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British Columbia Institute of Technology

Updated: April 19th, 2022

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is a public post-secondary institute recognized for its advanced technical education. The main campus is in Burnaby, British Columbia and has four other campuses: Aerospace Technology Campus, Marine Campus, Annacis Island Campus, Downtown Vancouver campus.

BCIT has around 50,000 students with about 5,700 are international students from over 100 countries.

Did you know?

British Columbia Institute of Technology was the first in the region to offer a combined honours program of Biochemistry and Forensic Science.

Where is the British Columbia Institute of Technology?

The technical institute has five campuses located in the Metro Vancouver region, with its main campus in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Address: 3700 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2, Canada.

Tel: +1 604-434-5734.

Why Study at the British Columbia Institute of Technology?


The British Columbia Institute of Technology Campus is beautifully landscaped over a large area with hundreds of specialized learning spaces, including classrooms, shops, labs, broadcast studios, green roofs, energy grids, forests, and waterways.

BCIT also has some incredibly advanced amenities and technology such as the ehPod computer labs, Trade Learning Centres and the Media Works. You’ll have free wi-fi and a great study area that ensures a comfortable learning space for the students.

The university provides on-campus and off-campus accommodation with basic amenities provided, including two floors of bedrooms, bathrooms, a dining room, a living room, and two full kitchen areas for students to prepare their own meals.

Things to do around BCIT:

  • Deer Lake Park;
  • Burnaby Mountain Park;
  • Barnet Marine Park; and
  • Burnaby Village Museum.

Top Programs at the British Columbia Institute of Technology


British Columbia Institute of Technology offers over 300 programs and 1,000 part-time courses within six fields. They are:

  1. Applied and Natural Science;
  2. Business and Media;
  3. Computing and Information Technology;
  4. Engineering;
  5. Health Sciences; and
  6. Trades and Apprenticeship.
Top Courses for British Columbia Institute of Technology
Programs Fees Per Year (CAD)
Computer Information technology Diploma $36,738
Bachelor of Business Administration $14,356
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems $21,697
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) $17,730
Diploma (Mechatronics and robotics) $18,370
Diploma in Television and Video Production $19,000

Please note the amount in the table is an average and not the exact amount.

Online Courses

BCIT offers distance and online courses. Most online courses are paced and highly interactive with participation requirements weekly. The online classes also offer the same credit value as the classroom-based courses.

Advantages of online courses:

  • Overall, 70% of BCIT distance and online learning students register in courses to upgrade current job-related skills.;
  • Distance learning reduces travel time and creates flexible schedules; and
  • Distance and online learning have proven benefits for organized groups of students from industry.

The following online learning courses offered are:

  • Power Engineering;
  • Broadcast and Online Journalism;
  • Accounting;
  • Medical and Mineral resource Engineering;
  • Interior design
  • Architectural and Building Technology; and
  • Business Management

British Columbia Institute of Technology Admission Process


As an international student, you will need the following to apply at BCIT:

Application Portal: Applicants can apply through an online portal.

Application Fee: $154.


  • High school equivalent to Grade 12 in Canada;
  • Work experience of 6 months in the relevant field for degree courses;
  • 2 years of full-time education in English from English speaking nation/completed English 12 or equivalent; and
  • Previous credentials are required to be formally evaluated by the International Credential Evaluation Service to determine comparable levels in British Columbia and Canadian terms.

Supporting Documents:

  • Official Transcripts and Academic records;
  • English language proficiency test scores;
  • Statement of Purpose to study in Canada; and
  • Proof of Status in Canada.

Yearly Tuition Range

British Columbia Institute of Technology Cost of Attendance
Course Fees in CAD
Full-time Cohort Degree and Graduate Study Program $5,410 – 11,290
Full Time/Cohort Technology Fee $7,656 – 11,290
High Tech Professional and Digital Arts Program $4,908-16,801
Trades and Technical Studies $5,786-15,546

Please note the amount in the table is an average and not the exact amount

Life at the British Columbia Institute of Technology


The BCIT Recreation Services is there to promote, encourage and enable the practice of physical well-being. The institution considers recreation as an important part of campus life.

A few activities to take part of include:

  • dance classes;
  • yoga;
  • pilates; and
  • martial arts.

If you’re active and would like to take part in sports activities there are so many options to choose from. You could try archery, boxing, tennis or even frisbee golf.

For indoor activities, you can choose from ping-pong and squash.

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