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Express Entry Draw Figures

Updated: July 5th, 2023

Previous Draw

October 24, 2023

1,548 Total

776 Lowest СRS


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Latest Draw

October 25, 2023

300 Total

486 Lowest СRS


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Next Draw

November, 2023


*Prediction Date

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Are you an Express Entry candidate waiting for the next round of draws to know what the rest of your future holds? If yes, you’re in the right place. Get the latest Express Entry draw results right here.

When Will the Next Express Entry Draw Expected for 2023 Be?

Canada’s Express Entry Draws usually occur every two weeks.  IRCC posts their updates bi-weekly to ensure immigration processes are streamlined and up-to-date and to avoid backlogs.

Draws typically take place on Wednesday and Thursday. Different programs will release their numbers on different days, for example, PNP and CEC will announce their numbers on consecutive days.

The latest Express Entry Draw took place on April 12, with 3,500 candidates accepted into the pool from unspecified programs. The next Express Entry Draw is set to take place on April 26, 2023. 

Latest Express Entry Draw

The Express Entry system is Canada’s flagship immigration system introduced in 2015. It manages three immigration programs namely the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), and the Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP). In 2021, Canada’s goal is to invite 108,500 newcomers through these programs alone. To qualify for Express Entry immigration to Canada you must meet the minimum program requirements and create an Express Entry profile

Express Entry Draw List 2021 - 2023

Below are the results from the most recent rounds of invitations issued during Express Entry draws:

Express Entry Draw List 2021 - 2023
Draw number Date Number of invitations to apply issued Minimum CRS points required
Draw 247 April 26 3,500 483
No Program Specified
Draw 246 April 12 2,500 486
No Program Specified
Draw 245 March 29 7000 481
No Program Specified
Draw 244 March 23 7000 484 No Program Specified
Draw 243 March 15 7000 490 No Program Specified
Draw 242 March 1 667 748 PNP-specific draw
Draw 241 February 15 699 791 PNP-specific draw
Draw 239 February 1 893 733 PNP-specific draw
Draw 240 February 2 3,300
489 Federal Skilled Worker
Draw 237 January 11 5,500 507No Program Specified
Draw 236 November 23 4750 491 - No Program Specified
Draw 235 November 09 4750 494 - No Program Specified
Draw 234 October 26 4750 496 - No Program Specified
Draw 233 September 28 3750 504 - No Program Specified
Draw 232 October 14 4250 500 - All EE Programs
Draw 231 September 14 3250 511 - No Program Specified
Draw 230 August 31 2750 516 - No Program Specified
Draw 229 August 17 2250 525 - No Program Specified
Draw 228 August 03 2000 533 - No Program Specified
Draw 227 July 20 1,750 542 - No Program Specified
Draw 226 July 06 1,500 557 - No Program Specified
Draw 225 June 22 636 752 - PNP-specific draw
Draw 224 June 08 932 796 - PNP-specific draw
Draw 223 May 25 589 741 - PNP-specific draw
Draw 222 May 11 545 753 - PNP-specific draw
Draw 221 April 27 829 772 - PNP-specific draw
Draw 220 April 13 787 782 - PNP-specific draw
Draw 219 March 30 919 785 - PNP-specific draw
Draw 218 March 16 924 754 - PNP-specific draw
Draw 217 March 2 1,047 761 - PNP-specific draw
Draw 216 February 16 1,082 710 - PNP-specific draw
Draw 215 February 2 1,070 674 - PNP-specific draw
Draw 214 January 19 1,036 745 - PNP-specific draw
Draw 213 January 5 392 808 PNP-specific draw
Draw 212 December 22 746 720 PNP-specific draw
Draw 211 December 10 1,032 698 PNP-specific draw
Draw 210 November 24 737 613 PNP-specific draw
Draw 209 November 10 775 685 PNP-specific draw
Draw 208 October 27 888 744 PNP-specific draw
Draw 207 October 13 681 720 PNP-specific draw
Draw 206 September 29 761 742 PNP-specific draw
Draw 205 September 15 521 732 PNP-specific draw
Draw 204 September 14 2,000 462 CEC-specific draw
Draw 203 September 1 635 764 PNP-specific draw
Draw 202 August 19 3,000 403 CEC-specific draw
Draw 201 August 18 463 751 PNP-specific draw
Draw 200 August 5 3,000 404 CEC-specific draw
Draw 199 August 4 512 760 PNP-specific draw
Draw 198 July 22 4,500 357 CEC-specific draw
Draw 197 July 21 462 734 PNP-specific draw
Draw 196 July 8 4,500 369 CEC-specific draw
Draw 195 July 7 627 760 PNP-specific draw
Draw 194 June 24 6,000 357 CEC-specific draw
Draw 193 June 23 1,002 742 PNP-specific draw
Draw 192 June 10 150 368 CEC-specific draw
Draw 191 June 9 940 711 PNP-specific draw
Draw 190 May 31 5,956 380 CEC-specific draw
Draw 189 May 26 500 713 PNP-specific draw
Draw 188 May 20 1,842 397 CEC-specific draw
Draw 187 May 13 4,147 401 CEC-specific draw
Draw 186 May 12 557 752 PNP-specific draw
Draw 185 April 29 6,000 400 CEC-specific draw
Draw 184 April 28 381 717 PNP-specific draw
Draw 183 April 16 6,000 417 CEC-specific draw
Draw 182 April 14 266 753 PNP-specific draw
Draw 181 April 1 5,000 432 CEC-specific draw
Draw 180 March 31 284 778 PNP-specific draw
Draw 179 March 18 5,000 449 CEC-specific draw
Draw 178 March 18 183 682 PNP-specific draw
Draw 177 March 8 671 739 PNP-specific draw
Draw 176 February 13 27,332 75 CEC-specific draw
Draw 176 February 13 27,332 75 CEC-specific draw
Draw 175 February 10 654 720 PNP-specific draw
Draw 174 January 21 4,626 454 CEC-specific draw
Draw 173 January 20 374 741 PNP-specific draw
Draw 172 January 7 4,750 461 CEC-specific draw
Draw 171 January 6 250 813 PNP-specific draw

Express Entry Terminology

CEC-specific draw

A draw that favours candidates from the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). These candidates must have one year of skilled work experience obtained in Canada. 

PNP-specific draw

A draw that favours candidates with provincial nominations. These candidates could qualify under any of the three Express Entry programs in addition to being provincial nominees. This usually means that they have ties to a province or territory in the form of work, education or family.

FSWP-specific draw

A draw that favours candidates from the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). These candidates typically apply from outside of Canada and have foreign skilled work experience in NOC A, 0, or B.

FSTP-specific draw

A draw that favours candidates from the Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP). These candidates typically apply from outside of Canada and have foreign skilled work experience in NOC B.

Tie-break rule

What does the Express Entry tie-break rule mean? In the event that many candidates score at the CRS cut-off score, the tie-breaking rule will be used to better control the number of ITAs issued in each Express Entry draw. Only candidates who score at or above the CRS cut-off score and have submitted a profile before the IRCC tie-breaking rule date will be issued an ITA. The tie-breaking rule started in November 2017.


Pravesh entered his profile into the Express Entry System on January 1, 2021, with a score of 444. Karen entered her profile into the Express Entry System on January 20, 2021, with a score of 444. On January 24, 2021, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issued 2,750 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) to anyone who had a score of 444 or above, with a tie-breaking rule of January 17, 2020. This means that Pravesh will receive an Invitation to Apply and Karen won’t. 

2. How to Increase Your CRS Score

Is your CRS score just not making the cut? Don’t worry, there are a few things you could do to increase your points to boost your chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in the next Express Entry draw. Follow these five tips for a winning Express Entry profile.

1. Improve Your English or French Language Abilities

According to RCIC David Allon, improving your language abilities is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do to boost your CRS score. For instance, candidates who entered the pool with IELTS results equivalent to CLB 8 or below can practice to improve their language abilities and re-sit the exam. This can significantly improve their CRS points. 

What’s more, sitting a test for your secondary language too (English or French) could further boost your CRS score with an additional 24 points (maximum).

Achieving the maximum amount of points for language abilities can increase your CRS score by 160 points if you're a single applicant and by 150 points if you’re applying with a partner! 

Also, improving your language abilities will increase the points you received for work experience and education gained outside of Canada as the criteria work in conjunction with your language abilities. Up to 100 CRS points are available for these combinations!

2. Upgrade Your Level of Education

You can increase your chances of receiving an ITA in the next Express Entry draw if you have post-secondary credentials in addition to CLB 9 or higher for all four language abilities. For instance, candidates with Bachelor's degrees and CLB 7 to 8 for all four language abilities will receive 13 points as opposed to25 points for candidates with Bachelor's degrees and CLB 9 or higher for all four language abilities.

3. Gain More Work Experience

How many years of work experience do you have behind your name? You can increase your CRS score by 50 points if you gain three years or more of foreign work experience in addition to a high language proficiency of CLB 9 or higher. What’s more, you can score additional points if you gained some or all of your work experience in Canada.

4. Secure a Job in Canada

While a job offer is not a requirement for Express Entry immigration to Canada it can land you an ITA because a valid job offer is worth 50 points for jobs in NOC 0, A, or B and a whopping 200 points for jobs in NOC 00. 

5. Achieve a Provincial Nomination

Last but definitely not least, achieving a provincial nomination is as good as it gets. Your profile will be boosted with 600 CRS points which practically guarantees that you’ll bag an ITA in the next Express Entry draw. A provincial nomination is achieved when your Express Entry profile matches the labour market needs of a province or territory in Canada. Accepting a nomination means that you must settle in the province or territory that nominated you after receiving permanent residency from IRCC. 

3. Frequently Asked Questions About Express Entry Draws

1. When will Express Entry draws get back to normal?

Express Entry draws have been restricted to CEC-candidates and those who have been nominated by the provincial governments of Canada in 2021. This is largely due to COVID-19 travel restrictions that previously prohibited COPR-holders from entering Canada. The majority of CEC-candidates and provincial nominees already live in Canada as temporary residents which means that no traveling would be necessary.

On June 21, it was announced that anyone approved for permanent residence is allowed to travel to Canada. Does this mean that all-program draws will start again? While there is no confirmed date, this is a very positive indication for Federal Skilled Worker candidates.

2. How long do you have to submit a complete Express Entry profile?

You have 60 days to complete and submit your Express Entry profile otherwise you will have to start over.

3. What documents do I need for my Express Entry profile?

You will need your English or French language test results to accurately fill out details about your language proficiency. You will also need to know your NOC job title and code for work experience purposes. 

4. How frequent are Express Entry draws?

There is an Express Entry draw approximately every two weeks. Each draw has a CRS cut-off score, which represents the CRS score of the lowest-ranking candidate to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence. Once you receive an ITA, you’ll be given 60 days to complete and submit an official electronic Application for Permanent Residence (eAPR). 

5. What is the most ITAs ever issued in one draw?

In a record-breaking Express Entry draw held on February 13, 2021, Canada invited 27,332 candidates with CRS scores as low as 75 from the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) to apply for permanent residence.

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