How to Immigrate to Canada  from the UK in 2023

Do you live in the UK but are thinking of moving to Canada? If you are, then we have a comprehensive set of information for you that can help to make your move easier should you ever decide to take that first step.

What Are The Best Immigration Programs For UK Citizens

Best Immigration Programs For UK Citizens

UK citizens are in a unique position of being able to immigrate to Canada since both countries have the same head of state and are part of the same co-operative group of nations: the Commonwealth. This makes it easier for British people to move to Canada especially with regards to receiving permanent residency(PR) status.

The Express Entry Program

The most popular program is the Express Entry. For those looking for a quick and relatively hassle-free process of immigrating, this is the easiest method of doing so. It takes approximately six months and upwards for this process to be completed. It involves primarily three work-related immigration programs: the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

These programs, with the facilitation of Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC)  and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), help connect Canadian businesses to prospective newcomers with the required work experience to immigrate to Canada.

The Provincial Nominee Programs

PNPs are selective immigration programs tied to the labour resource needs of each Canadian province and are also a major source of immigration for British citizens since they are a generally high-skilled and educated populace. Here's a full breakdown of the PNPs and their different streams.

How To Apply To Immigrate To Canada From the UK? - A Step by Step Guide

Apply To Immigrate To Canada From the UK? - A Step by Step Guide

British immigration to Canada has a long historical record. Cultural ties and tradition had long dictated that those who had a British passport must be given preference with regards to immigration. This preference is reflected in the relatively high number of British subjects who either have family ties or work experience in Canada.

For those with family ties, it advised that they apply for the Express Entry system by creating a registered profile via the official IRCC site or an affiliate immigration consultancy. CanadianVisa, which is an affiliate immigration consultancy company with a roster of reputable RCIC agents will conduct an evaluation based on your personal demographic data, e.g. family ties and after which the results are calculated into a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). This evaluation will also indicate whether or not you are eligible to immigrate to Canada.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Assess your Eligibility

Step 2: Complete the application and gather supporting documents

Step 3: Pay Applicable fees

Step 4: Await an Invitation to Apply

Step 5: Finalize application and submit within the deadline

This entire process can be managed by our RCIC, or for those who have time and patience - applying online on your own is a possibility too.

Lastly, an immigration consultancy company like CanadianVisa will draw up all the necessary documents needed for your immigration to Canada and submit these documents to the applicable immigration program that best suits your evaluated characteristics. This is done as a means of increasing your chances for acceptance.

CRS scores have a lot of influence on those who are prioritized to be recipients of the Express Entry program and family ties have a significant contribution to this score.

For those currently living and working in Canada, the CEC is the best option to quickly qualify for an Express Entry program. It prioritizes those with:

  • Prior work experience in Canada
  • A job offer in Canada or a high proficiency and fluency in English or French by issuing them invitations to apply (ITA’s).
  • When accepted, these invitations fast-track you towards receiving permanent residency status.
For those with familial or work ties to Canada, use this to your advantage in your application either for CEC or PNP program.

Why Move To Canada?

Why Move To Canada?

The decision of moving to Canada from the UK is as difficult as any decision that involves moving your family from one part of the globe to another. However, if you are still keen to move, here is a list things that we are sure will make the move worthwhile:

  • High standard of living,
  • Housing, health/medical benefits and education benefits
  • Broad geographical expanse with lots of natural wonders
  • Relatively low crime rate and inequality
  • Friendly, welcoming and diverse population, and
  • Thriving cities with strong urban economies and vibrant socio-cultural atmosphere

Canada is also known by the moniker “The Great White North”. This is in reference to its abundance of mountainous, snowy slopes, icy lakes and great plains of tundra that stretch as far as the eye can see. This may be a source of comfort for those immigrating from the UK.

If any of the above mentioned attractions of Canada make you interested to move there permanently, please contact our RCICs and they’ll provide you with an eligibility evaluation to see if you qualify to move to Canada.


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