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General Job Listing Websites

Updated: May 22nd, 2022

There are many job listing sites in Canada, however, finding a reputable and effective service is often more difficult. This is a list of our most trusted job sites.


A global recruitment website and one of the largest in the world, Monster is a great place to start your search. The website offers many quality job opportunities while also assisting in career-related queries and providing expert advice.

Canada Jobs

Find a job in various industries including aerospace, medical and even sports on this Canadian job site. You can also get helpful advice that will help you land that next dream job.


As a global website catering to every industry, Indeed is one of the best places to begin your job search.


This job website is dedicated to finding the right applicants for Canada’s Top 100 Employers. These highly ranked employers include Shell, L’Oréal and Siemens to name a few.

Canada's Job Bank 

This government website advertises the latest jobs but also provides information, news and resources for applicants from all over the world.

Wow Jobs

As one of the largest job search engines in Canada, wowjobs advertises over 100 000 jobs at any given time. Simple and easy to use, wowjobs is extremely useful in every industry.

Simply Hired

Get the latest job opportunities in Canada all in one place with Simply Hired. With many participating industries and opportunities for full-time and part-time work, you are sure to find a job that interests you.

Career Builder

Career Builder has offices all over the world and is growing quickly in the international market. Providing the latest job opportunities and industry news, Career Builder is a useful resource for all job-related information.

Now that you've explored Canada's biggest job listing sites, are you ready to apply for one? Check out the video below to learn how to apply for jobs in Canada in just five easy steps.

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