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Canada and the United States share a border, the same core values and have had a deep trade connection for many years. Due to this close proximity, the countries have benefited greatly in many economic and political aspects.


The countries exchange approximately CAD$2.4 billion in goods and services every day, with the numbers sitting at US$760 billion for 2014. As the world’s longest trading partners, Canada invested CAN$350 billion in 2014 in the U.S.


As Canada is one of the biggest suppliers of energy in the world in the form of crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas, electricity and uranium, Canadians and Americans share a mutually beneficial relationship in this regard. In 2013, Canada's energy exports were valued at US$117 billion (CAN$128 billion), with 92% (US$108 billion / CAN$118 billion) going to the U.S.

Security and defence

The U.S is Canada’s security and defence partner due to a successful and long-standing agreement between the countries. This partnership began during the Second World War and has since grown into one of the strongest and best defence systems on a global scale.


Ensuring that future Canadians and Americans have a safe, clean and healthy future is of utmost importance to both countries. As these countries work together to ensure that their shared environment is protected, each government on a state and provincial level has signed 50 federal bilateral arrangements concerning the environment.


Over 400 000 people cross between the Canadian and U.S border every day for work or pleasure and the constant flow of goods and services between the countries has ensured that the prosperous relationship continues.