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In-demand Jobs in Nova Scotia in 2024

Updated: April 24th, 2024

Canada's vibrant landscape hosts many opportunities for foreign immigrant workers, including those looking for in-demand jobs in Nova Scotia. The province's strong demand for skilled professionals in fields ranging from biotechnology and information technology to environmental science and aerospace underscores its value as one of Canada's leading centers for technological innovation.

With a strong emphasis on research and development, in-demand jobs in Nova Scotia are at the forefront of domestic scientific advancement, offering rich ground for skilled foreign professionals and workers.

Ready to uncover the most in-demand jobs in Nova Scotia's labor market in 2024? Then, join us as we journey to where your skills and ambition can be used in Atlantic Canada's leading province.

Why Nova Scotia Needs You

Why Nova Scotia Needs You

Nova Scotia's charm goes beyond its iconic lighthouses. This maritime province has a thriving science and technology sector actively seeking your talents. Renowned institutions like Dalhousie University focus on ocean sciences and health research. Alternatively, the Nova Scotia Health Authority is a leader in healthcare innovation, creating a vibrant research ecosystem.

Your expertise in marine biology, genetics, or medical research could be instrumental in groundbreaking discoveries that address global challenges. The Nova Scotia government fosters scientific exploration through funding initiatives and business incubators. Organizations like Innovacorp Nova Scotia provide resources to bring your innovative ideas to life.

If you have a vision for disruptive technology or a groundbreaking research project, Nova Scotia offers fertile ground to make it a reality. Nova Scotia's science sector offers diverse jobs with competitive salaries and benefits. Whether an international science professional or a recent graduate, Nova Scotia offers a supportive network that embraces your talents and collaboration.

Nova Scotia's science sector tackles challenges with global implications. From sustainable fisheries management to climate change solutions and healthcare advancements, science professionals here make a real difference. By choosing Nova Scotia, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects with a positive impact on the world.

The Top Sectors in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has a flourishing economy with a strong focus on innovation and scientific advancement. Here's a breakdown of the top sectors in Nova Scotia that are moving the province forward.

Ocean Technology & Fisheries

Among the top sectors in Nova Scotia, ocean technology & fisheries offer exciting opportunities for professionals with varying skill sets. Oceanographers study the physical and chemical properties of the ocean, while marine biologists delve into the marine ecosystem and its inhabitants. Fisheries scientists play a crucial role in sustainable fisheries management, and specialists in naval architecture and oceanographic equipment design and develop innovative tools for ocean exploration and resource extraction.

Cutting-edge research is a cornerstone of Nova Scotia's ocean technology sector. Institutions like the Canadian Center for Marine Innovation (CCMI) are at the forefront, driving innovation in sustainable aquaculture practices, oceanographic mapping technologies, and ocean renewable energy. These advancements benefit the provincial economy and contribute to solutions for global challenges like food security and climate change.

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Information and Communications Technology

Nova Scotia's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector is experiencing exponential growth, transforming the provincial economy. The sector focuses on developing technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and cybersecurity. This focus on cutting-edge fields places Nova Scotia as a competitive labor market for tech jobs in Canada.

The rapid growth of the ICT sector has created a significant demand for skilled professionals. Software developers with expertise in various programming languages are in high demand, as are data analysts who can interpret and leverage the power of big data. Cybersecurity specialists are also crucial for protecting sensitive information in an increasingly digital world.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Nova Scotia's manufacturing sector is shedding its traditional image and embracing a new era of innovation. Automation, robotics, and advanced materials are transforming how goods are produced in the province. This shift towards advanced manufacturing techniques allows Nova Scotia to compete effectively in the domestic and global marketplace.

The province has a long and successful aerospace and defense manufacturing history. A skilled workforce and established companies like IMP Aerospace and Lockheed Martin Canada create a strong foundation for this subsector. Nova Scotia actively contributes to producing aircraft components and other critical defense technologies.

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Life Sciences & Health Research

Nova Scotia is home to world-class institutions like Dalhousie University, with its strong focus on medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, and the Nova Scotia Health Authority, a leader in healthcare innovation. These institutions attract renowned researchers and create a collaborative environment for groundbreaking discoveries in various fields.

The life sciences sector significantly contributes to Nova Scotia's economy. The presence of research institutions and a supportive environment attract investment in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. This sector is responsible for contributing towards:

  • Development of new drugs,
  • Designing Medical devices and diagnostic tools,
  • Improving healthcare outcomes, and
  • Innovating personalized medicine and gene therapy breakthroughs.

Nova Scotia has a growing aging population. This presents both challenges and opportunities. The life sciences sector is actively engaged in research on chronic diseases like Alzheimer's and diabetes, aiming to develop solutions that improve the quality of life for the elderly population.

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Energy & Clean Technology

Nova Scotia is committed to transitioning to a clean energy future. The province has abundant renewable energy resources like wind and solar power, which are harnessed to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and create a more sustainable energy grid. This commitment to clean energy aligns with global efforts to combat climate change. Research and development in Nova Scotia's energy sector are directed towards energy efficiency, clean energy solutions, and environmental sustainability practices.

This includes advancements in battery storage technologies for renewable energy sources, smart grid development to optimize energy distribution, and innovations in energy-efficient building design and materials. The energy and clean technology sector presents exciting career opportunities for engineers with expertise in renewable energy sources, environmental protection, and sustainable building technologies.

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The Top In-demand Jobs in Each Sector in Nova Scotia in 2024

Top in demand jobs in nova scotia in each major sector

Nova Scotia's economy is flourishing, driven by innovation and a focus on critical sectors. Here's a breakdown of the top in-demand jobs in each industry for 2024, with National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes and average annual salary from Canada's Job Bank.

Ocean Technology & Fisheries

The most in-demand jobs in the ocean technology and fisheries sectors are outlined below.

In-demand Jobs in Nova Scotia NOC Code Annual Average Salary (CAD)
Oceanographer 21102 128,240.39
Marine Biologist 21110 106,698.54
Fisheries Officer 22113 91,627.37
Marine Engineer 21399 75,944.91
Aquaculture Technician 22110 72,023.62

Information and Communications Technology

The most in-demand jobs in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector are outlined below.

In-demand Jobs in Nova Scotia NOC Code Annual Average Salary (CAD)
Software Developer 21232 118,042.95
Cybersecurity Analyst 21220 116,264.53
IT Business Analyst 21221 115,402.58
Database Administrator 21223 109,009.67
Network Administrator 22220 85,343.86

Advanced Manufacturing

The most in-demand occupations in the information and communications technology (ICT) field include the following.

In-demand Jobs in Nova Scotia NOC Code Annual Average Salary (CAD)
Industrial Engineer 21321 109,036.77
Automation Technician 22301 85,375.99
Production Supervisor 92024 80,040.28
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machinist 72100 76,969.82
Quality Control Technician 22100 71,502.65

Life Sciences & Health Research

The most in-demand jobs in the life sciences & health research field include the following.

In-demand Jobs in Nova Scotia NOC Code Annual Average Salary (CAD)
Research Scientist 21109 123,784.79
Biomedical Engineer 21399 117,438.75
Clinical Research Coordinator 21110 106,748.07
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative 62100 89,797.55
Laboratory Technician 33101 69,386.25

Energy & Clean Technology

The most in-demand jobs in the life energy & clean technology sector include the following.

In-demand Jobs in Nova Scotia NOC Code Annual Average Salary (CAD)
Environmental Engineer 21300 120,100.79
Renewable Energy Technician 92100 115,468.82
Sustainability Consultant 41400 106,759.38
Energy Efficiency Analyst 41400 106,759.38
Solar Energy Technician 73200 66,726.56

Benefits of Working in Nova Scotia

Benefits of working in Nova Scotia

Situated among the picturesque landscapes of Atlantic Canada, Nova Scotia provides exciting opportunities for professionals seeking a fulfilling career. The benefits of working in Nova Scotia extend far beyond the job market, as outlined below.

Diverse Job Opportunities in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia's economy is undergoing a dynamic transformation driven by innovation, focusing on key sectors like ocean technology, ICT, advanced manufacturing, life sciences, and clean energy. This diversification creates many job opportunities across various skill sets and educational backgrounds.

Whether you're a seasoned scientist, a tech wiz, or a skilled tradesperson, Nova Scotia offers a vibrant job market with the potential to find a position that aligns with your passions and career goals.

Learn more about Halifax, Nova Scotia's place among the top cities in Canada for job opportunities.

Lower Cost of Living in Nova Scotia

Compared to larger Canadian cities, the cost of living in Nova Scotia is significantly lower. Housing costs, transportation expenses, and everyday essentials are generally more affordable, allowing you to stretch your income further. This translates into a higher disposable income, enabling you to invest in your professional development, pursue hobbies, or enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle.

Learn more about the low cost of living in Nova Scotia.

Job Growth Potential in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia's key sectors are experiencing significant growth, creating a dynamic job market with ample opportunities for career advancement. Government initiatives and supportive programs foster innovation and business development, creating new jobs and a flourishing business environment. This positive outlook on job growth ensures that your skills and expertise will be valued in the future.

Learn more about job growth potential in Canada via the best career paths for millennials in Canada.

Nova Scotia's Proximity to Major Centers

Nova Scotia's location offers the best worlds: a peaceful, close-knit community and easy access to major centers. Halifax, the provincial capital, boasts international connections and a vibrant urban atmosphere. Major cities in the Northeastern United States, such as Boston and New York City, are also within easy reach, allowing weekend getaways or business travel without the hassle of long-distance journeys.

Learn more about the major cities in Nova Scotia.

Strong Community Focus in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is renowned for its warm and welcoming communities. Residents take pride in their friendly and inclusive nature, making newcomers feel at home. This strong sense of community fosters a supportive environment where collaboration and connection are valued. Whether relocating from another province or a different country, Nova Scotia's welcoming atmosphere allows you to build meaningful relationships and feel integrated into the local culture.

Learn more about Nova's welcoming communities and demographics.

Supportive Economic Ecosystem in Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia government actively creates a supportive economic ecosystem for businesses and professionals. Initiatives like Invest Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Co-operative Council, and Atlantic Canada Business Grants provide resources and funding for startups and established companies, encouraging innovation and business growth. Various programs and services are available to help newcomers integrate into the workforce and navigate career opportunities within the province.

Nova Scotia’s Stunning Natural Beauty

No exploration of the benefits of working in Nova Scotia is complete without mentioning its stunning natural beauty. The province boasts a rugged coastline with charming fishing villages, pristine beaches, and endless opportunities for outdoor exploration. Popular natural landmarks you can visit in Nova Scotia include:

  • Bay of Fundy,
  • Blomidon Provincial Park,
  • Sable Island,
  • Battery Provincial Park,
  • Point Pleasant Park, and
  • Halifax Public Gardens.

From scenic hiking trails to majestic mountains and tranquil harbors, Nova Scotia offers a breathtaking backdrop for daily life.


What Qualifications and Skills are Typically Required for the In-demand Jobs in Nova Scotia?

Typically, in-demand jobs in Nova Scotia require a combination of relevant education, such as degrees or certifications in engineering, healthcare, and technology. In-demand specific skills include communication, problem-solving, and technical expertise. Many positions may also require hands-on experience or training in specialized tools or software related to the industry.

Are There Specific Regions Within Nova Scotia Where In-demand Jobs Are More Prevalent?

While in-demand jobs can be found across Nova Scotia, certain regions may have higher concentrations based on industry clusters. For example, Halifax and Dartmouth are hubs for information technology and healthcare, while areas like Yarmouth and Digby may offer more fisheries and ocean technology opportunities.

What Are Some Strategies For Staying Competitive in the Job Market For In-demand Roles in Nova Scotia?

To stay competitive in Nova Scotia's job market for in-demand roles, individuals can focus on continuous learning and skill development, keeping up with industry trends and technological advancements through workshops, certifications, or online courses.

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