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Easy Guide on How to Extend your Canada Study Permit

Updated: November 18th, 2021

Are you currently living and studying in Canada using a study permit? Do you wish to stay in Canada even though your study permit is about to expire? Well, don’t fret, just take a look at this step-by-step guide on how to extend your Canada study permit.

When to Apply for a Canada Study Permit Extension

A Canadian study permit is valid for the period of time that the student is studying, plus an added 90 days.

This is to give the student time to prepare to leave Canada. But what if your permit is close to expiring and you want to keep studying in Canada? In this case, you should apply for a study permit extension.

Before applying to extend your study permit, it is important to make sure that your passport is still valid and that it does not expire before your study permit expires.

So be aware of the expiration dates on your study permit as well as on your passport, and make sure that you apply for a study permit extension before your passport expires.

So let’s talk about how to apply for a Canada study permit. 

How to apply for a study permit extension


You need to apply online to extend your study permit. You will only be able to apply on paper if:

  • You have a disability that makes you unable to apply online
  • There’s an issue with the online application.

There are five steps to applying for a Canada study permit extension:


Follow these five simple steps if you want to extend your study permit.

Travelling Outside of Canada?


So now you know how to apply to extend your study permit. But what if you want to extend your Canada study permit and you also want to travel outside of Canada We’ll give you tips on how to make sure you will be able to re-enter Canada after your travels.

You will be able to re-enter Canada if:

  • You return from your travels while your study permit is still valid or:
  • Your study permit was extended while you were away

If your study permit extension is still being processed by the time you return from your travels, you may be allowed to re-enter Canada on a visitor visa. However, in this case, you will not be able to study in Canada until you have received your study permit extension.

Your study permit is not a travel document and it does not allow you to travel in and out of Canada. You may need a visitor visa (temporary resident visa) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to go along with your study permit, to allow you to travel and re-enter Canada.

How to apply for a visitor visa

In order to apply for a Canadian visitor visa (or temporary resident visa) you need to meet a number of requirements:

  • Have a valid travel document (passport for example)
  • Be in good health
  • Have a clear criminal record
  • Have enough money to support yourself during your stay in Canada
  • prove to an immigration officer that you have a reason and means to return to your home country, like a job, financial assets,  or family

One way you can apply for a visitor visa is through Express Entry. It’s in the name. Express Entry aims to get you to Canada as quickly as possible. Another program you could apply through is the Provincial Nominee Program. If you meet the necessary requirements, you could be on your way to visiting your chosen Canadian province.

What is an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)?

An eTA is a requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals who are travelling to Canada. Your ETA will allow you to enter and re-enter Canada, should you wish to travel outside of the country, perhaps to visit family or friends in your home country. Your ETA is linked to your passport and is valid for a maximum of five years. However, if your passport expires, your ETA will expire as well.

How to apply for an ETA

To apply for your eTA, you’ll need:

  • Step 1: Make sure you have your passport, debit, or credit card ready and read the help document
  • Step 2: Use the online form to apply
  • Step 3: Pay a fee of $7 for your ETA after you complete your form
  • Step 4: You’ll receive an email, most likely within minutes or:
  • Step 5: In some cases, you may need to submit documents before your application is able to be approved. If this is the case, you will be notified by email and sent instructions within 3 days of starting the application process.

So now you know all about extending your study permit and how to be able to re-enter Canada if you wish to travel outside of the country.

To make sure that you are able to re-enter Canada, apply for your study permit extension before it expires so that you can be certain about your future.

Understanding the process of extending your study visa can be tricky, so finding out everything you need to know about immigration and visas is made simple!

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