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University of Victoria

Updated: November 8th, 2023

The University of Victoria (UVic) is a prestigious institution in Victoria, Canada. As one of the top universities in the country, UVic offers a wide range of programs for both domestic and international students. Whether you are interested in pursuing a degree in the arts, sciences, or business, UVic offers something for most international students.

Take a chance at studying in the west of Canada by enrolling at the world-renowned University of Victoria!

Why Study At the University of Victoria?

why study at the university of victoria?

There are several compelling reasons why studying at the University of Victoria is an excellent choice. Among others, these reasons include:

  • UVic’s excellent academic record,
  • Location in British Columbia,
  • Arts and Culture, and
  • Flexible Course Delivery.

University of Victoria’s Academic Reputation

The University of Victoria is an internationally recognized research university. It is ranked in the top 400 universities according to Times Higher Education (THE).

The university's commitment to research. Innovation is evident through its diverse range of programs and cutting-edge facilities such as the Astronomy Research Centre (ARC), Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research (CISUR), and Centre for Advanced Materials and Related Technology (CAMTEC).

University of Victoria’s Co-operative Programs

The University of Victoria boasts one of Canada’s largest paid co-op programs. These programs integrate academic learning with professional work experience, allowing students to apply their classroom knowledge in real-world settings.

This hands-on experience not only enhances their learning but also increases their employability upon graduation.

University of Victoria’s Location in British Columbia

UVic is located on Vancouver Island in the charming city of Victoria, which was ranked the #2 best small city in the world by Condé Nast Traveller. The campus is just 10 minutes from the beach and has plenty of green space.

Victoria is also a culturally diverse city with a thriving arts and music scene. Students can access numerous museums, galleries, and theaters, providing opportunities for cultural enrichment and exploration.

University of Victoria’s Flexible Course Delivery

The University of Victoria provides multiple ways to achieve a world-class education and an exciting career. The VU Block Model offers smaller classes, focused learning, and better results. Employability programs prepare students for work after graduation.

The university also offers safe in-person learning and online classes and activities that fit distance learning student needs. Using UVic’s flexible course delivery, you can meet your work, family, or other life commitments while still leveraging world-class educational opportunities at the institution.

Which Programs Can You Study at the University of Victoria?

UVic offers an extensive range of programs across various disciplines. The programs on offer at the University of Victoria are divided into two main categories: undergraduate programs and graduate programs. Undergraduate and graduate programs at UVic are subdivided into the following faculties, with program examples in each.

Undergraduate Programs

University of Victoria Faculties Examples of Undergraduate Programs Offered 
Business, Economics and Law Economics, Public Administration and Business (minor)
Education and Family Education, Art Education and Child and Youth Care
Engineering, Math and Technology Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Data Science
Environment and Sustainability Biology, Climate Science and Geography
Fine Arts and Digital Media Art Education, Creative Writing and Film Studies
Health and Life Sciences Biochemistry, Nursing and Psychology
Indigenous Focus Child and Youth Care, History and Social Work
Languages and Global Cultures History, Linguistics and Philosophy
People and Society Gender Studies, Anthropology and Germanic Studies
Physical Sciences Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics and Earth Sciences

You can find out more about the undergraduate programs offered at UVic using the institution's online portal.

Graduate Programs

University of Victoria Faculties Examples of Graduate Programs Offered 
Business, Economics and Law Environmental Studies, Health Information Science and Industrial Ecology
Education and Family Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies and Interdisciplinary Programs
Engineering, Math and Technology Mathematics and Statistics, Biomedical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering
Environment and Sustainability Earth and Ocean Studies, Physics and Astronomy and Biochemistry and Microbiology
Fine Arts and Digital Media Art History and Visual Studies, Writing and Theatre
Health and Life Sciences Neuroscience, Public Health and Social Policy and Social Dimensions of Health
Indigenous Focus Indigenous Governance, Indigenous Education and History
Languages and Global Cultures Greek and Roman Studies, French and Francophone Studies, and Germanic and Slavi Countries
People and Society Political Science, Sociology and Psychology
Physical Sciences Chemistry, Geography and Earth and Ocean Sciences

You can learn more about the graduate programs offered at the University of Victoria on their website.

Life at the University of Victoria

Campus life at the University of Victoria encompasses the following aspects, all of which provide a rich environment for international students to thrive socially and in their studies.

Campus Security at UVic

You can feel assured of your safety as an international student at the University of Victoria, which provides 24/7/365 on-campus security services. On-campus security officers patrol the campus on foot, using bicycles and marked security vehicles. You can also call them for assistance with any situation that is concerning or suspicious.

Student Housing at the University of Victoria

To accommodate more international students choosing to study at the university, the University of Victoria has initiated the Student Housing and Dining project. The project aims to build new student housing to provide accessible on-campus housing for approximately 600 students.

Arts and Culture at the University of Victoria

The University of Victoria has demonstrated its commitment to arts and culture programming by hosting many creative events at on and off-campus venues such as the:

  • Multifaith Centre,
  • Felicita’s Campuss Pub,
  • Phoenix Theatre, and
  • Farquhar Auditorium.

If you're looking for a purely artistic experience that enables you to celebrate and explore cultural differences and interactions in Canada, you can visit the:

  • Indegenous art showcase at UVic,
  • The Audain Gallery,
  • Legacy Maltwood in the Mearns Centre for Learning in McPherson Library, and
  • Downtown Legacy Art Gallery.

Athletics and Recreation at the University of Victoria

If you’re an athletics enthusiast or are just looking to stay in shape as an international student at the University of Victoria, you can visit the Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities (CARSA). CARSA has a:

  • Dance space and yoga studios,
  • 2,100-seat performance gym,
  • UVic Sports Injury Clinic,
  • CARSA Climbing Centre, and
  • Dedicated TRX, high activity, and spin rooms.

International Student Services at the University of Victoria

International Student Services at the University of Victoria

The University of Victoria is committed to supporting international students throughout their academic journey. The International Centre for Students at the University of Victoria offers many services and resources to help international students adapt to life in Canada and succeed in their studies. These services and resources include:

Funding Opportunities for International Students

The University of Victoria understands that financing your education as an international student can be a concern. That's why the university offers several funding opportunities to help alleviate the financial burden.

International students may be eligible for scholarships, grants, and bursaries specifically designated for them. Funding opportunities for international students at the University of Victoria include the:

These financial aids can help cover tuition fees, accommodation costs, and other expenses.

Travel Safety for International Students at UVic

The University of Victoria prioritizes the safety and well-being of its students, especially international students who may be unfamiliar with the Canadian environment. Through the Off-campus Activity Risk Management Policy, the university provides international students with extensive resources and guidance on:

  • Travel safety,
  • Information on local laws,
  • Emergency contacts, and
  • Safety tips.

It also provides a risk assessment of travel locations, countries, and regions. It offers an informed pre-departure plan to manage the risks associated with traveling to remote and abroad.

Making Connections via UVic Global Community

UVic's Global Community is a platform that allows students to connect with peers worldwide. This online community enables international students to share their unique perspectives, celebrate multicultural diversity, forge intercultural connections, and cultivate an inclusive and globally-minded campus.

The activities mentioned above are facilitated through UVic’s Global Community’s:

  • GC Social Drop In!,
  • Conversation Partners,
  • Mentorship Program, and
  • Student Advisory Council.

You can look forward to social networking opportunities as an international student at the University of Victoria through events, sessions, and webinars such as the:

  • Global Community End-of-Term Celebration,
  • Off-Campus Housing Information Session,
  • Pathways to Permanent Residence Q&A Session, and
  • Renting in BC Webinar.

UVic’s Centre for Academic Communication

Strong communication skills are essential for success in any field. Recognizing this, the University of Victoria offers the Centre for Academic Communication (CAC) to help international students enhance their written and verbal communication skills.

The CAC offers workshops and online and in-person one-on-one tutorials. The services provided by the CAC are free to all domestic and international students and include:

  • Coaching students on:
    • Reading,
    • Writing,
    • Speaking,
  • Understanding academic expectations, ;and
  • Other aspects of academic communication rhetoric and oral presentation.

At the CAC, you can also receive assistance on how to create blog posts, academic posters, e-portfolios, and PowerPoint slides.

How Can I Study at the University of Victoria?

If you are interested in studying at the University of Victoria, you must follow the step-by-step admissions process provided by the institution.

UVic’s Admissions Process for Undergraduate International Students

If you are an undergraduate international student, the admissions process includes:

Step 1: Choose a Study Program Suitable For You

You can choose from over a hundred undergraduate degrees, certificates, and diplomas, ensuring you can find a program suitable for you

Step 2: Submit Your Application

You must submit your application via the EducationPlannerBC application service before the application deadline for your chosen program.

Step 3: Create a Netlink ID

After receiving a confirmation email with your student number, you must use it to create a UVic Netlink ID, enabling you to access UVic’s application portal.

Step 4: Review Your Individual Application Checklist

You can view your application status and checklist as per the instructions provided in your introductory email.

Step 5: Submit Your Academic Transcript

Submit your current or most recent academic transcript with your grades in order for your application to be assessed.

Step 6: Accept Your Study Offer

You will receive an admission offer via email which after accepting you can pay an acceptance deposit for.

You can find out more about UVic’s undergraduate admissions process on the university website.

UVic’s Admissions Process for Graduate International Students

To apply for admission at the University of an international graduate student, you’ll have to follow the admissions process outlined below:

Step 1: Choose a Graduate-level Study Program

You can choose from several master's, doctorates, graduate certificates, and diplomas that align with your chosen field.

Step 2: Find a Suitable Supervisor

Before applying for graduate studies, ensure you find a supervisor who matches your research interests.

Step 3: Apply for Graduate Admission

When applying online, make sure to provide all information about prior postsecondary institutions you registered at and unofficial transcripts from those institutions.

Step 4: Check Your Application Status

After applying, you’ll receive an email with a UVic student number that you can use to check your application status online.

Step 5: Accept Your Graduate Study Offer

To accept your offer of admission, ensure to contact the Graduate Admissions and Records by email and secure your place.

For more information on graduate studies admissions at the University of Victoria, you can take a look at the institution's online portal.

Please Note

It is important to submit a well-rounded application that highlights your strengths and demonstrates your potential to succeed at UVic.

How to Get a Canada Study Permit?

As an international student, you will need to obtain a Canada study permit to study at the University of Victoria. The study permit is a document issued by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allows you to study at a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada for a specified period.

Learn more about how to get a Canada study permit.

Student Direct Stream

If you want to expedite the application process for a Canada study permit so you can quickly begin your studies at the University of Victoria, you can apply for the Student Direct Stream (SDS).

The SDS allows students from eligible Latin American, Asian, and African countries to apply to study in Canada through an expedited application process as fast as 20 calendar days.

Find out more about the Student Direct Stream.

It is important to start the study permit application process well in advance to ensure a smooth transition to studying in Canada.



Can I Take Courses in the Faculty of Graduate Studies for Credit, but not Towards a Degree at the University of Victoria?

Yes, UVic allows students to take courses in the Faculty of Graduate Studies for credit, even if they are not pursuing a degree. This option is known as "non-degree studies" and can be a great opportunity to expand your knowledge or explore a specific field of study.

Does Everyone Have to Meet the Academic Writing Requirement (AWR) at the University of Victoria?

Yes, every student enrolled in an academic program at the University of Victoria is required to meet the Academic Writing Requirement (AWR) to earn an undergraduate degree. The AWR ensures that students have the reading, writing, and research skills to succeed in their degree studies.

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