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In-demand Jobs in Yukon in 2023

Updated: June 30th, 2023

Best known for the Klondike gold rush the Yukon remains as wild and beautiful as it was over a century ago. Glacier-fed lakes and immense beautiful mountains make up the majority of the Yukon landscape.

The historical capital city of Whitehorse, situated alongside the Yukon River, has a population of a little over 25,000 people. Job opportunities in Canada may be broad and plenty, but no place will offer a unique quality of life quite like the Yukon.

To accommodate the growing popularity of the territory, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has several Yukon jobs for immigrants.

Through the Yukon community pilot program Jobs 2023, we will assess which jobs are currently available in the Yukon.

So what are eligible jobs? What jobs are in demand in Yukon? Yukon jobs for immigrants are plentiful and are designed to allow people with multiple small jobs to work in Yukon without an LMIA. You cannot get a job via the YCPP. Still, you will need a Yukon work permit to access jobs in Yukon for foreign workers.

Excited to move to Yukon? Find out what jobs are in demand in Yukon in 2023 to start your journey.

In-demand Jobs in Yukon

in demand jobs in yukon in 2023

Yukon, a beautiful territory in Canada, is experiencing a surge in job opportunities across various industries. From skilled workers to critical impact positions, there are plenty of in-demand jobs for individuals looking to make their mark in Yukon. The in-demand occupations are based on Yukon’s Provincial Nominee Program streams.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are designed to address the specific labor market needs of individual Canadian provinces and territories. Each province and territory has its own set of eligibility requirements and selection criteria. Suppose you have skills and work experience that are in demand in a particular province or territory. In that case, you may be nominated by that province or territory for permanent residency in Canada.

Yukon Express Entry Stream in Demand Occupations

The Yukon Express Entry Stream is an immigration program designed to attract highly skilled workers to the territory. Under this program, individuals with experience in certain occupations can apply for permanent residency in Yukon. In 2023, the following jobs are expected to be in high demand through the Express Entry Stream:

Registered Nurses (National Occupational Classification or NOC Code 31301)

With an aging population and a growing need for healthcare services, registered nurses are highly sought after in Yukon. Their expertise and compassion make them valuable assets to the healthcare system. If you don’t have nursing qualifications you can obtain them at one of the top colleges to study nursing in Canada. Furthermore, there are other best places to live and work in Canada as a Registered Nurse.

Software Engineers (NOC 21231)

The digital age has transformed how businesses operate, and software engineers play a crucial role in developing and maintaining the technology that drives these operations. In Yukon, the demand for skilled software engineers is on the rise.

Learn more about how to immigrate to Canada as an Engineer.

Construction Managers (NOC 70010)

As infrastructure projects continue to shape the landscape of Yukon, construction managers are needed to oversee and coordinate these projects. Their expertise in planning, budgeting, and execution is essential for successful completion. Recently, the job prospects for construction workers have been improved by the introduction of the Construction Workers Program.

Yukon Skilled Worker Program in Demand Occupations

The Yukon Skilled Worker Program is another pathway for individuals looking to settle in Yukon. This program is designed for individuals with a job offer from a Yukon employer in an in-demand occupation. Here are some of the occupations that are expected to be in high demand through the Skilled Worker Program in 2023:

Truck Drivers (NOC 73300)

Yukon's vast and remote terrain requires reliable transportation, and truck drivers play a vital role in ensuring goods are delivered safely and efficiently. The demand for truck drivers is expected to remain strong in the coming years.

Find out more about how to immigrate to Canada as a truck driver.

Electricians (NOC 72200)

With the increasing focus on renewable energy and sustainable practices, electricians are in high demand in Yukon. Their expertise in installing and maintaining electrical systems is essential for the territory's transition to a greener future.

Learn how to immigrate to Canada as an Electrician and help illuminate Yukon.

Carpenters (NOC72310)

Construction projects are booming in Yukon, and carpenters are needed to bring these projects to life. From building homes to crafting intricate structures, carpenters play a crucial role in shaping the territory's architectural landscape. 

Learn more about how to move to Canada as a Carpenter to contribute to the Yukon construction boom.

Yukon Critical Impact Worker Program in Demand Occupations

The Yukon Critical Impact Worker Program is designed for individuals with a job offer in a semi-skilled or unskilled occupation in high demand in Yukon. This program allows individuals to work in Yukon and eventually apply for permanent residency. In 2023, the following occupations are expected to be in high demand through the Critical Impact Worker Program:

Food Service Supervisors (NOC 62020)

With the thriving tourism industry in Yukon, the demand for food service supervisors are expected to remain high. These individuals are responsible for overseeing the operations of restaurants and ensuring excellent customer service.

Find out more about how to find a job in Canada in the food service industry.

Retail Salespersons (NOC 64100)

As the retail sector continues to grow in Yukon, the need for retail salespersons is rising. These individuals assist customers in finding products, providing product information, and processing transactions.

You can become a part of Canada’s retail industry by learning how to immigrate to Canada as a Sales representative.

Hospitality Workers (NOC 65210)

With its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Yukon is a popular tourist destination. Hospitality workers, including hotel receptionists, housekeepers, and tour guides, are crucial in ensuring visitors have an unforgettable experience.

If you’re a foreign hospitality business owner, you can bring your hospitality business to Canada.

Yukon Community Pilot Program in Demand Occupations

The Yukon Community Pilot Program is a new initiative that aims to address the specific labor market needs of rural communities in Yukon. Under this program, individuals with multiple jobs offers from an eligible community can apply for permanent residency in Yukon. Here are some of the occupations that are expected to be in high demand through the Community Pilot Program in 2023:

Early Childhood Educators (NOC 42202)

Providing quality early childhood education is a priority for Yukon's rural communities. Early childhood educators are crucial in nurturing and educating young children, setting the foundation for their future success.

Find out more about how to immigrate to Canada as an Early Childhood Educator.

Social Workers (NOC 42201)

Rural communities often face unique social challenges, and social workers are needed to support and assist individuals and families in need. Their expertise in counseling, advocacy, and community development is invaluable.

Learn more about Canada's best provinces for social work jobs.

Outdoor Recreation Guides (NOC 64322)

Yukon's natural beauty and vast wilderness attract outdoor enthusiasts from around the world. Outdoor recreation guides, including hiking guides and wildlife tour operators, are essential in providing safe and memorable experiences for visitors.

Work Permits (TFWP, BOWP, PGWP)

Other immigration pathways to yukon

For individuals who do not qualify for the Yukon PNP but still wish to work in Yukon, various work permit options are available.

Here’s how to get a Canadian work permit

Work permits eligible to be used include:

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)
  • Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP)
  • Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The Temporary Foreign Work Program allows employers in Yukon to hire foreign workers to fill temporary labor shortages.

Bridging Open Work Permit

The Bridging Open Work Permit is designed for individuals who have applied for permanent residency and are waiting for a decision.

Post-Graduation Work Permit

The Post Graduate Work Permit is available to international students who have completed a program of study at a designated learning institution in Canada.

Foreign workers who are interested in working in Yukon temporarily can explore these work permit options to gain valuable work experience and contribute to the local economy. Find out more about how to apply for a Canadian work permit.

What Are the Leading Industries in Yukon in 2023?

what are the leading industries in yukon

Yukon is home to diverse industries contributing to its economic growth and development. In 2023, some of the leading industries in Yukon are projected to be mining, manufacturing, public administration, and tourism.


Mining plays a significant role in Yukon's economy, with the territory being rich in mineral resources such as gold, silver, and zinc. The mining industry provides numerous job opportunities for individuals with various skill sets, ranging from geologists and engineers to heavy equipment operators and technicians. With several mining projects in the pipeline, the demand for skilled workers in this industry is expected to remain high in 2023.

Learn more about the mining industry in Canada.


The manufacturing sector in Yukon is diverse and encompasses various sub-industries, including food processing, wood products, and construction materials. Manufacturing companies in Yukon are known for their high-quality products and innovative approaches.

In 2023, the manufacturing industry is expected to continue growing, creating job opportunities for individuals with skills in production, quality control, and logistics.

Find out more about the main manufacturing industries in Canada.

Public Administration

Public administration is a crucial sector in Yukon, as they ensure government services and programs function efficiently. The demand for professionals in the field of public administration, including policy analysts, administrators, and project managers, is expected to remain strong in 2023. These professionals are vital in shaping policies, managing resources, and delivering essential services to the residents of Yukon.

Learn more about Canada’s main administrative jobs.


Yukon's natural beauty and rich cultural heritage make it a popular tourist destination. The tourism industry in Yukon is diverse, offering opportunities in areas such as hospitality, guiding, outdoor recreation, and event management.

In 2023, the tourism industry is projected to grow, attracting domestic and international visitors. This growth will create job opportunities for individuals passionate about hospitality, customer service, and promoting Yukon's unique attractions.

Best Cities to Work in Yukon

Yukon is home to several cities and communities that offer great opportunities for employment and high quality of life. Some of the best cities to work in Yukon include Whitehorse, Dawson City, and Watson Lake.


As the capital city of Yukon, Whitehorse is a hub of economic activity and offers a wide range of job opportunities across various industries. The city boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene, excellent healthcare facilities, and a strong sense of community. With its picturesque surroundings and access to outdoor recreational activities, Whitehorse is an attractive city for individuals seeking both career growth and a balanced lifestyle.

Dawson City

Dawson City is a historic town that attracts individuals passionate about Yukon's rich gold rush history and cultural heritage. While the town is relatively small, it offers unique employment opportunities in areas such as tourism, heritage preservation, and arts and crafts. For individuals seeking a close-knit community and a slower-paced lifestyle, Dawson City provides a charming and rewarding work environment.

Watson Lake

Watson Lake is a small community known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreational activities. The town offers employment opportunities in forestry, transportation, and tourism. With its welcoming community and serene surroundings, Watson Lake is an ideal destination for individuals who value work-life balance and a strong connection to nature.

The job market in Yukon is brimming with opportunities for individuals seeking in-demand jobs. Whether through immigration programs or work permits, several pathways allow individuals to explore and contribute to Yukon's thriving economy.

By understanding the leading industries, the specific in-demand occupations, and the best cities to work in, individuals can unlock the doors to a fulfilling and prosperous career in Yukon. So, if you're considering pursuing a job in Yukon in 2023, seize the opportunity and take the first step towards unlocking your potential in this beautiful Canadian territory.

To help guide you through the often challenging and complicated process of immigrating to Canada, we recommend getting in touch with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) to help navigate the process and ensure the success of your application.


Which Professional Skills Are Most In-demand in Yukon?

The professional skills most in demand in Yukon vary depending on the industry and the specific job roles. However, some of the skills consistently sought in the territory include:

  • Project management
  • Technical expertise in various fields such as engineering and information technology
  • Communication skills
  • Cultural competency

Individuals who possess these skills and can demonstrate their ability to contribute to the local economy are well-positioned to find rewarding employment opportunities in Yukon.

Do you Need a Job Offer to Work in Yukon?

A job offer can certainly enhance an individual's chances of finding employment in Yukon, but it is not always a requirement. There are various immigration programs and work permit options available that do not necessarily require a job offer.

For example, the Yukon Express Entry Stream and the Yukon Community Pilot Program allow individuals to settle and work in Yukon without a job offer. However, it is important to note that having a job offer can simplify the immigration process and increase the likelihood of success in securing employment in Yukon.

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