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Denied Entry to Canada

Updated: January 18th, 2022

No one wants to receive that dreaded rejection letter when applying for a Canada visa. There is however an upside to receiving that letter. It will give you or your visa consultant the information needed to determine why your visa was denied and strengthen your reapplication. That’s right, just because your visa is denied, it does not necessarily mean that you can’t get a visa for Canada.

There are various reasons why your Canadian visa application could be refused.

Top Reasons Your Visa for Canada Could Get Denied

Reasons for having your Canada visa application rejected could range from not having the correct documents to simply not meeting the minimum requirements of the visa program. Below are some of the most common reasons for having your entry to Canada denied.

Common Reasons For Having Your Canadian Visa Application Denied

  • Failure to provide proper and accurate supporting documents
  • Failure to show adequate financial resources to finance your travel to and stay in Canada
  • Failure to meet international security standards, such as in cases where the applicant has a criminal background;
  • Failure to meet health standards
  • Visa officer has reservations regarding the applicant’s intention or his/her application

What to Do if Your Visa is Denied

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If your visa for Canada is rejected you have one of two options; reapply or appeal.

Reapplication Process

To start the reapplication process there are a number of procedures that need to be followed. These are generally based on the visa you applied for.

Student Visa Rejections

Canadian student visas are often rejected. In fact 1 in every 4 Canada study permit applications are rejected predominantly for one of three reasons:

  • failure to prove adequate financial resources;
  • proof of intent to leave after the program ends; or
  • questionable travel or identity documentation.

Other less common reasons could be that an official may not see a connection between your choice of study program and your qualification and work history, or even that you meet the program requirements. This is where your motivational letter that you submit to your education institution comes in handy, so that you can clearly express your reasons for your choice of study program. Also be sure to check that your chosen palace of study is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). This is a requirement for all international students to be able to get a visa to study in Canada.

Work Visa Rejections

Canadian work visas or permits are often refused due to the most common reasons listed previously and depending on the reason for refusal you may be able to reapply. What most applicants are often unaware of, however, is that there is a vast difference between a refusal and a return.

If your work visa is returned it could merely mean that there may be some supporting documents missing, your forms were completed incorrectly or that there is a requirement that has not been adequately met. This means that you will be able to make the necessary adjustments and resubmit your application. If, however, the quota of your program has been filled, you will not be able to reapply at that time.

Visitor’s Visa Rejections

Visitor’s visas are not often rejected however if there was something missing in your application or a mistake was made completing your application you can resubmit with the necessary corrections. If, however, you're sure that your first application was correct and that the immigration official could have made an error you can appeal. When appealing it is usually recommended to consult an immigration lawyer or Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC.

How to Avoid Having Your Entry to Canada Denied

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There are three main ways that you can avoid the disappointment of having your Canadian visa application denied.

1. Check Your Eligibility

Knowing which programs you are eligible for will help reduce the probability of not meeting the visa or program requirements. There are over 100 Canada immigration and visa options to choose from, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Having so many choices can be overwhelming and unless you know the immigration system inside and out and keep up to date with program requirement announcements, you could easily unknowingly make a mistake on your visa application. Making sure that you meet all requirements as well as choose the best program for your individual needs can make all the difference when it comes to being disappointed or successful.

Check for Mistakes

If you are applying for your visa for Canada on your own it is imperative that you check your forms and checklists carefully. Any mistake in completing your application forms or missing documents could result in your visa being delayed and returned or worse, denied. If you are unsure about any part of your application, it might be a good idea to consult a professional.

Use a Professional

When in doubt, put your trust in a professional you can trust. Before enlisting the help of an immigration lawyer or consultant, be sure to check their eligibility by entering their information into the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) database to see that they have the necessary qualifications and are in good standing with the Government of Canada. Immigration consultants are extremely knowledgeable of immigration and visa procedures and policies and will be able to guide and support you through the whole application process, leaving you stress-free.

Ready to Start a Successful Visa Application?

Having professionals in your corner that you can trust is extremely important. Always be sure to research which consultants are accredited and are able to provide you with the guidance and support that you need to make your immigration goals achievable.

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