic facilities, Keele Campus is a meeting place for a network of micro-communities. This campus offers unparalleled opportunities and experiences to curate your education, scholarship, personal growth, and contribution to positive action.

Markham Campus

Markham Campus will embed York University in the heart of one of the most diverse and dynamic urban communities in the province and country. Reflecting the local economy, academic programs, and research will revolve around the core themes of technology and entrepreneurship and how they are driving innovation across all areas of knowledge and society.

Challenging the traditions of what a university campus can offer, Markham Campus will act as a unique meeting place for students to interact directly with employers, start-up companies, and community partners from across the region.

Markham Campus’s structure will be designed to facilitate flexible movement and collaboration between practices and Faculties. This fluidity works to promote unexpected connections between the many individuals that access our campus and work together to create positive change.

Why Study at York University?

Why Study in Canada?

York University has many courses for international students where they can obtain certificates, diplomas, and degrees. If you are interested in these courses you can apply under the three different levels:

  • Level 1: Undergraduate Certificate (178 programs)
  • Level 2: Postgraduate Graduate Diploma (92 programs)
  • Level 3: Doctorate (41 programs)

The university is known to emphasize its student’s placements as much as it does its education. You’ll have the option of receiving a one-year paid internship in your respective field of study. You’ll be ahead of other graduates when applying for a job because you’ll have professional experience in the workplace.

The university has housing options that can house over 4,000 students across 10 residencies at the Keele and Glendon campuses. Options include single and double rooms in campus dormitories.

Getting into York University


Applying to York University can be your first step towards an enriching educational experience. With a diverse range of programs and a welcoming community, York University provides a supportive environment for academic and personal growth.

Yearly Tuition Range

Program NameDomestic Tuition and Ancillary Fees in CAD Books and Fees in CAD International Tuition and Ancillary Fees in CAD Books and Fees in CAD
Most programs (Arts and Sciences) 7,199 1,407 35,148 1,407
Business 9,781 2,552 36,722 2,552
Commerce 9,879 1,658 37,442 1,658
Computer Science 9,729 1,620 32,397 1,620
Design 10,096 2,332 32,818 2,332
Engineering 12,824 2,024 40,387 2,024

Fees listed are approximate values based on a full courseload. Tuition fees are based on an average for the current academic year and are subject to change. For detailed fees, visit the Course and Program Fees page.

Application Deadlines:

Deadlines for most programs (exceptions noted below)

  • Classes Begin Fall 2024 (September): Ontario High School students - January 15, 2024, Out-of-Province High School students - February 1, 2024
  • Classes Begin Summer 2024 (May): April 1, 2024 for all students
  • Classes Begin Winter 2024 (January): November 1, 2023 for all students

Life at York University

Life at York University

  • A Thousand Words - communities discuss, learn and know they are not alone while creating beautiful art.
  • Astronomy Club - open to all members of the York community and offers a variety of fun and interactive ways to learn all about Astronomy.
  • Badminton Club - get a good work-out or get to know other badminton players on campus
  • Baseball Club - provide student/athletes with the opportunity for personal growth through the sport of baseball.
  • Botanix - teach members how to plant and grow houseplants, along with preparing an environment where people can make new friends and socialize.
  • Boxing YU - for boxing enthusiasts and provide a physical platform to engage in the sport of boxing for recreational and competitive purposes.
  • Comedy Club - to create an environment where students can de-stress from their daily lives in a safe and friendly setting.
  • Dance Students' Association - to represent the interests of Dance Students and to foster a sense of community.

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What Makes York University Unique for International Students?

York University's Global Leadership Program allows international students to engage in immersive experiences, fostering cross-cultural understanding and leadership skills through collaborative projects and international partnerships.

Are There Any Famous Alumni from York University?

York University counts award-winning actor Rachel McAdams and acclaimed musician k-os among its esteemed alumni, showcasing the university's contribution to the entertainment industry.

Does York University Have a Unique Tradition or Event?

Absolutely! Every year, York hosts the "LUMINATO" festival, a vibrant celebration of arts, culture, and creativity that brings together artists and performers from around the world for an immersive experience.

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