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Canadian PR Card

Updated: May 6th, 2022

Your Canadian PR Card works both as a type of identification and travel document. It shows that you have Canadian permanent residency and that you’re allowed to enter and remain in the country for as long as you have permanent residency. All your questions about Permanent Residency (PR) cards answered.

How to apply for a Canada PR card

If you are a new permanent resident then you won’t need to apply for a PR card; Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will send one to your Canadian mailing address. Once you’ve immigrated to Canada you have 180 days to send your address to the IRCC.

If you don’t send your Canadian address in time, then you will need to apply for the PR card. The processing fee is $50.

How long does the processing take for the PR card?

The processing time for your PR card will depend on the type of Canadian immigration program you applied for permanent residency through. The time can range anywhere between 14 to 27 months. It also depends if you are a first time applicant or if you applied for a Canadian PR Card renewal.

Who can apply for a permanent residency card?

Ensure you meet the requirements before applying for a PR card:

  • You must be a Canadian permanent resident
  • Be currently living in the country
  • Not hold Canadian citizenship

What happens if I lose my PR card?

If your card has been lost, destroyed or stolen then you’ll need to contact the IRCC and inform them immediately. This is so that they can prevent your card from being used by another person. You can inform the IRCC by following the instructions online. You can then apply for a new card which is a lot like the Canadian PR Card renewal application.

What if my Canadian PR Card expires?

If your PR card expires, you still retain your permanent residency status. However, for travel purposes or to access certain benefits and services in your province you may need to renew or replace it.

Should I include photos with my application?

You should include photos of yourself in accordance to the IRCC’s specifications


What if my PR card expires when I’m not in Canada?

It’s important to renew your PR card before you travel to avoid this entirely. In order to re-enter the country you’ll need to present your PR card. Alternatively, you can apply for a permanent resident travel document from outside the country if your card does expire while you are not in Canada.

How do I fix a mistake on my PR card?

If your name or other important information is missing or incorrect the issue can be fixed. Simply apply for a re-issue of your PR card.

How do I pay for my PR card?

You must be able to pay online. The Canadian government does not accept any other form of payment for this process. You can print the receipt of this transaction and attach it to your physical application before submitting.

How long is my PR card valid for?

While most PR cards are valid for five years, some are only valid for one year. You will see the expiry date printed on the card. Make sure to apply for a Canadian PR Card renewal six to nine months before expiration.

How will I receive my PR card?

The Canadian government will send you your Canadian PR Card in the post. However, if you are renewing or replacing an existing PR card you may have to pick it up at your nearest IRCC office. They’ll contact you to schedule an appointment to go pick up your card.

How can I avoid delays or refusals?

Make sure you fill out and sign the application form correctly and attach all the relevant documentation found on the document checklist. You should remember to pay online and include your receipt with your submission.

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