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In-Demand Jobs in Alberta (2024)

Updated: May 24th, 2024

Alberta's economy is changing, calling for a skilled workforce to drive innovation and maintain competitiveness. As Alberta creates a path toward economic diversification, a demand for skilled immigrants is rising to address skill shortages across sectors like energy, technology, agriculture, and tourism. Immigrant workers have enriched Alberta's multicultural communities, improving creativity and attracting further talent.

Want to know more about the most in-demand jobs in Alberta? Then, join us as we look deeper into crucial jobs and industries shaping the province's economic development and career prospects for newcomers.

Why Alberta Needs You

Why Alberta Needs You

Alberta's economy - while robust in traditional sectors like energy - is undergoing a period of diversification. The province requires a skilled and adaptable workforce to remain competitive and create innovation. Here's why your talents and skills are crucial to Alberta's future success:

Filling Skill Shortages

A report by the Conference Board of Canada identified skills shortages across various industries in Alberta. Your expertise in data analysis, renewable energy, or advanced manufacturing can help bridge these gaps and propel Alberta's economic diversification efforts.

Boosting Innovation

Alberta has created a growing environment for immigrant entrepreneurship and technological advancements. Your fresh perspectives and knowledge can contribute to developing new technologies, streamlining processes, and driving creative solutions in sectors like clean energy and artificial intelligence. This creates a constantly changing and competitive economy that benefits all Albertans.

Learn more about the Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway.

Enriching Communities

Alberta prides itself on its multicultural communities. Your arrival adds to the province's vibrant tapestry, creating cultural exchange and improving the social fabric. This diversity drives creativity, broadens perspectives, and attracts further global talent, creating a changeable and welcoming environment for everyone.

Building a Sustainable Future

Alberta is committed to changing towards a more sustainable future. Your expertise in renewable energy, environmental science, or sustainable practices can be invaluable in developing solutions for responsible resource development and environmental protection. Your contribution can ensure Alberta's economic prosperity goes hand-in-hand with environmental conservation.

The Top Sectors in Alberta


Undoubtedly, the energy sector remains a cornerstone of Alberta's economy. The province boasts vast oil and natural gas reserves, and the industry remains a major employer. The province also recognizes the need for a sustainable future and actively invests in renewable energy sources like wind and solar power.

Energy companies embrace technological advancements in carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) to reduce emissions and ensure responsible resource development. This focus on innovation ensures the energy sector remains a driver of Alberta's economy while changing towards a more sustainable future.

Technology and Innovation

Alberta's major cities, Calgary and Edmonton, are rapidly transforming into tech hubs. A highly educated workforce, government support programs, and a growing venture capital scene are attracting tech giants and fostering a vibrant startup ecosystem.

The tech sector in Alberta is wider than traditional IT fields. There's a strong emphasis on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT), with applications across various industries, from healthcare to agriculture.

Agriculture and Agri-Food

Alberta's vast fertile land and diverse climate make it a leader in agricultural production. The province is a major wheat, canola, cattle, and hog producer, contributing significantly to Canada's food security and exporting agricultural products worldwide.

The agri-food sector in Alberta is moving beyond just primary production. There's a growing focus on value-added products like biofuels, organic food, and specialty crops. This diversification strengthens the sector's resilience and creates new economic opportunities.

Learn more about the Agri-food Immigration Pilot.


Alberta boasts breathtaking scenery, from the majestic Canadian Rockies to pristine lakes and expansive prairies. This natural beauty attracts millions of tourists annually, generating revenue for the tourism industry.

Alberta offers diverse tourism experiences beyond stunning landscapes, from winter sports to cultural festivals and historical sites. This variety caters to a wider range of tourists and extends the tourism season beyond the summer months.

The Top In-demand Jobs in Each Sector in Alberta in 2024

Top in-demand jobs in each sector in Alberta

Alberta's economy is transforming, with established sectors like energy looking for sustainability while new industries like technology are rising. This creates a diverse range of job opportunities. We take a look at the breakdown of some of the most in-demand jobs in each of Alberta's top sectors for 2024, with National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes and annual average salaries from Canada's Job Bank.

Energy Sector

Here are the most in-demand jobs in Alberta's energy sector.

Occupations NOC Code Annual Average Salary (CAD)
Petroleum Engineer 21332 167,228.95
Chemical Engineer 21320 167,228.95
Power Systems Engineer 92100 147,141.64
Oil and Gas Drilling Supervisor 82021 128,450.09
Geologist 21102 123,481.86

Technology and Innovation Sector

The most in-demand jobs in Alberta's Technology and Innovation sector include the following.

Occupations NOC Code Annual Average Salaries (CAD)
Software Engineer 21231 141,508.15
IT Project Manager 21222 128,663.70
Data Scientist 21211 115,452.93
Web Developer 21234 96,528.41
Network Administrator 22220 96,504.11

Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector

Alberta's Agriculture and Agri-food sector has the following in-demand jobs.

Occupations NOC Code Annual Average Salaries (CAD)
Agronomist 21112 96,522.39
Agricultural Consultant 21112 96,520.63
Food Processing Technician 22100 78,500.94
Agricultural Manager 80020 77,205.54
Farm Supervisor 82030 58,882.82


The most in-demand Tourism jobs in Alberta are outlined below.

Occupations NOC Code Annual Average Salaries (CAD)
Hotel Manager 60031 92,804.12
Event Coordinator 12103 72,270.29
Travel Counsellor 64310 64,611.69
Tour Guide 64320 48,180.19
Food and Beverage Server 65200 45,500.53

Benefits of Working in Alberta

Alberta is a land of opportunity, attracting professionals seeking a fulfilling career, a high quality of life, and a fulfilling work environment. Beyond the breathtaking landscapes, working in Alberta offers the following compelling benefits.

Competitive Wages in Alberta

While salaries vary depending on experience and industry, Alberta offers competitive wages across various sectors. Compared to other major Canadian cities, Alberta's overall cost of living, particularly housing, can be more affordable. This allows professionals to enjoy a higher standard of living and save for their future. Alberta's competitive salary is highlighted below, with figures from Numbeo.

Canadian Cities Average Monthly Net Salary After Tax (CAD)
Calgary, Alberta 4,931.99
Edmonton, Alberta 4,402.86
London, Ontario 3,797.16
Hamilton, Ontario 3,723.89
Montreal, Quebec 3,739.30
Quebec City, Quebec 3,609.30

Cultural Diversity in Alberta

Alberta's major cities, Calgary and Edmonton, are vibrant multicultural hubs. The province welcomes newcomers and fosters a sense of belonging for people from all backgrounds. This cultural diversity enriches the social fabric, provides a wider range of perspectives, and creates a welcoming environment for new arrivals.

Learn more about Alberta's cultural diversity via its demographics.

Career Growth Opportunities in Alberta

Alberta's economic growth translates to many career growth opportunities. The demand for skilled professionals across various sectors creates opportunities in Alberta for skilled immigrants to find fulfilling roles, advance their careers, and acquire new skills. Many employers invest in employee development programs, further enhancing career progression.

Learn more about career opportunities by improving your job skills in Canada.

Strong Social Services in Alberta

Alberta offers a robust social safety net, providing residents access to healthcare, education, and social programs. These social services in Alberta create a sense of security and well-being, allowing individuals to focus on building their careers and families.

Learn more about accessing social services in Alberta using a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Entrepreneurial Spirit in Alberta

Alberta creates a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Government programs, incubators, and a supportive business environment make it easier for individuals to launch and grow their businesses. This entrepreneurial spirit creates a dynamic and exciting environment for those seeking to build their ventures.

Natural Beauty in Alberta

Natural beauty in Alberta is among its crowning achievements along with the economic and social benefits; Alberta has breathtaking natural beauty. Alberta's natural beauty offers endless outdoor recreation opportunities, from the majestic Canadian Rockies to pristine lakes and vast prairies. Whether you enjoy hiking, skiing, camping, or simply exploring nature, Alberta's landscapes provide a perfect escape and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. You can explore Alberta's natural beauty through its prominent national parks, such as

Learn more about Alberta's natural beauty through the things to do in Alberta.



What Types of Skills and Qualifications Are Employers Seeking in Alberta?

In Alberta, employers seek candidates with diverse skills and qualifications tailored to specific industries, including technical expertise, communication skills, and adaptability to new technologies and processes.

Are There Specific Regions in Alberta With Higher Demand for Certain Professions?

While demand for certain professions may vary across Alberta, regions like Calgary and Edmonton often exhibit higher demand for professionals in energy, technology, and finance sectors, driven by their status as major economic hubs.

What Are the Current Economic Factors Influencing Job Growth And Employment Trends in Alberta?

Economic factors influencing job growth and employment trends in Alberta include the state of the energy sector, global market conditions, government policies, and investments in infrastructure and innovation, all of which contribute to shaping the province's job market dynamics.

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