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Situated in Northern Canada, the Northwest Territories are every outdoorsman’s dream. The province is a beautifully mesmerizing part of Canada and boasts the country's largest lake, Great Bear Lake which is 31,153 km².  

Overall, the Northwest Territories province is the second-largest territory in Canada at 1,300,000 km2, yet it is also underpopulated with only 40,000 people. The capital city of Yellowknife was founded in 1934 after the discovery of gold and has since grown into a small, yet bustling center of business. Here's all you need to know about life in Northwest Territories province.   

Where is the Northwest Territories Province? 

The territory is bordered by the Yukon Territory to the west, Nunavut to the east, and the Arctic Ocean to the north. Summers are short and cool, while winters are long and harsh. Like Nunavut, around 25% of the Northwest Territories are above the Arctic Circle. 

Cost of living in the Northwest Territories

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The reality of living in the Northwest Territories is that the region is rather isolated and transportation costs affect the price of general purchases. Though these prices can be high, the wages and salaries per hour are some of the highest in Canada at $13, 46 per hour. The Northwest Territories encourage skilled workers to make the move here by paying a bonus or supplement to applicants. 


Currently, the Northwest Territories economy is based on the extraction of petroleum and natural gas, as well as the mining of gold and diamonds. The land is rich in resources, and mining is, therefore, one of the major works conducted in this region. As a whole, immigrants enjoy various possibilities in the mining field as well as the transport and jewelry industry.    


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The majority of the population in the Northwest Territories is aboriginal, while the rest of the population is English, French, Irish, Scottish, and German. The unique province has 14 recognized languages, however, English remains the official language. Some of the aboriginal languages include Chipewyan, Cree, and Inuktitut.

A small group of fewer than 3000 immigrants from around the world choose to live in the Northwest Territories, with the largest group of people coming from the Philippines and the United Kingdom. Over half of the population follow the Catholic and Protestant faiths, though there are many other religions represented including Sikh, Buddhism, and Hindu.

Close to 20, 000 of the small population live in the province capital of Yellowknife due to the job opportunities in mining and transportation in the territory.


There are only two colleges in the Northwest Territories; Aurora College, and the Academy of Learning College. Both colleges offer limited programs, mostly in accounting, information technology, business, and office administration. For those interested in studying business management, the Northwest Territories are considered a great academic opportunity with a varied selection of interesting programs.  

Northwest Territories Attractions

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Like other territories, the main attractions are outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hunting, mountain climbing, dog-sledding, and wildlife viewing. The sports activities are also varied, with fun activities for all ages and interests. Life is quiet and comfortable, offering a wonderful region to consider for your new home.   

Northwest Territories Nominee Programs

The Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP) accepts applications under four categories:

Skilled Worker
Critical Impact Worker
Self-Employed Business

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