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University of Victoria

Updated: July 30th, 2021

The University of Victoria is known as Canada’s best comprehensive university for preparing students for the global workplace. The institution prides itself on the ‘UVic Edge’ which combines three elements:

  1. Dynamic learning
  2. Vital impact
  3. Extraordinary academic environment

Together, these three elements nurture an environment of discovery, innovation and creativity. The research the university does makes a big impact on people, places and the planet. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

Fun Fact

The university is home to 169 start-up companies and 535 patents filed, to date.

Where is the University of Victoria?

The University of Victoria is located in Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Things to do around the university include strolls through the Mystic Vale or Mount Tolmie Park, relaxing at the Bliss Spa or enjoying a good book at Russell Books.

Address: Victoria, BC V8P 5C2, Canada

Why Study at the University of Victoria?

a group of students working on a project |  University of Victoria

The University of Victoria has more than 200 degrees, certificates, diplomas and doctorate programs. There are approximately 80 undergraduate and over 160 graduate courses.

As a student, you’ll be able to learn all the fundamentals and more in subjects such as law, history, marine biology and engineering.

You would also be part of the incredibly diverse culture, with the university being represented by over 100 countries around the world. The institution has more than 300 active global partnerships, which allow students, staff and faculty to research and study abroad.

A nice touch that the university provides to international students is the International Student Welcome Program. This is a four-day program that welcomes you to Canada, the university informs you on important things such as health insurance and makes sure that you are comfortable overall.

Top Programs at the University of Victoria

two women discussing graphs | University of Victoria

Top Courses at the University of Victoria
Programs Fees Per Year (CAD)
Master of Arts (Economics) $ 3,850
Masters of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) $ 3,850
Masters of Nursing $ 3,900
Masters of Business Administration (Sustainable Innovation) $ 13,937
Master of Science $ 11,250

Please note the amount in the table is an average and not the exact amount

Online Courses

The University of Victoria has distance learning available for anyone who wants to complete a degree, get extra credit scores or just advance in their career.

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Bachelor in Child and Youth Care
  • BA in health and Community Services
  • Bachelor of Social Work

Graduate Degrees

  • Master of Arts in Community Development
  • Master of Nursing
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Social Work
  • Master of Science


two people looking over a document | University of Victoria

The admission process at the University of Calgary is the same for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

How To Apply

  1. Add as safe sender to receive timely updates via email.
  2. Fill an online application by providing all the necessary information.
  3. Provide the mandatory documents as required.
  4. Deposit the application fee (120 CAD for undergraduate and 150 CAD for graduate courses) and submit the completed application.
  5. Wait for a confirmation mail which is usually received within two business days.

There are different admission deadlines per subject. The entire list is found on the University of Victoria’s website.

Yearly Tuition Range

International Students Undergraduate Postgraduate
Fees in CAD $ 18,428 - 21,500 $ 12,285 - 15,356

Please note the amount in the table is an average and not the exact amount

Life at the University of Victoria

The university is surrounded by water on three sides. Greater Victoria tends to have quite lovely weather and hardly ever snows. This means for anyone interested in watersports such as sailing, fishing, kayaking and scuba diving can enjoy these almost all through the year.

You will have the chance to be part of the vibrant cultural hub the campuses have to offer from school music events to evenings at the Phoenix Theatre watching student productions.

If your interest lies more with giving back to the community or getting involved in a meaningful way on campus, there are many programs available to do just that, such as the:

  • Student life leadership program
  • Co-op + Career Services volunteer opportunities and more

How We Can Help You

Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) can make your journey to an international student a little less stressful. How?

How an RCIC Can Help You

  • Ensuring the study permit forms are filled in correctly.
  • Having a personal student advisor helps complete your college submission and motivation letter.
  • Submit all the forms before the deadline

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