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Canada puts family first, and reuniting parents with their grown children is a mission that Canada takes very seriously. One of the ways to do so is through Canada's Super Visa.

If you are a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen and meet certain criteria, you will be eligible for a Super Visa. This means that you are able to visit family in Canada for up to two years and the visa provides multiple entries for up to 10 years. This differs from the tourist visa, where you can only visit for up to 6 months at a time.

Do You Qualify for a Super Visa?

Like any other visa, the Super visa has specific requirements:

  • You must be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • Your intentions must be that of a real visitor to Canada who will leave by choice at the end of your visit.
  • You must also prove that your child or grandchild meets a minimum income threshold.
  • A written letter from your child or grandchild stating that he or she can support you during your visit must be provided.
  • In addition, you must have valid Canadian medical insurance coverage for at least one year.

Note: You can not include any dependents in your application.

A further 4 requirements to apply for a Super Visa to visit your children or grandchildren also apply:

  • You must apply for a Super Visa from outside Canada
  • You must be allowed to enter Canada
  • You must take an immigration medical exam and;
  • meet certain other conditions

How Do I Apply for a Super Visa?

The first thing you need to do is gather all the supporting documentation you will need to apply.

Then you need to decide whether you want to send a paper-based application or an online application.

It is strongly suggested that you apply online. Here’s why:

  • No mail fees or mail delivery times involved
  • Online applications can be processed faster
  • Applying online helps ensure that your application is complete before sending it through

Processing time

Due to the pandemic, applications cannot be processed as usual. However, the good news is that they are still being processed and it just requires a little patience. You can always check your application status.


If you're from a nation that requires a visa, you'll need to provide your fingerprints and photo (biometrics) once you apply.

If you're between the ages of 14 and 79, you'll most likely be asked to provide your fingerprints and photo (biometrics). To make recurring journeys to Canada easier, you just need to provide your biometrics once every 10 years.

When you submit your application, you must pay the biometrics charge otherwise, there could be delays.

You’ll also need to find out how and where to give your biometrics in your area.

Normally, you would find the closest biometrics collection site near you. However, due to Covid-19 there have been Biometrics collection service disruptions. You will have to check which Canadian Visa Application Centers are open.

Outstanding information

If there is missing information while your application is being processed, it will be sent back to you. You might be asked to provide proof of a medical exam, a police certificate, or to attend an interview with a Canadian official in your country. However, if this needs to happen you’ll be informed.


FAQ 1: What is a letter of invitation from a child or grandchild?

As part of your documentation to apply for a Super Visa, you must supply the Canadian Government with a letter from your child or grandchild stating that they are inviting you to Canada to spend time with them.

This letter must include:

  • A promise of financial support for the length of your visit
  • The list and number of people in the household of this person
  • A copy of this person’s Canadian citizenship or permanent resident document

FAQ 2: What information must be included in the Invitation Letter?

Specific information about both you and your child or grandchild that is inviting you to visit Canada must be provided. Information such as both our names, addresses, your plans to stay and leave Canada, your child or grandchild citizenship and job status and other details that need to be included in order to process your application.

Letter of Invitation
Information About YourselfThe Person Who is Inviting You
Complete nameComplete name
Date of birthAddress and telephone number
How long you plan to stay in CanadaWhether you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
The purpose of your trip Job title
Your relationship to the person that’s inviting you Details of your family, such as names and dates of birth of your spouse and dependents
Your address and telephone number Address and telephone number in Canada
Where you will be staying while you’re in Canada The total number of people living in your household, including people you sponsored whose sponsorship is still in effect
How you will pay for things A photocopy of a document proving your status in Canada
When you plan to leave the country

FAQ 3: Can I use any medical insurance?

The short answer: no. There are certain requirements for the medical insurance that you’ll need to apply for a Super Visa.

  • It must be Canadian Medical Insurance
  • The insurance must be valid for at least 1 year from the date of entry
  • It has to cover at least $100,000
  • You have to provide proof that the medical insurance has been paid (quotes aren’t accepted)


FAQ 4: What other conditions must be considered?

Because this is a temporary visa, you must have the intention to return to your home country after you’ve completed your visit in Canada with your family members. The government of Canada will look at several things when you apply for a Super Visa:

  • the ties you have to your home country
  • the purpose of your visit (which should be to visit your children or grandchildren)
  • your family and finances
  • the overall economic and political stability of your home country

FAQ 5: How can my child or grandchild supply proof of financial support?

The child or grandchild who invites you must prove that their household meets the minimum necessary income (depending on how many parents or grandparents are going to visit).

The following documents are examples of what can be used as proof of funds:

  • Notice of Assessment (NOA) or T4/T1 for the most recent tax year
  • Employment Insurance stubs
  • Employment letter including salary and date of hiring
  • Pay stubs
  • Bank statements

FAQ 6: Are there COVID-19 Protocols at the Visa Application Centre?

Your health is super important. That’s why there are protocols put in place to protect you and your loved ones.

  • Be aware that you may be required to wear a mask and adhere to other health and safety regulations.
  • Make sure that the VAC or ASC website is up and running.
  • If your local VAC is closed, do not travel to another location to deliver your biometrics.
  • Face coverings are required for all guests 2 years of age and older who have not been completely immunized.
  • If you've returned from international travel within the last 10 days, you won't be able to visit an ASC facility. The ASC COVID-19 visiting policy can be found here.
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