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Northwest Territories PNP

Updated: March 15th, 2023

The Northwest Territories is a territory, much like any province of Canada. It is in northern Canada, lying east of the Yukon, southwest of Nunavut (Canada's two other territories) and north of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Its capital has been the fascinating city of Yellowknife since 1967. According to the Northwest Territories Bureau of Statistics (NWTBS), the territory has an area of 1,140,835 square kilometres and an estimated population of 45,602 in October of 2022. 

There are many reasons to consider immigrating here. To begin with, there are excellent employment prospects. The Northwest Territories boasts the highest median household income in Canada, and its capital, Yellowknife, has the highest rate of employment in the country. According to the NWTBS, the Northwest Territories welcomed 346 permanent new residents between June 2021 and July 2022. It is a place where newcomers can expect a friendly welcome while continuing to practice their traditions and practices. As a result, there are many thriving cultural communities here.

The Northwest Territories (NWT) in northern Canada is a great place to establish a steady, quiet, peaceful life for yourself and safely raise your family. The vast natural resources and relatively low population give the Northwest Territories the highest per capita GDP of all provinces or territories in Canada. In addition, the territory enjoys enormous geological resources, including diamonds, gold, and natural gas; for this reason, it is perfect for Canadian immigration.

Make sure you choose the right immigration stream to enjoy becoming a permanent resident in the vast and majestic Northwest Territories.

If You Have a Job Offer in the Northwest Territories:

The Employer-Driven Stream

The Employer-Driven Stream

The Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program's (NWT PNP) Employer-driven stream is designed to help employers in the Northwest Territories fill positions they cannot fill with Canadian citizens or permanent residents. In addition, the program enables employers to recruit and nominate foreign workers for permanent residency in Canada.

To be eligible for the Employer-driven stream, the employer must have a valid job offer for a foreign worker in a skilled or semi-skilled position. In addition, the job offer must meet the following criteria:

The Job Must:
Be for a permanent full-time position (minimum 30 hours per week)
Be in an occupation that falls into a high-skill level category.
Not conflict with existing collective bargaining agreements
Comply with the NWT Employment Standards Act
Provide a comparable industry rate of pay.

Once the employer has made a job offer to a foreign worker, they can apply to the NWT PNP for nomination. The foreign worker must also meet specific eligibility criteria, including education, work experience, and language proficiency. These criteria differ based on your chosen immigration program.

The foreign worker can apply for permanent residency in Canada if the nomination is approved. The Employer-driven stream is an excellent option for employers who need help filling positions with Canadian citizens or permanent residents and for foreign workers looking for a pathway to permanent residency in Canada.

Skilled Workers Program

The Skilled Workers category was created to help employers fill positions requiring formal education, specialized training, or both. Applicants must possess a job offer in an occupation that falls into a high-skill level category.

The employer and the employee have a set of requirements. The Employee requirements are as follows:

The Employee Must:
Have the required certification or accreditation for the specific trade or occupation
If applicable, meet the job's territorial certification, licensing, or registration requirements.
Have the required work experience in the particular occupation
Provide proof of sufficient financial or settlement support for living in the NWT.
Be able to communicate in either English or French.
Not be a refugee claimant.

Entry Level/Semi-Skilled Occupations

When an employer in the NWT cannot fill an entry-level or semi-skilled position with a Canadian, they may hire a foreign national, who will be eligible for permanent residency after they have accumulated six months of experience in the position, and if they meet the following criteria:

The Employee Must:
Have a temporary work permit and have worked in the same position for six months.
Provide proof of sufficient financial or settlement supports in the NWT.
Have the required work experience for the specific occupation
Be able to conduct essential communications in either English or French.
Not be a refugee claimant.

NWT Express Entry

The Northwest Territories Express Entry stream is for foreign nationals accepted into Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada's (IRCC) Express Entry Pool. Only candidates accepted into the Express Entry Pool and issued an Express Entry Profile Number and a Job Seeker Validation Code are eligible for this stream.

Candidates for the Northwest Territories Express Entry Stream Must:
Meet all the Skilled Worker Stream requirements under the Northwest Territories Nominee Program.
Be eligible for one of the Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades, or Canadian Experience Class.
Meet the criteria for the Express Entry Pool.
Have expressed interest in immigrating to the Northwest Territories
Provide the Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code issued by IRCC.

Once you meet the above eligibility criteria, you can apply to the Northwest Territories Express Entry System. Here's a handy guide to the Express Entry system to get you started.

If You Want to Start a Business in the Northwest Territories:

Business Stream

Business Stream

The Business Stream targets individuals who want to start their own business or operate and invest in an already established company in the Northwest Territories. The program is designed to improve the territory's economy by attracting and retaining international business experts. If that describes you, you can apply to this program for immigration.

To apply for this stream, applicants must:
Invest a minimum of $300,000 in starting or investing in an existing business within Yellowknife or $150,000 outside;
Provide proof you have a net worth of at least $500,000 if you are planning to open a business inside Yellowknife or $250,000 outside;
If you are accepted, provide a good faith deposit of $75,000 to the Department of Industry, Tourism, and Investment;
Attain a minimum score of 4 for the Canadian Language Benchmark;
Demonstrate a knowledge of the NWT and its economy;
Make at least one exploratory visit to the NWT to learn about the region's business environment;
Submit and business plan validated by a third-party professional; and
Plan to settle, live and work full-time in the NWT.

If You Speak French:

The Francophone Stream:

The Francophone Stream:

The Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP) Francophone Stream is a permanent residency program designed for French-speaking individuals who have received a valid full-time job offer from an employer in the Northwest Territories (NWT). The program is part of the NTNP and is specifically designed to attract and retain French-speaking individuals to the NWT.

The Applicant Must:
Have the required certification or accreditation for the specific trade or occupation
Have a valid, full-time permanent job offer under a Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) code.
Have the required qualifications and work experience in the particular occupation
Have a valid work permit.
Provide proof of sufficient financial or settlement support for living in the NWT.
Achieve a CLB level of 4 in English and 5 in French.
Not be a refugee claimant.

The Francophone Stream is an excellent option for French-speaking individuals interested in living and working in the NWT and contributing to the growth and development of the region. The program provides a pathway to permanent residency in Canada for eligible candidates, allowing them to settle in the NWT and become a part of the vibrant Francophone community in the region.

If You're a Refugee:

The Northwest Territories Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (NTEMP)

The NTEMP is designed to help eligible foreign workers, and international graduates in the Northwest Territories (NWT) gain permanent residency and contribute to the region's economic growth.

The NTEMP was launched in 2018 and will run until 2024. The program provides eligible candidates with a pathway to permanent residency by offering them a two-year open work permit, which allows them to work for any employer in the NWT. After working for at least six months, candidates can apply for permanent residency through the program.

To be eligible for the NTEMP, candidates must:

To be eligible for these, candidates generally need a job offer from a qualified employer in the Northwest Territories, meet the language requirements for their occupation, relevant education or job training, and work experience for that job, and meet the other eligibility criteria specified by the program.

The NTEMP is an excellent option for eligible foreign workers and international graduates interested in living and working in the Northwest Territories and contributing to the region's economic growth. The program provides a pathway to permanent residency, which allows candidates to settle in the Northwest Territories and become a part of the community.

If you want to know which of these programs you're most eligible for, you could massively benefit from a complete eligibility evaluation. Our certified immigration experts will thoroughly evaluate you based on the Canadian government's eligibility criteria to ensure you know which program is best for you. On top of this, they create a tailored immigration strategy to give you the best possible chance of getting permanent residency in Canada.

Why the Northwest Territories?

Why the Northwest Territories

Canada's Northwest Territories is a unique and beautiful region that offers a variety of benefits for those looking to relocate. Here are some reasons why you should consider moving to the Northwest Territories:

Spectacular Natural Beauty

The Northwest Territories is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, with vast boreal forests, pristine lakes and rivers, and the rugged Canadian Shield. You'll be surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty every day.

Friendly People

The Northwest Territories are known for their warmth, generosity, and hospitality. You'll feel welcome and at home in this close-knit community.

Diverse Culture

The Northwest Territories is home to a rich and diverse Indigenous culture, with many Indigenous languages still spoken in the region. You'll be able to learn about and experience this unique culture firsthand. Here's a breakdown of the demographics of the Northwest Territories to give you an idea.

Outdoor Activities

The Northwest Territories is perfect if you love the outdoors. You can go hiking, fishing, canoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, and more, all in some of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the world. Here are some of the fantastic outdoor activities you can look forward to.

Affordable Living

Compared to other parts of Canada, the cost of living in the Northwest Territories is relatively low. Housing, food, and other essentials are affordable, so you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank. Here's a breakdown of the cost of living in the Northwest Territories to demonstrate.

Career Opportunities

The Northwest Territories has a growing economy and a range of job opportunities in industries like mining, tourism, and government. So if you're looking for a new career path, this could be the perfect place to make a fresh start. Here are the occupations in demand in the Northwest territories to get you started.

Overall, the Northwest Territories offers a unique blend of natural beauty, culture, and opportunity that is hard to find anywhere else. So if you're looking for a new adventure and a chance to experience life in an exceptional part of the world, the Northwest Territories could be the perfect place.


What are the Best Places to Live in the Northwest Territories?

While you may think that the Northwest Territories are all barren lands and frozen villages, the province is home to some of the most beautiful places in the country.


The capital of Northwest Territories holds almost half of the province's population. Enjoy the splendour of the province's second-largest lake just south of the city. Discover a place with multiple ethnicities and various languages spoken. Tourists flock here every year to watch the Aurora Borealis. So have the lovely dancing lights in your backyard.

Fort Smith

Have the biggest national park in the country at the tip of your fingers. With only 2,500 inhabitants, this remote, quiet, safe town is perfect for nature lovers and animal enthusiasts.

Hay River

Flock to this transit town on the banks of its namesake, The Hay River. Step into the past as this town retains its old-world charm and rich history. However, Hay River's 'new town' isn't left in the present. Find shops, restaurants and an airport because the town has moved.


Meaning "place of man," this region still celebrates ingenious roots. Two powerful tribes inhabit the area. Enjoy the view of grand mountains in an arctic setting while remaining in a modern and comfortable town. Its economic growth surrounds transport, construction and petroleum exploration industries.

Learn more about life in the Northwest Territories here.

What Jobs can I Get in the Northwest Territories?

Although the population is lower in this region than in many parts of Canada, various jobs are available for those who love the outdoors and thrive on living a quiet lifestyle. A significant portion of the economy of this region is in mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction. Find occupations in these industries as a diamond cleaner, administrator or general labourer. These industries also require maintenance as well as equipment operators and technicians. While these skills are specific, the average annual salary is high, at $72,859, according to, as an incentive to attract people to join the community. Here is a breakdown of the jobs in demand in the Northwest Territories to get you started. 

Get to the Great White North the Right Way

Get to the Great White North the Right Way

Now that you know what opportunities you have to move to the whitest and most northern parts of the Great White North, it's time to get your immigration process underway. One of the best ways to maximize your chances of success is to utilize the services of an RCIC. An RCIC is an immigration professional certified by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). As a result, an RCIC can:

  • Create your Express Entry or PNP profiles.
  • Ensure your eligibility for your program.
  • Fill out your application forms.
  • Represent you with Canadian immigration authorities.
  • Curate your CV to Canadian Standards
  • Provide you with the support and advice you need throughout your application process.

Get in touch to schedule a consultation with an RCIC and start your Canadian journey the right way today!

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