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In-demand Jobs in New Brunswick in 2024

Updated: April 8th, 2024

Nestled along Canada's eastern coast, the province of New Brunswick captivates with its breathtaking scenery. From the dramatic Bay of Fundy to the rolling green hills and charming coastal towns, nature lovers will find endless beauty here. But beyond its postcard-worthy landscapes, New Brunswick offers a dynamic and welcoming environment for those seeking a fulfilling career path.

The province boasts a rich cultural heritage, with vibrant Acadian and Indigenous traditions woven into the fabric of its communities. This warm and friendly atmosphere extends to newcomers, making New Brunswick an extraordinary place to live and work. However, the allure goes far deeper than just beautiful scenery and friendly faces. New Brunswick is experiencing a significant labor shortage, creating many opportunities for skilled workers across various industries.

Why New Brunswick Needs You

New Brunswick Needs You | In-demand Jobs in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is facing a perfect storm of demographic challenges leading to a shrinking labor force. This situation is being driven by several factors, including:

  1. A low birth rate
  2. A huge aging population
  3. Low net interprovincial migration
  4. A lower international migration rate, compared to the national average

New Brunswick's February 2024 labor market snapshot on Job Bank showed signs of continued growth, albeit slower. Here's a quick summary:

  • Job Growth: There were moderate gains over the past year with 8,800 new jobs (+2.3%), with the most recent month adding 500 jobs (+0.1%). Note that this new job growth came entirely from full-time positions.
  • Labour Force: The number of people working or actively looking for work reached an all-time high of 421,900, reflecting a 3.1% increase compared to the previous year.
  • Unemployment Rate: There was a slight uptick in the unemployment rate, rising to 6.9% from 6.6% in January.

The Top Sectors in New Brunswick

New Brunswick boasts a dynamic economy with various sectors offering promising career paths. Here's a closer look at some of the leading industries and the exciting opportunities they hold:


This ever-growing sector is a cornerstone of New Brunswick's economy. The aging population drives a strong demand for qualified healthcare professionals across various specialties. This includes doctors, nurses, personal care workers, paramedics, therapists, and other healthcare support staff. The province offers competitive salaries and benefits, making it an attractive destination for healthcare professionals seeking a fulfilling career.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

New Brunswick is a hub for innovation with a flourishing ICT sector. The province has numerous tech companies and organizations, creating a high demand for skilled workers. You'll find ample opportunities to thrive in this dynamic industry if you have expertise in software development, computer programming, cybersecurity, data analysis, or any other ICT field.


New Brunswick's education system is well-regarded, and the sector is experiencing growth. This translates to job openings for teachers, educational assistants, early childhood educators, and specialists like psychologists and guidance counselors. The province offers a supportive learning environment and competitive compensation packages, making it an attractive option for educators seeking to make a positive impact.


New Brunswick's vast forests are a crucial natural resource, and the forestry industry remains a significant contributor to the provincial economy. The sector offers opportunities for skilled professionals in areas like forest management, logging, silviculture (forest cultivation), and sawmilling. With a focus on sustainable practices, the industry constantly evolves, attracting individuals passionate about environmental stewardship.

Food Production

New Brunswick is known for its rich agricultural and thriving food production industry. The sector encompasses a variety of areas, such as farming, aquaculture (fish and seafood farming), and food processing. Job opportunities exist for farmers, agricultural technicians, food processing plant workers, and specialists in dairy production or horticulture. With a growing emphasis on local and sustainable food systems, the industry offers exciting possibilities for those interested in contributing to a healthy and secure food supply.

The Top In-demand Jobs in New Brunswick in 2024

Jobs in New Brunswick |  In-demand Jobs in New Brunswick


According to provincial statistics, New Brunswick employs around 22,000 health workers.. In-demand Healthcare Worker Jobs in New Brunswick include:

Occupation NOC Code Average Annual Salary (CAD)
Registered Nurses NOC 31301 80,369
Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) NOC 32101 60,568
Medical Laboratory Technologists NOC 32120 66,300
Health Care Aides NOC 33102 43,739
Home Support Workers & Housekeepers NOC 44101 35,100
Paramedical Occupations NOC 32102 50,000
Social and Community Services Workers NOC 42201 29,250


Education is a top priority for the Canadian Government, so teachers are always needed. This sector employs a variety of professions. These include:

Occupation NOC Code Average Annual Salary (CAD)
Elementary School and Kindergarten Teachers NOC 41221 67,704
Elementary and Secondary School Teacher Assistants NOC 43100 35,295
Secondary School Teachers NOC 41220 76,235
College and Other Vocational Instructors NOC 41210 76,226
Early Childhood Educators and Assistants NOC 42202 35,822
Educational Counselors NOC 41320 40,551

Information Technology

As mentioned before, the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector is a rapidly growing field offering many opportunities. This page contains resources that can be used to explore a variety of exciting ICT professions. New Brunswick has tens of thousands of workers in this occupation group. Occupations include:

Occupation NOC Code Average Annual Salary (CAD)
Information Systems Analysts and Consultants NOC 21222 81,998
Software Engineers and Designers NOC 21231 93,376
Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers NOC 21232 71,409
Computer Network Technicians NOC 22220 61,991
User Support Technicians NOC 22221 52,016
Graphic Designers and Illustrators NOC 52120 40,404


Forests cover most of this province, resulting in hundreds of job opportunities in forestry each year. These include:

Occupation NOC Code Average Annual Salary (CAD)
Sawmill Machine Operators NOC 94120 51,870
Other Wood Processing Machine Operators NOC 94129 52,000
Laborers in Wood, Pulp and Paper Processing NOC 95103 55,503
Logging Machinery Operators NOC 83110 61,552
Logging and Forestry Laborers NOC 85120 49,725
Silviculture and Forestry Workers NOC 84111 40,950


There are expected to be thousands of construction job openings in New Brunswick up until 2027. You are bound to find openings for:

Occupation NOC Code Average Annual Salary (CAD)
Electricians NOC 72200 70,200
Plumbers NOC 72300 67,491
Carpenters NOC 72310 43,875
Bricklayers NOC 72320 69,713
Roofers  NOC 73110 52,650
Welders NOC 72106 45,825

Food Production

New Brunswick employs over 30,000 food production workers. In-demand occupations in this sector include:

Occupation NOC Code Average Annual Salary (CAD)
Food Processing Machine Operators NOC 94140 30,937
Food and Beverage Product Developers NOC 31121 139,557
Food and Beverage Servers NOC 94143 28,032
Food Production Supervisors NOC 92012 52,494
Fish and Seafood Plant Workers NOC 94142 44,764

Benefits of Working in New Brunswick

Work in New Brunswick |  In-demand Jobs in New Brunswick

New Brunswick offers more than just a job; it provides a chance to build a rewarding life. Let's take a look at the key advantages of working in this welcoming province:

Thriving Job Market

As mentioned earlier, New Brunswick is experiencing a labor shortage across many sectors. This translates to a high demand for skilled professionals, giving you a strong advantage in your job search. You'll have the opportunity to explore diverse career paths, find a position that aligns with your skills and interests, and negotiate competitive salaries due to the high demand for qualified workers.

Excellent Quality of Life

New Brunswick boasts a relaxed and affordable lifestyle. The cost of living is significantly lower compared to many major Canadian cities. This allows you to stretch your dollar further, invest in your future, and enjoy a higher standard of living. The province is also known for its stunning natural beauty, with abundant opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and exploring charming coastal towns. You'll find a strong sense of community, with friendly locals welcoming newcomers.

Pathway to Permanent Residency

Working in New Brunswick can be a stepping stone to achieving your dream of permanent residency in Canada. The province offers Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) to attract and retain skilled workers. So if you'd like to work in Canada and settle in New Brunswick, applying to one of the New Brunswick PNP streams is a good idea. You can also apply to the federal Express Entry System to get Canadian permanent residency within six months. If you are a skilled worker or student, you can also apply to the Atlantic Immigration program.

Supportive Immigration Programs

New Brunswick goes beyond simply needing workers; they actively support newcomers. The provincial government and various organizations offer settlement services to help you integrate smoothly into Canadian life. This may include assistance with finding housing, registering for healthcare, and navigating the education system. Numerous resources and programs are available to help you improve your English or French language skills, further enhancing your employability and overall experience in Canada.

Multicultural Environment

New Brunswick is a welcoming and inclusive province that embraces people from all backgrounds. The vibrant cultural scene reflects the rich Indigenous and Acadian heritage, alongside influences from various immigrant communities. You'll find opportunities to celebrate your own culture while experiencing the diversity that New Brunswick has to offer. This fosters a sense of belonging and creates a supportive environment for newcomers to thrive.

Remember that by choosing to work in New Brunswick, you're not just building a career; you're investing in a fulfilling and enriching life experience.


Is New Brunswick Ideal if I Speak French?

Yes, the province is also ideal for French speakers. It is Canada's only officially bilingual province, which means that you can thrive here whether you speak French or English. French speakers can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency via the NBPNP's New Brunswick Strategic Initiative Stream.

How Long Does Processing For Express Entry Take?

The IRCC processes Express Entry applications within six months.

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