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Invitation to Apply (ITA)

Updated: November 10th, 2022

An Invitation to Apply (ITA) is the final step of the Express Entry program. It means you’re well on your way to living and working in Canada as a Canadian permanent resident.

An Invitation to Apply can also be referred to as the electronic Application for Permanent Residence (eAPR). The eAPR is important as it’s the supporting documents to your information listed on your Express Entry system.  

What is an Invitation to Apply (ITA)?

Immigration form being filled out | Invitation to Apply

As part of the Express Entry system, receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) means that your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score either met or exceeded the qualifying CRS score for a particular Express Entry Draw. An ITA is essentially an application for permanent residence in Canada.

Before thinking about an Invitation to Apply (ITA) you’ll first need to be eligible for and apply through the Express Entry system.

There are a few requirements when doing so, which we’ll further explain below.

How do I Receive an Invitation to Apply?

Step 1: Find Out if You’re Eligible

As there are three programs under the Express Entry system, each with different requirements, you are required to fill out a form that takes around 10 to 15 minutes. Based on the answers you provide, it’ll tell the government which program you’re eligible for.

Step 2: Create an Express Entry Online Profile

Once determined that you’ve met the basic requirements, you’ll need to create an online Express Entry profile. You’ll need the following to complete the profile:

  • Your passport;
  • Education credential assessment report;
  • Language test results;
  • Certificate of qualification in a trade occupation issued by a Canadian province or territory (if you have one);
  • Proof of work experience (if you have one);
  • Provincial Nomination (if you have one); and
  • Proof of funds.

After submitting your profile, you’ll be placed into a pool with other eligible candidates. According to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), you’ll be ranked based on factors such as work experience and education.

Step 3: Receive an Invitation to Apply

If your CRS score meets or exceeds the qualifying score for a particular Express Entry draw, you’ll receive an ITA and will be able to apply for Canadian permanent residency. These draws can happen as frequently as every two weeks. It’s important to complete the next phase within 60 days as that is the validity period of the invitation.

What Happens After I Get an Invitation to Apply?

As mentioned before you’ll have 60 days to complete your online form. It’s best to gather all documents that you’ll need so that when the time comes and you receive that ITA, you are ready to start filling out the online form right away. When you’ve been invited to apply for Canadian permanent residency, you’ll need to upload copies of the documents for your Express Entry online profile as well as the following:

  • Police certificates;
  • Medical exams;
  • Proof of funds;
  • Birth certificate, if you’re declaring dependent children;
  • Use of a representative for - required if you’ve hired a representative;
  • Common-law union form - required if you’ve declared your marital status as “common-law”;
  • Marriage certificate - required if you’ve declared your marital status as “married”;
  • Divorce certificate and legal separation agreement -required if you’ve declared your marital status as “divorced”;
  • Death certificate - required if you’ve declared your marital status as “widowed”; and
  • Adoption certificate - required when a dependent child is listed as “adopted”.

Depending on the program you’re applying for, you could be required to submit additional documents. Such as:

  • Proof of relationship to a relative in Canada;
  • Digital photos to confirm your identity;
  • Another name to confirm aliases; and
  • Authority to release personal information to a designated individual form.

If you are highly ranked within the Express Entry pool, you can receive an ITA anywhere between a few days to a few weeks.

What to do if I’m Not Invited to Apply?

woman working on a computer | Invitation to Apply

The great thing about the Express Entry system is that if you aren’t successful the first time around, your profile will remain in the pool for one year. During this time you can improve your CRS score to increase your chances of receiving an ITA with the next Express Entry draw.

How Can I improve My CRS Score to Receive an ITA?

To increase your chances of receiving an ITA, you need to improve your CRS score. There are several ways to improve your CRS score while waiting for the next draw. Here are just a few ways:

  1. Score higher than 8 on your Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) test;
  2. Get experience working in Canada;
  3. Get a Canadian job offer
  4. Secure a Provincial Nomination (PN).

Express Entry to Canada ITA Numbers

1. Most number of ITAs issued in one draw – 27,332 on February 13, 2021
2. Least number of ITAs issued in one draw – 250 on January 6, 2021 (this draw was for candidates invited under provincial nomination only)
3. Number of ITAs issued in 2015 – 31,063
4. Number of ITAs issued in 2016 – 33,782
5. Number of ITAs issued in 2017 – 86,022
6. Number of ITAs issued in 2018 – 89,800
7. Number of ITAs issued in 2019 – 85,300
8. Number of ITAs issued in 2020 – 107,950
9. Total number of ITAs issued to date in 2021 – 55,390
10. Total number of ITAs issued since the system was introduced – 471,903

Get Help With Your ITA

Invitation to Apply works alongside experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs), who have extensive knowledge of the Express Entry system. You won’t have to do much research to find out what to do next, or what documents you’ll need as you’ll have the constant support of the RCICs and the team. 

Missing deadlines or submitting documents incorrectly will also be something that you’ll never have to worry about as they can submit on your behalf. Increase your chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and gain Canadian permanent residency. Start your Canadian journey the simple way by clicking on the link below!


What if I’m Not Ready to Apply for Permanent Residency Within 60 Days of Receiving My ITA?

You will have to decline the ITA in your online account. Your profile will then become “active” in the pool for the remainder of the time it is valid, and you will be considered for future rounds of invitations if you consistently meet the requirements.

What Happens if I Don’t Respond to the ITA?

If you don’t respond to the ITA by applying for permanent residency within 60 days, it will expire, and you will be out of the Express Entry pool. Should you need to re-enter the pool, you’ll have to submit a new profile in your online account.

Does the IRCC Grant Extensions to the ITA Deadlines?

IRCC doesn’t grant extensions to their 60-day deadline for submitting an APR. You are responsible for checking your online profile regularly.

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