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Canadian IELTS Preparation Course

Updated: December 20th, 2022

To be allowed to work, study or live in Canada, you will likely need to prove your ability in one of Canada's official languages. As English in Canada is an official language, English language speakers can demonstrate their Canadian language skills via the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP). If you need clarification on how each test works and which one to take, this breakdown of CELPIP vs IELTS will give you a clear idea.

However, we at CanadianVisa have found over our collective years of immigration experience that our clients tend to prefer IELTS as it allows for a greater breadth of opportunity both within and outside Canada due to its international recognition and incredibly high standards.

As a result of this high demand, we have created an IELTS preparation course to help you get the most out of your IELTS exam.

What is IELTS?

What is IELTS?

IELTS is the most recognized English language testing system in the world. It's designed by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English to help foreign nationals effectively work, study, migrate to and assimilate into a country where English is the native language, including countries like Canada, Australia, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

The system is primarily designed to test applicants' ability to communicate and understand written and spoken English. However, it's widely accepted for immigration, academic and employment purposes.

Why Take IELTS?

Firstly, IELTS is a Canadian Language Benchmark test. You can enter your IELTS score as part of your immigration application to prove your English language ability. This is vital for immigration or visa programs like an Express Entry or a Student visa, as both require applicants to show a high English Language proficiency.

Secondly, IELTS is often a specific requirement for certain occupations in Canada. However, if your employer requires IELTS, they should inform you of this fact before you arrive in Canada.


Be sure to check with your employer once you receive your Canadian job offer whether or not you need to submit an IELTS score before you start your job, as you will likely need ample time to prepare.

Thirdly, IELTS is often a strict prerequisite for many Canadian universities or Colleges, as having a strong grasp of complicated English concepts is crucial to your success in the Canadian education system.

As a result, having a good IELTS score is essential to the success of your immigration and assimilation into Canada.

How the IELTS Works

How the IELTS works

There are two IELTS tests - the IELTS General Training and the IELTS Academic. IELTS Academic is not essential for immigration to Canada and is only required for certain professions and academic institutions.

The IELTS General Training is required for all immigration purposes. Therefore, you will not be allowed into Canada if you have completed an IELTS Academic test but not the IELTS General Training test. However, if you have completed your IELTS General Training, you do not need an IELTS Academic test to move to Canada.

How is The IELTS Test Structured?

The IELTS has four sections. Each is designed to test a different language skill, and each team is allotted additional time. They are as follows:

Listening section

How long is it?

This section of the IELTS is approximately 30 minutes

How is it structured?

Applicants must listen to 4 recordings and answer ten questions on each recording.

What does it test?

This section is designed to test an applicant's ability to:

  • answer multiple choice questions,
  • match categories,
  • label based on spoken instruction,
  • summarize,
  • complete sentences, and
  • answer short questions

Reading Section

How long is it?

This section of the IELTS is approximately 60 minutes

How is it structured?

Applicants must read a short, a mid-length and a long text and answer questions based on each text.

What does it test?

The different styles of questioning are designed to test an applicant's ability to:

  • Answer multiple choice questions;
  • Identify views or claims as well as information in a text;
  • Matching headings, sentences and features to a specific text;
  • Completing sentences;
  • Summarizing;
  • Labelling; and
  • Answering short questions.

Writing Section

How long is it?

This section of the IELTS is approximately 60 minutes

How is it structured?

Applicants are given two writing tasks. The first is a personal response to a provided text. The other is a discursive essay where the applicant must create and structure a coherent argument.

What does it test?

This section tests the applicant's ability to:

  • Complete a task in English;
  • Respond effectively to a brief;
  • Be coherent and cohesive in English;
  • Utilize a vast English vocabulary; and
  • Use grammar correctly.

Speaking Section

How long is it?

This section of the IELTS is approximately 11-14 minutes

How is it structured?

This section has three tasks. The first is an interview, where the applicant is asked simple questions about their home, family, work, studies and interests. The second is a speech, where the applicant receives a topic and has to speak on that specific topic. The third task is discussion. After they complete their speech, the interviewer will ask them specific questions to test their understanding of the topic.

What does it test?

This section is designed to test an applicant's:

  • Fluency and coherence
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammatical skills
  • Pronunciation of English words

Once you have completed this section, you have completed the test and will receive your results in three to five business days if you take the IELTS exam online or thirteen business days if you take the test on paper. If you need help with how to get your start on the IELTS test or have completed your IELTS test and are looking to take the next step on your Canadian journey, you could benefit greatly from expert help.

Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants can help an advise you through every step of your application process, including getting you started on our IELTS course to make sure you're speaking English in Canada the way the Canadians like it.

How this Course Will Prepare You for IELTS

IELTS Course

Our IELTS preparation course is developed by Conley University. It is specifically designed to massively improve both your IELTS score and primary language skills to help you get your best possible score on the Canadian Language Benchmark test.

This course is proudly produced by Conley University. It is specifically designed to ensure applicants can get their best marks in the IELTS exam and have the language abilities to function effectively in Canadian society, even when dealing with English native speakers.

The university individually assesses each applicant and groups them based on their English language abilities.

What's in Our IELTS Course?

Our IELTS preparation course is specifically designed to prepare applicants for the IELTS General Training test. The IELTS course duration is ten weeks and has ten modules, one for each week. Our IELTS Course includes the following:

  • Five 45-minute one-on-one sessions with a personal IELTS instructor
  • Ten modules, each with a listening, reading, writing and speaking portion
  • A complete test overview.
  • A full breakdown of the test format.
  • A thorough explanation of all IELTS questions and how to answer them.
  • Practice exercises including:
    • Seven essays
    • Four letters
    • Seven listening exercises
    • Seven Reading exercises
    • Two Grammar exercises
    • Seven Quizzes
  • A clear list of do's and don'ts to maximize your scores on test day.

Applicants must get over 75% for this course to complete it. Applicants who complete the course will be equipped to achieve a high band score in the IELTS.

How Our IELTS Course Will Help You

Our IELTS course has a wide array of vital benefits that can massively alter your IELTS score, opening up doors for a wealth of excellent opportunities in Canada. Our IELTS course provides the following benefits:

For Writing:

This course will teach you how to write long-form English texts like essays and letters that stand out from the rest. This course will provide multiple exercises that will help you learn how to plan written tasks effectively and by, improving your vocabulary, grammatical skills, cohesion and coherence, and ensuring you respond to tasks appropriately. This course will always provide you with a plethora of writing tasks to ensure you get plenty of practice in English writing. 

For Reading:

Throughout the IELTS course duration, you will build your crucial reading skills, like skim reading and scanning text for details, and skills vital for this test, like time management. This section will include multiple mock tests to ensure you know how to comprehend written texts efficiently and understand the information and intention within an English text.

For Speaking:

For this section, you will build your public speaking skills. This section will help you understand the importance of body language and how that can affect your final impression. This section will also help you answer English questions by teaching effective answering techniques and providing you with multiple examples to practice with. This aspect will give you exercises to improve your fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary and spoken grammar.

Clement Fearon from Ghana who has recently completed his IELTS Course

This is Clement Fearon from Ghana who has recently completed his IELTS Course.


What is a Good IELTS Score?

A good IELTS score is a score that will get you into the program or occupation you're aiming for. The best way to determine if your IELTS score is good enough for your program is to convert it with a Canadian Language Benchmark Test. This works as follows:

CLB Level Reading Writing Listening Speaking
10 8.0 7.5 8.5 7.5
9 7.0 7.0 8.0 7.0
8 6.5 6.5 7.5 6.5
7 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0
6 5.0 5.5 5.5 5.5
5 4.0 5.0 5.0 5.0
4 3.5 4.0 4.5 4.0

Are There Any Other English Language Tests for Canadian Immigration?

Aside from the CELPIP, as mentioned above, which is a good resource for Canadian English but has limitations outside of Canada, one other test has been recently announced. However, this test is yet to be unveiled and is currently not used for immigration purposes.

Can I Move to Canada Without IELTS?

Yes, but only via a few specific ways. Find out how you can move to Canada without IELTS here.

Start Your Journey to Canada the Right Way

IELTS Course

If you're looking to move to any of Canada's provinces, from British Columbia to Prince Edward Island, being able to function effectively as part of the Canadian population is now within your grasp. Our IELTS course can give you all the resources you need to ensure you get the score your program or school requires. Start your IELTS course below.

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