British Columbia (BC) is Canada’s westernmost province widely known for its Pacific coastline and mountainous range. British Columbia is one of Canada’s most diverse provinces and is home to the country’s third largest city, Vancouver. Vancouver is consistently listed as one of the world’s best cities to live in, making it ever popular with immigrants.

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is aimed at providing a fast-track service for permanent resident application for experienced and skilled workers. It also caters for business people and their eligible family members to settle in BC permanently.

In addition, the BC PNP was designed to attract foreign nationals with the necessary skills and experience targeted by the province. These foreign nationals include high-impact workers and entrepreneurs suitable to BCs labour market and economic development priorities.

Foreign nationals applying through the BC PNP enjoy processing times that are faster than other Canadian immigration programs.

Economic growth in BC largely depends on people and their productivity. If qualified workers and entrepreneurs meet labour market and economic development demands, the province will continue to prosper.

Immigration therefore plays an all important role in helping BC meet its current and future labour market shortages.

The BC PNP Immigration Process

The first step in the process is to register and apply to the BC PNP. If your application is approved by the BC PNP, you are a provincial nominee, and you and your dependent family members can apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for permanent resident visas under the Provincial Nominee Class.

The BC PNP offers options for immigrating to BC

The BC PNP Accepts Applications for Immigration to the Province Under Two Main Streams:

Skills immigration
Entrepreneur immigration

1. Skills Immigration

This stream is for individuals with a job offer in a high-demand occupation or students with a post-graduate degree from a BC post-secondary institution in the natural, applied or health sciences.

Applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria. With the exception of individuals applying with a post-graduate degree from a BC university in the natural, applied sciences, all applicants must have a full-time job offer from an eligible BC employer.

The BC PNP Skills Immigration Is Also Divided Into the Following Categories:

Skilled Worker Category – This is for individuals who have received an eligible job offer in a skilled occupation. Several years of work experience is also required in this category.
Health Care Professional Category – Individuals with experience and eligible job offers as physicians, nurses, psychiatric nurses or other health related professionals may apply in this category
International Graduate Category – This is for individuals who have graduated from an eligible Canadian university or college in the last three years. A job offer from a BC employer is also required in this category.
Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category – Workers in certain entry level or semi-skilled positions in tourism/hospitality, food processing, or long-haul trucking, or those in entry-level or semi-skilled positions living and working in the Northeast Development Region of British Columbia, may be eligible for this category.

2. Entrepreneur Immigration

This stream is for experienced entrepreneurs who intend to invest in and actively manage an eligible business in the province.

Individuals must be investment-ready, with business ownership and management experience. They must demonstrate that they are able to establish themselves in BC and invest in a new or existing business that will employ Canadian citizens or permanent residents, providing significant economic benefits to the province.

British Columbia is one of Canada’s most dynamic places to do business. Entrepreneurs benefit from its strategic location, low taxes, competitive operating costs and a multicultural workforce that is well-educated, highly-skilled and productive.

If you are an entrepreneur who is ready to invest in and actively manage a business in the province, you may be eligible for the BC PNP's Entrepreneur Immigration stream.

Applications Under BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Are Assessed Based on the Following Factors:

Business and work experience
Personal net worth and source of funds
A well detailed business proposal, which should include proposed investment and job creation in BC

Basic Business Requirements

The registration for the business must include a short business concept and will be assigned points based on the proposed commercial viability, transferability of the candidate’s skills, and eventual economic benefits for the province.

Once the candidate has eventually been invited to apply, they will be required to submit a better and more comprehensive business plan.

Basic Investment Requirements

In order for the registration to be accepted, the candidate must demonstrate that they will be able to make a personal investment of no less than $200,000 in the proposed business.

Basic Job Requirements

The candidate must demonstrate that the business will be able to create at least one permanent full-time job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The applicant must also provide assurance of the likelihood of creating long term employment for Canadians and permanent residents in the business.