Best Provinces in Canada for Tech Jobs

Canada has emerged as a global powerhouse for technology, offering a dynamic landscape for tech professionals seeking rewarding career opportunities. With its vibrant cities, robust tech ecosystems, and a welcoming environment for foreign talent, Canada stands as an attractive destination for individuals aspiring to thrive in the ever-evolving world of technology.

From the bustling tech hubs of Ontario and British Columbia to the burgeoning tech scenes in Alberta and Quebec, various provinces in Canada have been actively fostering a conducive environment for tech innovation and growth, propelling the country to the forefront of the global tech industry.

Through targeted immigration programs, strategic initiatives, and a commitment to nurturing tech talent, these provinces continue to pave the way for a prosperous future, solidifying Canada's position as a top destination for tech professionals worldwide.

Top Provinces for Tech Careers in Canada

Top Provinces for Tech Careers in Canada

Canada is quickly becoming a hub for technological innovation, with several provinces leading the charge in fostering a thriving tech ecosystem. Boasting vibrant cities and a conducive environment for tech professionals, these provinces offer ample opportunities and an exciting technological landscape.

According to Indeed, a leading job search platform, the demand for tech professionals is significant across the country, with the following provinces leading the way in job availability.


Ontario, with a staggering 5016 tech job opportunities, is a powerhouse for tech careers in Canada. Toronto, the provincial capital, serves as the epicenter of the tech scene, with its vibrant and diverse community of tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

The city is home to many tech companies, including innovative startups and industry giants, making it an ideal place for tech professionals to thrive. Additionally, Ottawa, known for its strong presence in the telecommunications and software sectors, provides a conducive environment for tech experts to push boundaries and develop cutting-edge solutions.


With 2000 tech job opportunities, Alberta is making its mark as a province that values technological advancement.

Calgary, often referred to as the "Houston of the North," is a key player in the technology industry, with a strong emphasis on the energy and software sectors.The city's dynamic tech community fosters innovation and collaboration, providing ample opportunities for tech enthusiasts to contribute to groundbreaking projects.

Edmonton, known for its burgeoning tech startup scene, is another hotspot for tech professionals, offering a supportive ecosystem and numerous opportunities for growth in various tech domains.

British Columbia

British Columbia, with 2191 tech job openings, stands out as a province that embraces technological advancement and innovation.

Vancouver, the bustling tech hub of the province, hosts a thriving tech community that spans diverse sectors such as software development, gaming, and biotechnology. The city's vibrant atmosphere and stunning natural landscapes attract top-tier tech talent from around the world.

Victoria, another tech-savvy city in British Columbia, has a burgeoning tech scene focused on fields such as cybersecurity, clean tech, and digital media, providing an ideal environment for tech professionals to contribute to groundbreaking advancements.


Quebec, with 1956 tech job opportunities, boasts a rich cultural heritage and a growing tech sector that values innovation and creativity.

Montreal, the cultural and economic hub of the province, is a hotbed for tech talent, with a strong emphasis on artificial intelligence, video gaming, and aerospace technology.

The city's dynamic and diverse tech community fosters collaboration and creativity, providing an ideal environment for tech professionals to engage in groundbreaking research and development.

Quebec City, known for its strong presence in the telecommunications and software development sectors, offers numerous opportunities for tech enthusiasts to contribute to the province's thriving tech ecosystem.

Nova Scotia

Although comparatively smaller, Nova Scotia, with 300 tech job openings, is quickly gaining recognition for its nurturing environment for tech talent.

Halifax, the provincial capital, has a burgeoning tech scene with a focus on ocean technology, cybersecurity, and ICT, offering ample opportunities for tech professionals to make a significant impact.The city's collaborative tech community and supportive infrastructure create an environment that encourages innovation and fosters the growth of tech startups and established companies alike.

Jobs for I.T. Professionals in Canada

The Canadian job market for I.T. professionals are robust and diverse, with numerous opportunities available in various sectors. Below is a stable table showcasing five of the current job openings available across different provinces in Canada, along with their respective NOCs:

Job Title Company Location Salary in CAD NOC
Programmer Analyst Groupe Promutuel Quebec City, QC 74,000–115,000 a year 21230
Software Engineer HB Studios Multimedia Limited Lunenburg, NS 78,000–120,000 a year 21232
Computer Programmer Stratus Canada Inc. Toronto, ON 90,000 a year 21230
Systems Specialist - Computer Systems Province of BC Vancouver, BC 73,855.42–84,134.34 a year 21222
Information Technology (IT) Specialist SAYSI Technology Inc. Bedford, NS 48,500–58,200 a year 21222

Best IT Jobs with Average Salary

For aspiring professionals in the field of Information Technology, several high-paying job opportunities await. Below is a table outlining some of the best IT jobs in Canada, along with their corresponding average salaries based on Indeed and

IT Job Title Average Salary in CAD
IT Cloud Systems Engineers 110,000
IT Project Manager 105,000
Data Scientists 120,000
Developers (Web, Software, Mobile) 100,000
DevOps Engineers 115,000
Full-Stack Developers 105,000
IoT Specialists 112,000
Security Professionals (Data, Information, Network, Systems, Cloud) 110,000

In-demand NOCs for IT Professionals

NOCs (National Occupational Classifications) In-demand for IT Professionals

For IT professionals looking for job opportunities in Canada, the following National Occupational Classifications (NOCs) are in high demand:

  • Software Engineering Manager (NOC 20012)
  • Mobile Applications Developer (NOC 21232)
  • Information Systems Security Manager (NOC 21222)
  • Database Manager (NOC 21223)
  • Data Security Analyst
  • Product Manager (NOC 60010)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer (NOC 21211)
  • Full-Stack Web Developer (NOC 21234)
  • Cloud Architect (NOC 21231)
  • DevOps Engineer (NOC 21231)
  • Blockchain Engineer
  • Software Architect (NOC 21231)
  • Big Data Engineer (NOC 21211)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect
  • Data Scientist (NOC 21211)
  • Cyber Security Engineer (NOC 21220)
  • IT Systems Security Manager (NOC 21222)
  • Applications Architect (NOC 21231)
  • Data Architect (NOC 21211)
  • Site Reliability Engineer (NOC 21231)
  • IT Security Specialist (NOC 21220)
  • User Interface Designer (NOC 52120)
  • Web Application Developer (NOC 21234)
  • Business Intelligence Analyst (NOC 21221)
  • Software Test Engineer (NOC 21231)
  • Information Technology Manager (NOC 20012)
  • User Experience Designer (NOC 52120)
  • Business Intelligence Developer (NOC 21221)
  • Hardware Design Engineer (NOC 21311)
  • Solutions Engineer Manager (NOC 20012)
  • Network Security Engineer (NOC 22220)
  • Data Warehouse Analyst (NOC 21223)
  • Cloud Engineer (NOC 21231)
  • Enterprise Architect (NOC 21222)
  • Computer Programmer (NOC 21230)
  • Computer Systems Analyst (NOC 21222)
  • Network and Computer System Administrators (NOC 22220)

Best Companies for IT Jobs for Foreigners

Canada's flourishing tech industry attracts numerous foreign professionals seeking rewarding opportunities. Several prominent companies in Canada offer a wealth of IT job positions, catering to individuals with diverse skill sets and experiences. These companies are renowned for their cutting-edge technologies, global presence, and welcoming work culture, making them highly desirable for foreign IT professionals looking to establish careers in the country.


IBM is a global technology and consulting company offering diverse IT job roles in various provinces across Canada. With its reputation for innovation and a supportive work environment, IBM provides ample opportunities for foreign professionals to contribute to groundbreaking projects and advance their careers.


Amazon, a renowned commercial website, offers extensive job opportunities across Canada, particularly in the IT sector. The company's vast scale and global reach provide foreign IT professionals with a dynamic and challenging work environment conducive to professional growth and development.


Oracle Corporation is the sole provider of a complete collection of integrated cloud apps and infrastructure platforms in Canada. Foreign professionals with cloud technologies and data management expertise can find rewarding opportunities in Oracle, contributing to the company's cutting-edge IT solutions and services.


SAP, with its global presence and a diverse range of clients, offers numerous IT job openings across Canada. The company's emphasis on innovation and technological advancement provides a conducive environment for foreign professionals to thrive and contribute to SAP's expansive IT projects.


Sage, an industry leader in integrated accounting, payment systems, and payroll, welcomes foreign IT professionals to join its team in Canada. With its focus on fostering business aspirations globally, Sage offers a collaborative and supportive work environment for professionals seeking to make a significant impact in the IT sector.

Tech Talent Report Per City in Canada

Canada has been attracting top tech talent and the world’s biggest tech firms at a record pace. Home-grown firms and international companies have been setting up and expanding in Canada’s largest cities and smaller markets where the tech industry is being properly nurtured.

Global brokerage house CBRE ranks Canada’s top 10 tech cities in its 2020 Canadian Tech Talent Report. Here are the top 10 tech cities in Canada and their total score in CBRE’s rankings, which assessed markets based on talent availability, quality of labor, and cost competitiveness.

Top 10 Tech Cities in Canada

  • Toronto, ON – 87.6
  • Ottawa, ON – 76.4
  • Vancouver, BC – 72.8
  • Kitchener-Waterloo, ON – 69.9
  • Montreal, QC – 67.3
  • Calgary, AB – 59.5
  • Victoria, BC – 53.9
  • Halifax, NS – 52.6
  • Quebec City, QC – 48.4
  • Hamilton, ON – 45.4

Tech Immigration Pathways in Canada

Tech Immigration Pathways in Canada

Canada is actively seeking to attract skilled tech professionals from around the world, offering various immigration pathways tailored to meet the growing demand for tech talent. With a welcoming and inclusive environment, Canada provides numerous opportunities for foreign tech professionals to contribute to its thriving tech landscape while enjoying a high quality of life.

BC Tech

British Columbia's tech sector offers promising opportunities for skilled professionals. The province's Tech Pilot under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) facilitates the immigration process for tech workers by providing a fast-tracked application process.

Express Entry FSWP

The Express Entry system, particularly the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), is a popular pathway for skilled workers, including those in the tech industry. It allows candidates to immigrate to Canada based on their skills, work experience, language proficiency, and other factors.

Alberta Tech

Alberta's thriving tech sector provides ample opportunities for skilled tech professionals. The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) offers various streams specifically targeting tech workers to help them secure permanent residency in the province.

OINP Tech Pathway

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has pathways dedicated to tech professionals, such as the Human Capital Category and the Masters Graduate Stream, which provide opportunities for individuals with the required skills and work experience to settle and work in Ontario's dynamic tech industry.

Interested in learning more about the available Tech Immigration Pathways in Canada? Contact our team of RCICs today to explore your options and begin your journey to a rewarding career in Canada's flourishing tech sector.


What Makes Ontario and British Columbia Stand Out as Tech Hubs?

Both Ontario and British Columbia have established themselves as leading tech hubs in Canada, offering a diverse range of tech job opportunities, vibrant tech communities, and a supportive ecosystem for tech professionals. The presence of top tech companies, numerous tech-focused initiatives, and a high concentration of skilled talent contribute to their prominence in the tech industry.

What Technical Skills are in High Demand for Tech Professionals?

In the rapidly evolving tech industry, proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, and JavaScript is highly sought after. Additionally, expertise in data analysis, cloud computing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is increasingly valuable, reflecting the industry's focus on these cutting-edge technologies.

What Educational Background is Typically Required for Tech Jobs?

While specific educational requirements may vary depending on the job role, a bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field is often preferred by employers. Additionally, certifications and specialized training in specific programming languages, software development, or networking can significantly enhance one's qualifications for various tech roles.